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A Dance

What's the most touching moment on NCIS? Which moment or scene made you cry?
Any episode in particular?

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Kate dancing with Ernie Yost in the squadroom in Call of Silence
Gibbs being nice to Tony and McGee after Kate was shot in Twilight
Gibbs hugging his father at the end of Heartland
Tony telling Ziva that he "jeopardized his career" for her. [even if the scene was intense as well.]
When Tony broke down when he told Jeanne that he loved her.
Tony going to McGee's apartment to cheer him up.
Gibbs calling his dad at the end of Silent Night to wish him a Merry Christmas.
Gibbs comforting Abby in the elevator during Bloodbath.Even saying he would 'move her whole lab into the elevator if it made her feel better.'
The end of Family when McGee turns on the fireplace for Tony and when Tony's with the team.
The end of Agent Afloat, when the team are all in the bull-pen, finally back together.The looks on their faces and Gibbs shaking Tony's hand to welcome him home.
Gibbs hugging Ziva in Last Man Standing.
When Gibbs put the picture of him, Maddie and Kelly together at the end of Requiem.
When Gibbs and Maddie hold hands when DiNozzo revives them in Requiem.
When Gibbs told Ziva goodbye in Aliyah.
When Tony sat by the fireplace looking at the letter from his ex saying "you have to choose". He looks between the happy couple w/their newborn baby and his team, looks at the letter, puts the letter into the fire and gets up to join his team. (feel free to edit in episode title, name of ex-girlfriend, & names of couple and newborn if you know them. i'd really appreciate it)
When McGee finally went down to Autopsy to say goodbye to Kate, and Tony walked up behind him, touched his shoulder and said "She knows how much you cared for her Tim."
The episode "Dead Man Walking" and when tony and ziva argue in the Man's bathroom and tony said:"The heart wants what it wants", and ziva: "but it shouldn't".....
When Tony tells Jeanne who he really is and she asks if any of it was real
Ziva singing a lullaby after shooting Ari (Kill Ari, Part 2)
Kill Ari Part II when everyone is having flashbacks of Kate at her funeral. And when Abby is playing music for Kate and they're all walking away.
Kate crying when Tony was dying from the plague.
Ziva making Gibbs remember in "Hiatus part 2".
The end of "Call of Silence" when Ernie and the Japanese restaurant owner raise their glasses to each other.
In Destination Target when Ziva and Tony locked eyes after the woman left in the car. Gbbs and McGee also looked on.
In Kill Ari (Part II) when Tony comes up behind McGee, who has finally got the courage to come down and see Kate, and say "don't lie to the dead McGee, not nice..."
When Tony and Ziva are having the conversation in the men's bathroom in Family and Ziva says: "you crossed the line Tony." To which he replies: "Oh, I crossed it."
Ziva looking at Lee's sister at the end of Dagger-she cries.
When Gibbs leaves his Silver Star in Werth's room at the end of Corporal Punishment.
In Kill Ari (Part I) when Abby says to Tony, while hugging him :"I'm ganna miss her".
In Dead Man Walking when Ziva and Roy hold hands.
When Kate comes out of the room she's been sharing with Tony in SWAK and hugs Ducky
In Requiem when Gibbs dies and Kelly says "go back daddy, go back".
When you first meet Jenny and you see her past with Gibbs.
When you find out Ducky's secret at the end of Broken Bird.
When Ziva helps get Gibbs' memories back in Hiatus (Part II)
When Gibbs and Shannon meet for the first time in Heartland
Jenny playing with kid Carlton in Season 5

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