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Michelle Lee is played by Liza Lapira

Occupation/Title: NCIS Special Agent with legal specialism

Personality type: By-the-book uptight lawyer scared of guns

Signature look: Petite skirts suits and trouser suits

Endearing trait(s): Leopard print undies worn under demure suits

Annoying trait(s): She tells tales on her colleagues

Blog Entrys:
Jimmy Palmer & Michelle Lee
Gibbs & Michelle Lee
Special Agent Michelle Lee


Family members: Parents (mentions they don't trust her with knives)*
*This, one assumes, must have been some years before, while they were still alive.

One sister, Amanda Lee, age 8 at the time of the episode, "Dagger". Amanda was adopted by Michelle's parents when she was a baby. When they died, Michelle raised her as her own,acting as a surrogate Mother to the child. She was utterly devoted to Amanda, having promised to look after her in the event of her parents deaths, and it is this love and devotion that would lead to such tragic consequences later.

Romance(s): Jimmy Palmer: but SPOILER...was it romance or was it convenience? Season 6 throws doubt on what we thought was a cannot-keep-hands-off-each-other love relationship (or, at least, genuine lust relationship). Was it just a smokescreen? *

* The answer is, likely not a smokescreen at all but the real deal. The above is based on the assumption that she was a "mole" from the very beginning. I doubt the programme makers thought that far ahead. She became a "mole" during season 5. when we did not see her at all. Jimmy dumping her too during the time she was absent from our screens. Palmer claiming that he felt she was "Using" him may very well have been somehow connected, but it might just as well have been a "Red Herring", a response to her voracious sexual appetite!

Friends: Abby, who can befriend just about anyone, struggled at times with Michelle Lee.

Enemies: Gibbs loathes her as a person, a lawyer, a field agent *. The only time he had begrudging respect for her was when she went undercover to try to get evidence against a Chinese slaver/illegal immigrants monster. But she got caught and required rescue. Season 6 Gibbs begins to trust her more when he is seen hugging her and comforting her after she shoots her co-worker under suspicious circumstances which he is unaware of at the time.

* Perhaps "loathe" is too strong a word. In "Last Man Standing" he tells her that it is the (Legal) profession rather than the person he dislikes. Though he does despair of her lack of skills as a field agent on several occasions. He is, quite rightly, furious with her over her activities as a "Mole". He berates her for not coming to him when her sister was kidnapped, and is enraged over her killing two men, particularly Special Agent Brent Langer. Despite this, he does sympathise with her plight, up to a point, and agonizes over having to kill her.

Character Backstory:

Season 4:

Special Agent Michelle Lee joined NCIS at the start of the fourth season when Tony was in charge. She never really fit in. She is unpopular with Gibbs. She is a Harvard educated lawyer, but inclined to side with the wrong side against Gibbs' team. She also has a habit of telling tales which doesn't go down well at all. She believes the worst of Ziva. She does go undercover putting herself in danger in one episode and earns some regard from Gibbs for that.

In one scene where Ziva is giving a lesson on knife throwing, we see that Lee is totally inept at this task; and she ends up confessing her father won't ( wouldn't?) let her anywhere near knives.

Having been ousted from the team upon Gibbs' return, we learn that she is happier back in the legal division and she often secures the team's warrants from a judge and has to stand up to Gibbs when he tries to bend the law.

Her main function in the latter part of Season 4 is as Jimmy's love interest. She and Jimmy are so uncontrollable in each other's presence that they have sex in autopsy on a regular basis, often running great risk of being caught. Lee's misplaced underwear sends Jimmy on a hunt around the NCIS HQ in "In the Dark", which improbably leads to a clue being discovered that unravels the case. Agent Lee is often implied rather than seen: we see Jimmy talking to her, doors shutting, him finding her underwear but we don't often actually see her.

Season 5:

A lot happens to Michelle this season,all of it bad. Except we don't get to see any of it. According to the timeline told by Palmer later, Lee continues her relationship with him for most of the season. It would have ended however, around the end of the season when Palmer felt he was being used.

Season 6:

She was part of Gibbs' temp team. At the end of the first episode she got a text message from a person asking if they suspect. Her response was no. Circumstantial evidence suggests that Michelle Lee is a traitor. Well, not really circumstantial. We know that she did it. The question is "why"? Being a traitor under duress is still being a traitor, isnt it? And whether she actually got the secrets and gave them away or was merely an accomplice, she is still a traitor. And cool, so cool, under pressure.

And Gibbs is suspicious. His gut is telling him things. It doesn't tally with appearances but he is rattled. Oooh....roll on season 6!

See Defining episodes/Memorable scenes (6.09 - Dagger) below for what happens next.


  • NCIS legal division transfer.
  • Pursued career as field agent following her stint with Gibbs and team in 2006-2007
  • Transfer was delayed due to average assessment from Gibbs.
  • Strong analytical thinker with extensive knowledge of both domestic and international law. However, has developed a structured form of methodical investigation. Needs to be more creative in examination and implementation when research leads to legal or physical road blocks.
  • Not in file: She had a secret love affair with one Jimmy Palmer. It's still a secret to the agency, so shhhhh!
  • Her nickname is "Michy".
  • Prior to season 6 she has appeared in 8 episodes: Shalom 4x01, Escaped 4x02, Dead and Unburied 4x05, Once a Hero 4x08, Smoked 4x10, Friends and Lovers 4x15, Dead Man Walking 4x16, Angel of Death 4x24.
  • During season 6 she appeared in 4 episodes: Last Man Standing 6x01, Collateral Damage 6x07, Cloak 6x08, Dagger 6x09.


  • Lee to Abby (1) "He (Gibbs) seems to prefer a more biblical approach to things. If you ask me the agency is better off without him." Escaped - 4x02

  • Lee to Abby (2) " You can kill me without leaving any forensic evidence behind. Yeah, you mentioned that." Escaped - 4x02

  • "Hello! If it's unethical I can't hear it." Angel of Death - 4x24

  • Lee to Gibbs "You wouldn't do what I did to save your daughter's life? This time you tell the truth." Dagger - 6x09


  • 4.02 - Escaped/ Assisting Abby in the lab, Former seaman Mickey Stokes, 72, coaxes Michelle into letting her hair down for once and dancing round the lab. The merriment is cut short when she bumps into Gibbs, recently returned from Mexico. Utterly embarrassed, she frantically tries to explain her actions to an annoyed Gibbs.

  • 4.24 - Angel of Death/ When Ziva discusses a way and means to cheat a Polygraph test, Michelle's "Inner Lawyer" leads her to cheekily put her fingers in her ears and make a noise to avoid listening. Then Jimmy and "Ducky" arrive at the bar where they are drinking. Palmer's arrival leading to some discreet "touchy feely" action and an overwhelming desire to take this further, somewhere more private!

  • 6.09 - Dagger/ Seized by rogue NSA bad guy ,Ted Bankston, and being used by him as a human shield on a bus, Michelle finds herself facing the worst kind of a "no win" scenario imaginable. Having been forced to murder two men and betray her country in order to keep her kidnapped sister, Amanda alive, she has nothing to look forward to but life imprisonment, or perhaps worse. Learning that Amanda is safe, she grabs at her only real chance at redeeming herself. She gives a wounded Gibbs permission to take down Bankston by shooting through her own body, killing them both. A saddened Gibbs gently unclips the NCIS badge from her corpse and, later on, presents it to Amanda in memory of her fallen sister.

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