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Jimmy Palmer is played by Brian Dietzen

Occupation/Title: Assistant to the Chief Medical Examiner

Personality type: Palmer is eager to please those around him, but often makes mistakes in his endeavours. And his ability to say the wrong thing makes him appear socially awkward. However, he always means well and is a caring and patient man. Palmer has a well hidden kinky side which includes clandestine sex on autopsy tables (anywhere handy really) and a shoe fetish.

Signature look: Sweet in a nerdy way

Endearing trait(s): Sincerely enjoys Ducky's stories

Annoying trait(s):
  • Always tells horrible jokes and continuously states the obvious.
  • Shoe fetish.

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Jimmy Palmer - NCIS


Family members: He has a mother (Eunice) to whom he is very close and we know he emails and talks to her often. He has somewhat of a mother complex.

  • Agent Michelle Lee
  • Breena Slater (married)
Friends: Abby (allowed him/demanded he give her a neck massage), Ziva (been to dinner at her house), Dr. Mallard (called him Jimmy), Tony DiNozzo (as evidenced by their interaction in the episode "Bounce"), McGee (although McGee likes to scare or boss Jimmy around), and Gibbs (receives his first headslap in "Code of Conduct").

Enemies: Milo Suskavcevic's brother, Tesla.


Season 1
  • Was called in to assist Ducky while Gerald was in rehab for his shoulder (after being shot by Ari).
  • Showed his eagerness to learn by repeating everything Ducky was saying, during the autopsy, into a tape recorder.
Season 2
  • Has a fear of cold, dark spaces.
  • Can be a bit of a klutz (the superglue incident).
  • Knows massage.
Season 3
  • Palmer may have a merit badge in hiking but he proves once again that he can be a klutz.
  • He's a WWE fan and may have believed wrestling was real until Ducky told him otherwise.
  • Really has a problem with directions and is constantly getting Ducky and himself lost on the way to a crime scene.
Season 4
  • Is having a very passionate, clandestine affair with Agent Lee.
  • He has Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Gets upset at McGee for calling him Pimmy Jalmer in Deep Six and having his character having a sexual relationship with a corpse
Season 5
  • Like Tony more than he let's on as he takes DiNozzo's American Pie coffee mug when Tony is presumed dead.
  • He begins participating in Ducky's Psychological Forensic Exams.
  • Is learning well; actually spots something that Ducky hasn't yet.
  • Worked for two years as a Veterinary Assistant during college.
  • Was nicknamed "Baby Gibbs" by Abby.
  • Acted like Gibbs for a few short minutes while the downstairs was being swept for bugs.
  • Suffers from Diabetes and help solve a murder investigation because of the smell of his breath if he doesn't have his insulin.
Season 6
  • Palmer is braver than he thought, and less brave than he would like to be.
  • He is close to his mother (he writes to her to tell her about his week, via email)
  • Lee and Palmer are no longer together; he broke it off as he felt he was being used.
  • Can really be a little too perky about some of the gruesome details regarding an autopsy
  • Palmer get very very festive at the Christmas parties - always gets sent home in a cab.
  • Ducky and Palmer seem to have fallen into a father/son role, as Ducky chastises him for failing a class (and getting them lost AGAIN) and Palmer continues to try and brush it off as no big deal.
  • Named after Baltimore Oriole's pitcher Jim Palmer but never really got into baseball, so he prefers to be called Jimmy.
  • Tony has been getting Palmer's help on cases whenever Tony gets stuck.
  • Used to be a tenor in a barbershop quartet in college.
  • When Ducky was injured, he speaks to a corpse for the first time.
Season 7
  • Performs his first autopsy on a squirrel found at the scene of a dead navy pilot in "Ignition".
  • is now in a relationship with Brenna Slater, a blonde coroner with a photographic memory which makes Tony jealous of him that he got a beautiful blonde and he didn't.
  • Finds out that he is highly allergic to Henna when he and Brenna get tattoos on their backs at a tatt parlor. When the team walks into the squadroom, they disgustingly notice the huge rash on his back while Jimmy is trying to spread itching cream to make the itching stop.

Season 8
  • We learn that Jimmy and Breena are engaged and been planning a Spring wedding. Jimmy has really grown up since he came to NCIS after Gerald was shot in Season 1.
Season 9
  • Jimmy and Breena Slater get married in Miami, but their wedding day is marred by the team's hunt for Harper Dearing, Dearing's bombing of the NCIS headquarters and Ducky's heart attack. (9.24 Till Death Do Us Part)
Season 10
  • Jimmy becomes team's official Medical Examiner while Ducky is of medical disability leave after his heart attack. Both Jimmy and Ducky are relieved when Ducky is able to return to his accustomed position.
Season 11
  • Proudly declares himself to be part of the "Second Team" along with new IT Technician Murray Hines after DiNozzo, McGee and Ziva resign. (11.01 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot)
  • Jimmy and Breena decide to adopt a baby and eventually find a host mother willing to work with them.


  • Has a screamingly inappropriate relationship with Agent Lee, finding new uses for every horizontal surface in the autopsy room and other spaces that ought to be unromantic.
  • He has to go on a panty hunt when Agent Lee has to sneak away sans underwear after one extracurricular activity. Palmer proves he is no sleuth and no secret agent: he gets caught hiding on the towel bin in the gym, for instance.
  • He is jealous of Ducky's attention but genuinely likes Ducky and the stories. He shares Ducky's love of scientific detail. He has no instinct for when his humor is in bad taste. He has no queasiness over his job. His eye for the ladies extends to Abby, especially in the Halloween Monroe episode.
  • Has a shoe fetish - when under hypnosis is able to describe - fully - the shoes worn by Abby and Ziva and comments on them, it's a bit 'HINKY"
  • Is named for baseball player Jim Palmer. Dislikes being called "Jim" and dislikes baseball.
  • He used to be in a barbershop quartet, The P, B & J's, in which he sang tenor.
  • He is a fan of Cirque de Soileil, specifically the tumbler Ignazio, whose career he followed for quite some time.
  • His mother's name is Eunice. Her email address is seen in "About Face," EuniceP@global.net.
  • Pretended he was Jim Hawkins running away from Long John Silver when he was twenty-three.
  • Went to a charter high school, and was one of twelve students in his graduating class. As the only boy in the class, he was elected Homecoming King.


2.08 - Heart Break

Palmer: (as he's putting the body away) I have to lock you up for the night, Commander.
(lowering her voice) No don't put me back in the dark!
(turning around) *Abby*! You made me almost... I...
Abby: Made you almost what,
(lowering her voice again) Jimmy?
Palmer: You know what.

2.22 - SWAK

Gibbs: Requisition replacement cell phones and weapons for my team. Go!
Palmer: Pistols?
Gibbs: Well, no, Palmer. Crossbows, if you think they might work better.

(Guard standing with guns)
Palmer: They didn't trust me to bring the guns.
Gibbs: Neither would I, Palmer.

3.09 - Frame Up

Palmer: I'll bet Tony made some unseemly comment about these legs, didn't he?
Ducky: Why would he do that, Mr. Palmer?
Palmer: I just mean, uh, knowing Tony - They're fairly shapely legs, Doctor.
Ducky: Yes. Nobody had the bad taste to verbalize such a though, until now.

4.11 - Driven

Palmer: What if part of your job includes touching naked people and...
Tracy Taylor: That's inappropriate at any time.
Palmer: Even if they're dead?
Tracy Taylor: Why are you touching dead, naked people

4.24 - Angel of Death

Agent Lee: Where's the bathroom?
Palmer: I know!
Ducky: First... A toast...
Palmer: Dear God make it quick...
Agent Lee: Amen!

5.09 - Lost and Found

(playing Pictionary on a small white-board)
Carson Taylor: Playboy mansion!
Palmer: It's a school, Carson. Are you *sure* you don't know DiNozzo?

5.17 - About Face

Vance: So you saw a man with a gun and decided to chase after him?
Palmer: No! I chased after him, *then* I saw the gun!
Vance: Can't tell if you're dumb or brave.
Palmer: Not brave enough.

Palmer: Did we learn anything about this guy?
McGee: No. But we certainly learned something about you.
Palmer: Whatever it is. It's not what you think
McGee: If the shoe fits.
(starts to leave)
Palmer: Wait, wait! Where are you going?
McGee: These boots were made for walking.

6.08 - Cloak

Abby: You *lost* a body?
Palmer: I didn't lose him. No! He was - stolen, and that's not even the weirdest part. We showed up at the crime scene and there he was. I think Gibbs had something to do with it. And - and Dr. Mallard looks like he wants to kill someone. I don't want it to be me. So
(tries to move past Abby)
Palmer: I'm going...
Abby: You *cannot* hide here!
(shoves him out of her lab)
Palmer: Please!
Abby: No!


  • 5x17 About Face. Palmer is nearly shot by a man who is bent on contaminating a crime scene on the top of a building. Palmer chases after him and is forced to duck to avoid bullets, the rest of the team is already downstairs, and doesn't hear the gunfire. He cant remember anything about the man, until the very end where he drives his car into the man's truck and gets a sharp reproach from Gibbs for interfering.


Introducing: Jimmy Palmer!
Introducing Jimmy Palmer
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Palmer in Scrubs
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Jimmy Palmer

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