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Jeanne Benoit was played by Scottie Thompson.

Occupation/Title: Doctor

Personality type: Pushy, clingy, smart, quick to assume

Signature look: scrubs

Endearing trait(s):
  • Care for Tony
  • Care for patients
Annoying trait(s):
  • Clingy and whiny
  • Somewhat controlling
Jeanne Benoit - NCIS


Family members: mother Doctor Helen Berkley, father René Benoit ("La Grenouille")

Romance(s): Tony, John Carson (cop in "Friends & Lovers")

Friends: Her nurse (Carly Munro) was afraid of little girl in Angel of Death.

Enemies: Her father's enemies. Ziva (in a sense)

Character Backstory:

Season 4 & 5: She was introduced in Season 4 as Tony DiNozzo's new girlfriend. Part of her attraction to him was her belief that he was a person who doesn't lie even about 'the little things'. Alas, poor Jeanne, she didn't know him so well. Later in season 4 the audience discovers that their relationship was part of an undercover assignment which the Director of NCIS, Jenny Shepard, set up. But Jeanne remains blissfully unaware.

Jeanne is a doctor at the Monroe University Hospital in Washington D.C. (its' location revealed to be near 22nd Street NW, which is also near the real life location of George Washington University Hospital).

In Season 4 we also were introduced to her mother, Helen Berkley, who is also a doctor. It is also revealed that her father is René Benoit, also known as "La Grenouille". It is mentioned in an episode that her father and mother didn't have the best of relationships. Jeanne, being unaware of Tony's duplicitous reason for dating her, goes full tilt at the relationship. Tony delayed their first night together for 11 dates and sought Jenny's advice about taking a relationship to the next stage. (This scene with Jenny is one of the all-time most confusing scenes in the whole show, as it implied that Jenny didn't know about Jeanne. Jenny's advice made no reference to the Frog case.). Tony does truly fall for the woman, and thus is very torn between duty to his work and duty to the woman he loves. He seems to dive in, in kamikaze mode, by suggesting that they move in together when Jeanne finds out she is to lose the tenancy on her flat. Dinner with Jeanne's mother is a test which he passes: that he loves Jeanne is obvious to mom but his hesitation to commit is also obvious.

Tony declares his love to Jeanne eventually (after much pushing from Jeanne). He does it because the death of Agent Cassidy shows him that life is too short not to say I love you when you do. So he says it and hopes for the best.

In 5.01 Bury Your Dead Jeanne learns that Tony has been lying to her about his being a college professor. Tony told Jeanne that it was a part of an undercover assignment. However, Tony tells her that not all of it was a lie, and that he truly loves her. She cannot understand what she had done wrong to merit the attention: Tony tells her to ask her father. We do not witness the Frog telling Jeanne that NCIS and the CIA were targeting her father "La Grenouille" as part of the CIA operation "Lodestone".

As of the end of the season opener, 5.01 Bury Your Dead, it is shown that Jeanne's father is floating in the harbor, with a single gunshot wound to the head. She left Monroe University Hospital while telling the ER staff there that she would be "going away for a few days...".

When Tony and Ziva enter her apartment because they think she's going to be the next target, Tony discovers a letter addressed to him. We do not get to see the contents of the letter until Episode 5.02 Family, final scene. But Tony's manner and body language show that it is not good. But as Jen says, "how could he have expected it to end other than badly?" When Jen demands to know what Jeanne said, Tony's loyalty to Jeanne and his sense of himself make him refuse clearly and abruptly. He marks out a boundary which even the Director is not allowed to cross (to the approval of Gibbs). In Family he marks boundaries that Ziva must not cross, by using attack as his defense and challenging Ziva for falling in love with a dead man walking. This raises the analogy between Ziva's doomed relationship with a dying man, and Tony's doomed relationship with a villain's daughter.

The function of Jeanne as a character has been to let Tony grow up and put childish ways behind him. At the end of Bury Your Dead, it is unknown if she will appear in any other episode again. At the end of Family, we believe that Tony has chosen to revert to Tony DiNozzo, a stranger to Jeanne, despite his heart wanting what his heart wants. But can he revert? And will we ever see Jeanne again?

In the episode 5.14 Internal Affairs, Jeanne is the eye witness for the FBI on who murdered her father. She blames Tony for his death. Jenny talks to her because she seems to understand because her father died and she doesn't really know who did it. It is revealed later that Trent Kort may have murdered The Frog when he gives Vance and Fornell his get out of jail free card. Though later Gibbs remembers Jenny giving La Grenouille her gun, but unlike Jenny's memory, he remembers La Grenouille setting the gun back down suggesting that possibly Jenny killed him. Jeanne is upset by all this and finally asks Tony if any of the relation was real where he responds "no" to let her move on.


  • Daughter of "La Grenouille"



Jeanne Benoit - NCIS Jeanne Benoit - NCIS
Jeanne Benoit - NCIS Jeanne Benoit - NCIS

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