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Jackson Gibbs was played by the late Ralph Waite

Occupation/Title: General Store Owner in Stillwater, Pennsylvania

Personality type: nice, awkward around girls

Signature look: suspenders

Endearing trait(s): Charming

Annoying trait(s):

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Jackson Gibbs


Family members: Ann Gibbs (wife, deceased), Leroy Jethro Gibbs (son), Shannon (daughter-in-law, deceased), Kelly (grand-daughter, deceased)


Friends: Leroy Jethro ("LJ") Moore

Enemies: Paloma Reynosa

Character Backstory:

Season 2

  • In "The Bone Yard" Gibbs refers to his father as dead. This is probably more to bluff the mafia boss he was talking to as not to threaten his father.
Season 6

  • Jackson first appeared in the episode 6.04 Heartland when a investigation led his son to Stillwater. Gibbs and his father had a tumultuous relationship while Gibbs was in high school. Gibbs left to join to the Marine Corps shortly after graduating from high school and hasn't been back in more than 30 years. This is also the first time Gibbs and his father have spoken since Shannon and Kelly's funeral in March 1991. Yet Jackson has kept Jethro's favorite car (a 1970's Challenger R/T) in excellent shape for all this time and cheerfully returns it to Jethro when the opportunity arises.

  • In that same episode, we see a photograph that implies Jackson was a fighter pilot in World War II (flying a P-51 Mustang over Europe). We also see a photograph of Jackson with his good friend and business partner, Leroy Jethro Moore.

  • His voice was heard in the episode 6.11 Silent Night when Gibbs called his father to wish him a Merry Christmas. This was probably the first time since Shannon & Kelly's death that he had done so.
Season 7

  • Appeared in the episode 7.10 Faith when he comes to visit his son for Christmas. He also came to get advice for how to deal with his guilt over killing someone that came to rob the store.

  • Is surprised when Paloma came in the store and flipped the sign to closed in the final scene of the last episode. Paloma had previously threatened Jethro that she would hurt loved ones if he didn't do what she asked and would personally travel to Pennsylvania to shoot Gibbs' father in the head. (Season Finale 7.24 Rule Fifty-One)
Season 8

  • Appeared in the season premiere 8.01 Spider and the Fly. We learned that Gibbs had warned his father of Paloma's threats and Jackson was prepared to meet her. He escaped the deadly gunfire that destroyed the shop by quickly leaving through the shop's cellar. Following this incident, he stays with Gibbs for several months and finally helps his son take down Paloma before returning to Stillwater and repairing the store.
Season 9

  • In 9.14 Life Before His Eyes, we learn that Jackson tenderly cared for his dying wife, but also "drove a few women home" during that time. After Ann died, Jackson blamed her for everything and hated her for leaving. He and Jethro would get into fierce arguments, but Jackson was also willing to protect Jethro when he had do.
Season 10

  • In 10.05 The Namesake, we learn more about the troubled history of Jackson, his wife Ann and Jackson's best friend (and general store co-owner) Leroy Jethro ("LJ") Moore. When Ann was dying of cancer in 1972, she told LJ in confidence that she planned to kill herself with an overdose of medication. LJ sympathized and kept her confidence even after she took her own life. When Jackson learned about this in 1974 (Gibbs' sophomore year in high school), he bitterly resented LJ's inaction, insisting that LJ had actually killed Ann by not stopping her -- and thereby robbed Jackson of additional time he could have spent with Ann. This argument caused Jackson to not speak to LJ (or even allow his name to be mentioned) for forty years. The two friends finally reconcile.

Season 11

  • In 11.07 Better Angels, Jackson reveals the details of a story he told Gibbs many years earlier. While flying a mission over France in World War II, Jackson's P-51 Mustang was damaged, he became separated from his squadron in a cloud bank, and lost his sense of direction back to base when his compass failed. A German fighter pilot, Walter Beck, showed Jackson the direction home and escorted him all the way to the edge of the English Channel. This act of compassion for an enemy pilot was a life-changing event for Jackson. When he learns that Walter Beck is dying and that Beck bitterly regrets causing deaths during the war, Jackson badgers Jethro into meeting Beck for the sole purpose of showing that Beck's actions were also a benefit to the world.


  • Jackson's neighbor has been cooking for Jackson lately and puts together a "care package" for him.
  • Ralph Waite passed away on February 13, 2014, as Season 11 was being recorded.



  • 6.04 Heartland -- The first time Jackson and Gibbs meet in nearly 20 years.
  • 7.10 Faith -- After Jackson kills a man robbing the store, he comes to Gibbs for advice.


8.01 Spider and the Fly
8.01 Spider and the Fly
7.10 Faith
Jackson and Leroy Gibbs in "Faith"
6.04 Heartland.
6.04 "Heartland"
7.10 Faith
7.10 "Faith"
Jackson Gibbs - NCIS
7.10 Faith
8.01 Spider and the Fly
8.01 "Spider and the Fly"
Jackson Gibbs - NCIS
7.24 "Rule Fifty-One"
Jackson Gibbs - NCIS
8.01 "Spider and the Fly"

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