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Calling all fans of NCIS who live outside the United States!
Here's a place where you can discuss the show and connect with fans who live in your own country.

Create subpages for your own country, and you can lead discussions specific to what's happening in the show where you live.
Why not translate the pages into your respective languages for fans in your country who don't speak English very well so they don't lose out on the discussions, etc., about the different episodes, characters, cast, etc. That way we get to be the best and biggest Wiki fansite - even though we know we already are.

Where in the world are you from? Let us know in the comments.

Argentina Flag Argentina Fans of NCIS

Austria Austria Fans of NCIS / Österreich

ORF1 startete am Sonntag, 1.3.2009 von vorne und zeigt nun die Staffel 1.

Eine gute Möglichkeit, allenfalls verpasste Episoden in deutsch nachzugucken.

Australia Australia Fans of NCIS

G'day to all the Aussie fans! Populate this page with your views on NCIS as seen in the land of Oz....

Belgium Belgium Fans of NCIS

Bulgaria Bulgaria Fans of NCIS

ВОЕННИ ПРЕСТЪПЛЕНИЯ Добре дошли фенове! Присъединете се към други български фенове да говорите за ВОЕННИ ПРЕСТЪПЛЕНИЯ!

Canada Flag Canada Fans of NCIS
Are you from Canada & love NCIS? Come join our page to talk about all our favourite episodes, cast, characters, couples & more!

Croatia Croatia Fans of NCIS

Dobrodošli NCIS Fans! Pridružite se ostalim bugarski Fans za razgovor o NCIS!

Denmark Denmark Fans of NCIS

New episodes every Sunday 8pm (series 5).

France France Fans of NCIS

Bienvenue!!!! Welcome!!!

THE 6th SEASON ON FRENCH TV on the 4th of SEPTEMBER!!!!! HURRA!!!!!! (and then each Friday evening!!!!!!)
2 episodes of the 6th season and 1 of the 3rd season

Wanna meet French NCIS fans, to speak about NCIS and France???
run there... "NCIS and France" thread!!! an NCIS book, some French interviews of Mister Harmon;) and of NCIS in magazines,...

Germany Germany / Deutsche NCIS-Fans

Willkommen NCIS-Fans!

Seit Sonntag, 30.8.2009, zeigt SAT1 den zweiten Teil der 6. Staffel deutsch synchronisiert.
Gestartet wurde mit der Folge 15 "Abschreckung" (Originaltitel "Deliverance")

Wer ganz von vorne starten will, kann seit Anfang März 2009 auf ORF1 mit Staffel 1 beginnen.

India India Fans of NCIS

Italy Italy Fans of NCIS

Benvenuto NCIS fan! Unisciti agli altri Ncis Fan per chiaccherare del tuo show preferito!

Mexico Mexico Fans of NCIS

New Zealand New Zealand Fans of NCIS

Kia Ora

No new eps untill middle of year

Philippine Flag Philippines, Mabuhay!

Season 4 aired every Saturday, 8pm, at C/S 9 (rpn9).

Russia Russia Fans of NCIS

Добро пожаловать NCIS болельщиков! Присоединяйтесь другие болгарские любители поговорить о NCIS!

Slovenia Slovenia Fans of NCIS

Živjo vsi iz Slovenije!Ker nas je verhetno bloj malo na tej strani, bi blo fajn, če bi se spoznal med sabo.NCIS from monday to thursdayfriday at 20h.

Spain Spain Fans of NCIS / Seguidor@s de NCIS del Estado Español

¡Aupa tod@s l@s fans de NCIS!

Aquí podeís charlar sobre vuestra serie favorita además añadir vuestros comentarios en la página comenzada para el estado español, resumir los capítulos en castellano, algunos ya están traducidos o a medio traducir.......Ahora están echando la 6ª Temporada los jueves en La Sexta a las 22.15h normalmente es un capítulo nuevo y otro repetido de la 5ª, pero a veces echan 2 nuevos, por lo tanto hay que estar al loro, además de reposiciones de lunes a viernes a las 19.25.

Sweden Sweden Fans of NCIS

Välkommen NCIS Fans! Join andra bulgariska fans att prata om NCIS!

Series 4 reruns Monday through Thursday at 19.00.

Switzerland Switzerland / Schweizer NCIS-Fans

Wir gucken lieber bei unseren deutschen Kollegen.

Seit Sonntag, 30.8.2009, zeigt SAT1 den zweiten Teil der 6. Staffel deutsch synchronisiert.
Gestartet wurde mit der Folge 15 "Abschreckung" (Originaltitel "Deliverance")

Wer ganz von vorne starten will, kann seit Anfang März 2009 auf ORF1 mit Staffel 1 beginnen.

The Netherlands The Netherlands Fans of NCIS
Op maandagavond kun je naar de herhalingen van seizoen 4 kijken en op woensdagavond de nieuwe afleveringen van seizoen 5. Aanvang half negen op Veronica.

United Kingdom United Kingdom Fans of NCIS
Hey there!

Season 6 is finally starting on FXUK on April 17th while other viewers are about mid-way through Season 5!

United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Fans of NCIS

CHILE fans of NCIS
HI my dear friends who is
sharing obsession for the best show drama all tv around the world, the serie has the best : scriptwritters, executive producer, etc...all people who work doing this show, of course... I wait to know so many people and like this to tell you about my beautiful country... besides I feel so proud by COTE DE PABLO what is chilean like me
Hola a todos estoy feliz de estan compartiendo con todos ustedes esta obsession llamada NCIS, es una gran serie que tiene grandes guionistas, productores, etc toda la gente quien trabaja haciendo este programa, posupuesto espero conocer a muchos gente y asi contarles
de mi hermoso pais, ademas me siento muy orgullosa po COTE DE PABLO quien es chilena tambien