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NCIS: Internal Affairs
Airdate: April 22, 2008
Author: #1hotchfan

Tony comes in to work with a cup of coffee (no lid) and laughing about something on his cell. He gets startled when Ziva slams the hole puncher on some papers, and she tells him it's housekeeping day. Upon hearing Tony has hot coffee, McGee warns Tony to stay away from the servers near his desk, because he is backing up 3 years' worth of investigations from all their computers and the machines are very sensitive. Tony then shows up near McGee with cup in hand and starts to hover over the machines. McGee looks on anxiously and warns him again about the sensitivity of the servers. Tony replies "Well so am I McZero. Do you think I'm a complete klutz?" Tony then pretends to balance his coffee cup and McGee grabs it from him. In the process they both end up spilling the contents of the cup which is nothing but paper disks from the hole punch. Tony said, "Curly McNeil, they worked."

Gibbs comes in and asks if the phones work because he's been calling. Ziva tries her phone with no luck. Gibbs tries his with no luck either as the screens all start to scramble and power down. McGee panics as his back-up servers shut down while the elevator doors open announcing the arrival of Fornell and his team. Tony said "It's not my fault, I didn't do this" while Gibbs is banging on the servers with a clipboard. Fornell walks up and said, "There's no need for that" and Gibbs asks Fornell what's going on. Fornell said "It's a shutdown Gibbs. A few months ago they pulled a body out of the bay. The local PD had him on ice while they were tracking down a DNA match." Jenny is coming down the stairs as she listens in. Fornell said "The body has been identified as Rene' Benoit." Jenny asks if
La Grenouille's dead and Fornell tells her he was murdered. He announces for all to hear that the entire unit is under investigation.

Abby slams her hands down on the table in front of Ducky and said "This is ridiculous. We're prisoners in our own evidence lock-up." Ziva replied that they weren't prisoners while Tony looked at the FBI Agent watching them and said "We're evidence, so we're locked up." Abby said "Well why are we being guarded then? I mean we are being guarded right?" (Points to the FBI Agent) "You are being very guarded about whether or not we're being guarded." Ziva smiles and McGee tells Abby to relax as he's sure she's not a suspect. Abby wants to know who their suspect is and Ducky replies that the FBI wasn't ready to walk anyone out in handcuffs yet. Ziva said "They are trying to keep it quiet" and Tony said the FBI didn't even know what they were looking for. Abby asked if they were supposed to hand the FBI their first clue and Ducky said "Not us, Gibbs."

Gibbs and Fornell are walking down the hallway to interrogation and Gibbs asked how Fornell landed the job of investigating them. Fornell replied "Intimate knowledge of the case history made me the obvious choice." Gibbs asked if Fornell would have a problem with his personal relationships with the people involved and Tobias said it wouldn't be a problem as evidence led to someone in the building. As they walked into the interrogation room, Gibbs sat down and asked "What evidence?" Fornell stood there and said "the other side" so Gibbs got up to move to the "suspect" side of the table so Fornell could interrogate him. Gibbs smirked as he moved and eyed the two-way mirror. On the other side, they showed the eyes of a man, nothing more, watching the interrogation. An FBI Agent poked his head in and said "Coffee sir?" and the man replied "I don't drink coffee" then put a toothpick in his mouth to bite on when the agent left.

Fornell hands Gibbs a picture of La Grenouille and commented that Gibbs didn't seem surprised. He said that he had evidence that Gibbs' team had significant contact with La Grenouille on the day he died. Fornell talked about the car bomb that exploded in Episode 5.01 when the team thought Tony was killed.Gibbs said the bomb was meant for the daughter, not
La Grenouille. Fornell said "Somebody was taking things personally. You ever figure out who that was?" Gibbs replied "Nope." Fornell said the time of death coincided with Ziva, McGee and Gibbs' raid on La Grenouille's yacht. Gibbs said they'd just missed him and the three of them had been in the office all night securing the warrant. Fornell said the reports should verify that. Gibbs asked if it was his alibi Fornell was after, then admitted that he was at Jenny's house prior to them getting a warrant. Fornell said they had a copy of Shepard's phone records, which indicated she'd spoken with La Grenouille earlier in the evening. He asked Gibbs if he was part of the conversation that went on in the house. Gibbs flashed back to that night and told Fornell that La Grenouille wanted protection. Fornell said "Maybe you should've provided it." Fornell asked if Gibbs was providing protection for anyone else. Gibbs flashed back to a conversation with Jenny in MTAC where she said she'd been after La Grenouille for a decade. Gibbs realized it wasn't his alibi that Fornell wanted but Jenny's. Gibbs told Fornell if he was going to accuse the Director of NCIS of murder, the evidence had better be good. Fornell said he wouldn't be there if it wasn't and Jenny's always been after La Grenouille and had made a mess of things. Gibbs told Fornell that when the investigation was done and Shepard was cleared, he wanted to see the file. Fornell said "When it's done and IF she's cleared, I just might let you." Fornell closed the file, walked out the door and told another agent to take Gibbs back down with the others. Gibbs sat staring at the two way mirror as the man on the other side stared back (without seeing one another). The man left the observation room.

In Jenny's office, she sat at her desk being "watched" by a female FBI Agent. The man from interrogation walked in and she said "Long way from San Diego, Leon." He replied, "SecNav felt this warranted a plane ticket." She asked if he was interrogating her staff or if he already had a suspect." He just smirked and Jenny smirked back and said "Well, Assistant Director Vance, you gonna ask for them?" When he said nothing, she opened her drawer, took out her gun and badge and laid them on the desk. When she stood, Vance relieved her of her duties then suspended her.

Gibbs walks out of interrogation and runs into a smiling Vance, who hands Gibbs $2.42 for a cheese danish. Gibbs commented that it was 8 years prior, Vance corrects him and says 9. Gibbs asks if Vance is responsible for the fishing expedition. Still smiling and biting down on his toothpick, Vance replies "The Bureau is doing the fishing. I'm just driving the boat." Gibbs nods his head and as he walks by Vance said "Keep it off the rocks." As Gibbs walked down the hallway, he passed McGee. McGee asked what he should say and Gibbs told him the truth as he hadn't done anything wrong.

In interrogation, McGee flashed back to a time when he hacked into the CIA. Fornell snaps his fingers and asks why McGee is nervous and where his head is at. He said "I know that you've hacked into everything from the corner store to the CIA, McGee and I don't care." As McGee is on egg shells, Fornell asks McGee if Shepard ever asked him to investigate the details of her father's suicide. From the other side, Vance watches the interrogation. Fornell said McGee didn't come up with the idea on his own and McGee said "Gibbs. The Director was particularly aggressive in her pursuit of the arms dealer
La Grenouille. Agent Gibbs was curious as to her motivation." Fornell said "Gibbs doesn't get curious, he gets suspicious. What did he suspect?" McGee said that Jenny had believed that La Grenouille was responsible for her father's death, as he swallowed hard. Fornell asked "Is that why she put Agent DiNozzo under cover?" and McGee replied he couldn't speak to the nature of DiNozzo's assignment. Fornell asked if McGee and Tony had a professional relationship as McGee flashed back to numerous times that Tony called him nicknames or threw stuff at him. McGee said his relationship with Tony was very professional. Fornell pumped him for more information about Tony's assignment and said "it's not the time for you to be covering for your friends." McGee replied "I was not privy to any of his actions vis-a-vis the aforementioned undercover operation." Fornell pulls out a piece of paper and said McGee had been privy to it at one point in Canada.

They switch to Fornell interrogating Ziva on the same undercover mission in Canada where the Director tried to nail La Grenouille but was forced to let him get away. Fornell mentions how Ziva is Israeli and was "trained" to do what it is she does by Mossad. Ziva said she would hate to be misunderstood. Fornell asked it happened often and Ziva replied "Once in a blue lagoon."
Fornell said "I think I'll be able to translate. I repeat, what was the purpose of the mission to Canada." Ziva said they'd received intelligence that the subject would be in the vicinity. He asked if they were attempting to apprehend the subject, who was now deceased. Ziva flashed back to Canada with her weapon trained on La Grenouille and replied "No." He asked what her role was and when she didn't respond, he got in her face and said "You were there to kill him because that's what you do." She said she was just there to ensure mission safety and was never given a fire order. He replied it's because she was called off at the last moment by a deep undercover agent named Trent Kort. Fornell said Shepard had manufactured the entire mission to put a bullet in La Grenouille's head as he shows her the photo of a dead La Grenouille.

Ducky is now in interrogation picking up the photo. Ducky said "We'd met only once, I was rather taken by the man." Fornell gives him the details of how they found La Grenouille. Ducky complimented the ME who autopsied the body and then asked to see it which Fornell denied. "Four eyes are better than two" Ducky said. Fornell said the cause of death had already been established as a gunshot wound to the head. Ducky shrugged his shoulders and asked what Fornell wanted from him. Fornell asked Ducky if he'd been asked by the Director for a profile of La Grenouille and wanted Ducky's opinion of that encounter. Ducky flashed back to giving his opinion to Gibbs, telling him Jenny was consumed by her mission to get La Grenouille and she would go as far as it took. Ducky said Jenny did manifest obsessive behavior. Back downstairs, Ducky talked with Gibbs about his interrogation and asked Gibbs if he felt Jenny had done it. Gibbs walked away towards the elevator and the agent got in his way and told him he couldn't leave. Gibbs patted his jacket, reached inside it and said "You know what, you're gonna have to stop me" as the elevator chimed and Vance got off. He asked if there was a problem and Gibbs replied "If you want it to be." Vance said "I know it's always been lost on you Gibbs, but they write the rules for a reason." Gibbs said he had rules too and then asked if there was any reason for them to be kept there.

Vance said "I'm well aware of your relationship with Director Shepard. I've never been comfortable with intimacy between management and staff myself" to which Gibbs replied "Me either." Vance announced to the team if they had been interviewed by Fornell, they were free to go. Tony smacked his head in response. Vance told them to not investigate the case and left. Gibbs pointed to Ducky as Abby vented her frustration over Vance. Gibbs waved at McGee and Ziva and said "Come on let's go, we got work to do." They both replied that they couldn't investigate the case and Gibbs replied "We investigate the FBI."

Gibbs is digging under his workbench as McGee and Ducky come down the stairs. McGee announces that Ziva is shaking the FBI tail and Gibbs said when she arrives she can help McGee hack into Fornell's computer. McGee explains his computers are under "quarantine" by the FBI and suggests he'll have to go out to a public site to work. Gibbs blows dust off his laptop and says "Here, you can use mine." McGee looks puzzled and said it didn't have wireless so Gibbs slapped a screwdriver on top of it and McGee said he'd figure it out. Gibbs asked Ducky to get in touch with the ME's office to get the autopsy report and Ducky said "I'll have to be charming." Gibbs smiled and told him "Don't strain yourself." Gibbs tells him to go out the back-way through the hedge. Ducky remarks that it's like playing a cat and mouse game and turns back down the stairway to share one of his infamous stories but the look on Gibbs face has him say "Remind me to share it with you later" and he leaves.

McGee shares that he may be able to get a signal and make it work but he needs an FBI Identification to get access to their mainframe. Gibbs holds out the ID he lifted from the Agent's pocket when he slipped his hand inside his jacket. When McGee just stares at him, Gibbs said "Questions?" McGee asked "Yeah, how do you get the boat out?" Gibbs replied "You just break the bottle" and went upstairs.

Back in the evidence lock-up, the Agent searches his jacket for his missing ID. Tony smiles and walks towards Abby who is digging through an evidence box and said "You wouldn't be breaking the chain of evidence now, would you, Abby?" She commented she doubted it as the guy had died in prison 2 years earlier. He tells her if she finds anything to eat, he's starving so she tosses him some "Clowny cakes". She pulls out a pack of Tarot Cards and tells him to concentrate. Fornell walks in and Tony stands at attention. Fornell tells him not yet and points to Abby. Abby looks to Tony who told her "Gibbs gave you a mission and everyone's counting on you. Now do what you do best." Abby's response is "Dance?" and he said "Talk." Abby left with Fornell while Tony flipped over "The Hanged Man" Tarot card.

In interrogation, Fornell says her name and Abby puts up a finger to tell him to hold on as she sucks down some Caf-Pow. He says he had gone over her results in regard to the case in question and she tells him "There's a problem with your theory of the crime. A big hole, I could drive a truck through it. Maybe not a truck because I was never that good with a double clutch but a truck driver could just...." as she makes a hand gesture to indicate he could drive straight through it. Poor Fornell just listens to her babble and asks if she cares to share. She said "It's obvious. You think there's a murder here right underneath Gibbs' nose and whatever took place took place without Gibbs knowing." He said, "And that could never happen?" She tells him she's going to share a secret with him, a theory she's been working on off the books, as she scans the room to make sure nobody is listening. She tells him "The man is magic, like dark magic. He has eyes and ears everywhere. He appears like a mist. Whenever I get a clue he just materializes." Fornell leans forward and said "Maybe he just bugged your lab." Abby smiles and replies, "No, I checked." He said, "What's that like, it sounds aggravating" to which she replies, "No." Fornell asks if Gibbs ever gets angry. Abby has flashbacks of Gibbs doing his infamous headslap and said, "Never. He only uses his powers for good." Fornell tells her she sounds like a fan. Abby tells him a crime like that would never take place under Gibbs' nose as he wouldn't allow it. Fornell looks really frustrated during this interrogation. He tells her he understands and tries to get her back on track but she tells him he doesn't understand and begins to tell him a story.

McGee has Ziva holding his cell phone across the room, towards the ceiling (he's using it to get a signal for the computer). When Gibbs asked if he got in, McGee remarks that the computer is so ancient it doesn't even have the things modern day protocols defend against. McGee has a totally geek moment discussing playing a game and Gibbs just stares at him so McGee gets back on track. McGee comes across something; Ziva shifts to see and both Gibbs and McGee yell at her to not move. McGee is able to find a hotel address of an eye witness who saw the murder take place. Ziva complains her arms are killing her so Gibbs calls her over. She places the cell phone on a beam and walks to Gibbs. Gibbs whips out a switchblade and said "The FBI car out front." Ziva says she's got it and smiles and starts to head up the stairs. Gibbs yells out, "Ziva. Their tires, not their throats." She just smiles and keeps going. McGee told Gibbs if he had a printer he'd be able to convert some of the crime scene sketches to dot matrix. Gibbs smirks as he digs out what is probably the first printer ever made and McGee's facial expression is priceless with a "what do you expect me to do what that" look.

Abby is alone in interrogation using her hand to try and "see" through the observation mirror. Fornell and Vance are in the observation room watching. Vance said the interrogation was going nowhere and Fornell said "I'm not entirely sure she's all there." Abby tells them she remembered something and Vance turns on the intercom and asks if it's relevant. Abby tells them about running fingerprints on the liquor bottle that had been left in the Director's study and tells them the fingerprints came from the Director's father. She said "I think it must've come from the CIA or something. I think they might be trying to frame her." Vance poked his toothpick in his mouth and told Fornell Abby was much smarter than he gave her credit for. They continue to watch and Fornell rolls his eyes as Abby presses her entire face and hands against the mirror and moves her eyes back and forth.

Gibbs walks into the hotel, sees a woman leaving and follows her as she heads to and gets into a cab. Gibbs pulls out his badge and identifies himself, then addresses the woman and said, "Buy you a cup of coffee, Miss Benoit." La Grenouille's daughter, Jeanne is sitting in the backseat and looks stunned to see Gibbs standing there.

In Gibbs' basement, Ducky laid out photos of La Grenouille's body (like a puzzle). He talked to La Grenouille like he was there. He noticed the powder burns on the forehead, indicating contact with the weapon at close range with no defensive wounds. Ducky wonders why La Grenouille allowed an armed assailant to get that close to him unless it was self-inflicted. Reading the autopsy report, the ME reported that the wound was consistent with a left-handed suicide. McGee pokes his head down and asked if Ducky said anything. Ducky just looked at him so McGee left. Ducky wondered why the FBI was saying La Grenouille was murdered when they were told it was an apparent suicide. Ducky picks up the photo of his right hand, noticing a mark that was overlooked.

Gibbs and Jeanne are having coffee and Jeane said she was expected at Gibbs office. Gibbs said the questions weren't his and Jeanne asked if the questions were about Tony. Gibbs said "No. Questions about your father."

Tony finally gets his moment in interrogation. He walks in and said "Well, we've been here before haven't we Toby. You were saying some pretty bad stuff about me back then. I hope you've learned a few things since then; I know I have." Acting all arrogant and cocky, Tony sits down, eating chips and looks in the two-way mirror fixing his hair. Fornell said that Tony must've done something right as the Director had picked him for a prime undercover assignment. Fornell asked how Tony got so close to Jeanne. Tony said "I know where your going with this. You'd like to learn a few pick up tricks. It's kind of a family secret and I took an oath so, sorry." Tony continues acting arrogant as Fornell interrogates him until Fornell asked if the Director ordered him to sleep with Jeanne. Tony said he wouldn't call it an order. Fornell asked how Tony developed feelings for Jeanne and he replied "Gradually" and had flashbacks of his and Jeanne's relationship. Fornell asked if the Director told Tony to break the girl's heart and Tony said "This feels more like a therapy session than an interrogation. Why are you so interested in my feelings?" Fornell replied "Because you had them" and smirked.

Jeanne told Gibbs she'd volunteered for a fellowship in Africa and her commute consisted of avoiding hippos. Gibbs asked her if it helped and she said "No, I couldn't get what happened out of my head." Gibbs tells her the FBI thinks her father was murdered and Jeanne said "I thought you knew." She told him she saw what happened that night so Gibbs asked her what she saw. Jeanne gets up to leave and Gibbs asked what she saw. She tells him she saw her father get killed. He pushes her for more information and chases her towards the taxi. She finally blurts out that Tony killed her father.

McGee is printing out the crime scene sketches as Ziva is taping the floor to match the "Yacht" image of the crime scene. She calls out "Duck" and Ducky replied "I only let Jethro call me that Ziva." McGee tells him she meant "duck" and points to the wires near his head. She puts a metal object in the "Yacht" and said a single shell casing had been found on the yacht and no blood spatter. Ducky said La Grenouille would've had to be standing near the railing so McGee reenacts the scene as a suicide with La Grenouille going overboard with the gun and the shell casing falling on the deck. Ziva puts a different spin on it indicating that someone walked up with a concealed weapon. McGee asks the question they all are trying to figure out "Why would La Grenouille let someone get that close to him with a loaded weapon?" Ducky asks Ziva about the mark on La Grenouille's right hand. She takes McGee's hands and said it was a pressure point and in Mossad they call it a thumb tap. Putting pressure on McGee's hand, she pretends she's aiming a gun at his head to reenact what really happened.

Fornell tells Tony that Jeanne must be going through hell and Tony said he didn't meant to hurt her. Fornell said, "What other option was there, she was in love with you too right? Come on Tony you're a better liar than that." Tony snaps out of his flashbacks of Jeanne and tells Fornell, "You're right. Everything I did with her was a lie. Just for recalling those lies, I believe that I am lying now." He looks into the mirror and yells "Are you getting all this? Cuz it's good stuff." Vance just blinks and continues to watch. Tony looks at Fornell with a serious look and tells him "Yeah, she was in love with me. We were in love. What else do you want to know?" Fornell asks him how it was supposed to end because there was never going to be a happily ever after. Fornell mentions how Jeanne had nearly been killed twice the day her father died; once by a drug dealer and then the explosion in Tony's car. He said nobody knew better than Tony that the way to get to La Grenouille was through Jeanne. Fornell said Ziva told them she left him alone in Jeanne's apartment and wasn't able to reach him later on his phone. Tony said he'd gone for a ride to clear his head, he'd used a company car. Fornell continues to hammer away at Tony and then says "You killed La Grenouille."

McGee, Ziva, Ducky and Gibbs talk about Tony being set-up. Ziva mentions Tony had no alibi. Ducky remarks how no two suicides can be that identical and he's seen the mark before. Both he and Gibbs admit they'd seen it on the Director's father, Jasper Shepard. Gibbs dialed a number on his cell and said "Somebody's missing from this party."

Jenny walked into her office and told Vance not to get comfortable as he'd already scratched her settee'. She asked what the agents were looking for that were tearing apart her house. Fornell told her that La Grenouille was killed with a 9mm Glock and they can't find her's. She tells them they could've asked her, she gave it to La Grenouille and Gibbs witnessed it. Fornell said it works for him because DiNozzo could have taken it from La Grenouille. Jenny is puzzled by his statement and Vance tells her they have Tony in custody as an eyewitness saw him. She is livid when she finds out the witness is Jeanne Benoit and demands to talk to her. Fornell refuses but Vance agrees to it.

Jenny walked into interrogation and introduced herself to Jeanne. She apologizes to her and tells Jeanne she is responsible for her pain because she gave Tony the assignment. Jenny walks Jeanne through the last day her father was alive. Jeanne went home, packed a bag and wrote a note for Tony. On the way to the airport, she felt she needed to see 'him' one last time. As Fornell and Vance wonder if it's Tony or her father, Jenny gets Jeanne to say she went to the marina. Jenny tells her she's lying because the stars didn't align so she could pull in at the right moment to see Tony shoot her father. Jeanne says she killed her father but Jenny tells her it just feels that way. Jeanne admits she was supposed to go to the marina to see him but went to the airport instead and when he didn't find her, she knew he was dead. Jenny tells Jeanne that she keeps reliving it over in her head wishing she could relive that last moment and do things differently but assures Jeanne that her father loved her. Jenny got up, looked at the two-way mirror then left the interrogation room.

Vance asked Fornell who he wanted to talk to next then Gibbs opened the door and asked "How's the case?" Fornell replied it was falling apart and Gibbs said he was there to solve their problems and let Trent Kort in. In a round about way, Cort indicates he killed La Grenouille. Vance asks him for his get out of jail free card so Cort pulls out and hands him some paperwork and tells him "Eyes only." Cort said "La Grenouille wanted to retire, he's retired." Vance said they were done asking questions and left the room. Gibbs put the pressure point on Cort's hand and asked who killed Jenny's father and Cort replied "Jasper Shepard." Gibbs lets him go and walks down the hall with Fornell. Fornell doesn't believe it and feels that Cort would say anything to keep a long term operation running and shut things down before too many questions were asked. He turns and asks Gibbs about the night at Jenny's when she gave La Grenouille the gun. Fornell asked "She gave him the gun?" and Gibbs replies "She did". Fornell says that would explain how it got on the yacht and Gibbs simply replied "It would." Fornell said "Cort used that gun to kill La Grenouille." Gibbs didn't respond and Fornell said "You're right, she didn't do it." Gibbs asked for the file and Fornell said maybe.

Trent rounded the corner into the squad room and Tony punched him, sending Trent flying into the filing cabinets. Tony said "Hey Trent, he wasn't just an operative, he was somebody's father." Ziva stood behind Tony and Trent shoved Tony back then left, wiping blood from his mouth. Jeanne walked by with an FBI Agent and looked at Tony but he wouldn't look at her. Ziva told him to be a man, but Tony was angry that she had accused him of murder. Ziva told him "Who is the bad guy? Be a man. Go tell her what she needs to hear." You could see Ziva was struggling to tell Tony this. Tony stared at her for a moment and then walked over to stop Jeanne before she got on the elevator. Tony apologized to Jeanne that she got caught in all of it and she asked him if any of it was real. After a moment's hesitation, Tony told her no. She got on the elevator with tears in her eyes and told him she wished she'd never met him. Tony continued to stare straight ahead and not at Jeanne as the doors closed.

Jenny walks into her office and tells Vance she hopes he's not rushing out on her account. He said, "SecNav tells me you're going to be taking two weeks of personal time." She puts her gun and badge back in her drawer and says "Yes. It was never my intention to burden you with this responsibility." He tells her he doesn't mind but his wife isn't so forgiving. She points to his toothpick on her desk and asks if it's his. He tells her to keep it and she brushes it on the floor. Gibbs walks in and Vance comments he owes the Bureau for 2 sets of all-weather radials. Gibbs said "Yeah, bill me" and shuts the door behind Vance. Gibbs asked Jenny "Fairytale ending" and she replied "The Frog is dead and the Jesters have been kicked out of the kingdom." He replies, "And the queen is back on her throne." She said, "If you're expecting some sort of knighthood, I'm sorry to say I've misplaced my sword." He replied, "Maybe it's with your gun" and she simply said, "Maybe." Gibbs remarked how ironic it was that the Frog was an arms dealer yet never carried a gun. Jenny said "Except that night." She remembered giving him the gun and asked him if he remembered it differently. He flashed back to The Frog putting the gun back on Jenny's desk. Gibbs said "Long live the Queen." Jenny just stared at him.

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