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Hollis Mann is played by Susanna Thompson

: Special Agent in the Army Criminal Investigative Division

Personality type:Direct -- knows what she wants and goes directly after it.

Signature look: Crisp and proper uniform; blonde hair done in a French braid

Endearing trait(s): A female version of Gibbs

Annoying trait(s): Sometimes too direct and to the point. Evnentually unable to accept Gibbs lasting love for Shannon and his reticence to discuss the issue.

Blog Entries:
Hollis Mann - NCIS


Lt. Col. Hollis Mann has worked for Army Criminal Investigation Division (aka Army CID) for 11 years as an Enlisted Special Agent. She joined the army in 1985 and retired Nov 18, 2007. She handed over to her successor in the last scene of "In The Dark" (Series 4) but stayed on active service until Series 5.03 (Ex-Files). She and Jethro were in a relationship that took much management by Mann: she made Gibbs toe the line but he tended to determine where the line was drawn. She did not know about Jethro being a widower and, once she discovered how much he still mourned his wife and child, she decided to retire to Hawaii. We know that because Jen Shepard read about it in the Stars and Stripes military newspaper.
Article re Mann's retirement, as read by Director.

The article in Stars and Stripes, noting that Colonel marshall Johnson presided over Lt Col Mann's retirement ceremony in at the Old Bay House in Georgetown on 18 November 2007 with a lunch at the Hampton Ballroom.

"After her retirement, the Lt. Col will be relocating to the Hawaiian Island of Lanai. She is eager to spend more time doing the things she loves: bicycling, playing tennis and meeting new, interesting people."....she said "when she joined the Army in 1985, she never dreamed it would eventually develop into her life long career". We note that, for a photo of someone at her happy retirement party, Mann is looking somewhat strained and unhappy.

What we know about Hol' (as Gibbs calls her)
She is not handy with tools (he eventually takes drills off her when working on his boat, and stops her picking at the wood).
She is handy with a baseball bat (but hitting baseballs rather than Gibbs' head, unlike a previous ex-wife).
She is handy with a gun: she saves Gibbs' life in Sharif Returns (by killing Sharif and getting a medic with an antidote to revive the poisoned Gibbs).
She and Gibbs think alike in their approach to investigations. Gibbs' team refuse to follow her orders until he gives them the nod, but he usually gives the nod. (Skeletons)
She knows how to butter Gibbs' ego. (pretends to need baseball coaching)
She is impatient and articulate...so she opens her mouth too soon. She was more or less a female copy of Gibbs

Why did the reluctant Gibbs accede to Hol's demands, even for a little while?
Hollis tells Gibbs that he either commits or she goes. He says nothing. So she gives him time, while she goes and hands over her post to her successor.
While she is away, Gibbs meets and deals with a blind photographer with a steel-trap mind. When that photographer finally overhears his assistant admit that she is in love with him, his reaction is immediate: by ignoring love, he is missing out on the thing that matters most. The photographer sees it as a no-brainer that to be loved and to return that love, is what life is about.

Gibbs seems incapable of saying he loves Mann, but he can show his commitment by taking on a long-term plumbing project for her: replacing the pipework in her bathroom. He also does a fantastic line in nuzzling her neck and planting kisses (first scene after the credits in Grace Period, episode 4). Action man. Literally.

Hollis is poaching on Jen's territory?
She makes clear that Gibbs was once Jen's but then teaches Hollis to like bourbon as it is Gibbs' drink, and you never lose the taste once you acquire it.
She invites Hollis to consider working with NCIS when she leaves the army (this is not altruism on Jenny's part. Gibbs' Rule #12 - she knows that if Hollis comes to NCIS, Gibbs will end the relationship).
She asks Gibbs and Mann to report on why they cannot work together well (in Skeletons, when they are having a lovers' tiff over not phoning each other after their Sharif's Return bedroom scene).

Jen and Mann eye each other off in one episode (Sharif Returns) and Gibbs, pausing on the staircase, observes and enjoys this ego-boosting competition for his regard.

When did we met Hollis Mann?
She first appeared in the episode Sandblast and is currently a recurring character.

How did Gibbs and Mann get from working relationship to personal relationship?
The first time she goes to Gibbs' house, she wears a tight skirt. She tries to find out who "Kelly" is (he is painting The Kelly name on the boat he has built). Whilst he is bent over painting, she checks out his butt. When she goes to get a drink, he checks out hers. Each looks away guiltily when almost caught ogling the other. She recites to him the psych profile she procured about him. She offers to give him hers, but he announces that he "likes surprises".

Funny moments
When Mann first announces she wants to retire and settle down, Gibbs almost chokes on the takeaway food he is eating and his face is pure dismay. (Grace Period

Sad moment
When Mann presses "play" on the cassette player, out comes some tinkly childlike piano music, which makes her raise her eyebrows. But then the music stops and childish glee chuckles out as Kelly Gibbs crows about coming second place in the piano competition, playing Hush Little Baby (Mockingbird). Then Shannon is heard telling Jethro he would have been proud. Tape stops. Mann wipes away a tear, looks at Jethro, (who has been swallowing hard). No words but it is the end of this episode in their relationship.

Quotes relating to Lt Col Mann
Mann to Gibbs (at the Sandblast crime scene): "If this is going to be a pissing match, you better bring an umbrella."
Gibbs grins.

Tony or McGee: "What did I miss?"
Ziva: "Gibbs just met his fourth ex-wife."

In Gibbs' basement, at his tool bench.
Mann: "You can tell what someone is thinking by looking in their eyes?"
Gibbs: "Uh-huh"
Mann: "Okay, what do you see in my eyes." (she eyes him, direct, almost nose to nose)
Gibbs: "That you want me to kiss you"
Mann: "Are you going to?"
Gibbs: "Yes."
Mann: "When?"
Gibbs: "After we catch Sharif."

Ducky: (when Mann and Gibbs scoot off to Abby without waiting to say goodbye) "I know that Gibbs always likes to get his man, but wouldn't you say those two seem especially motivated?"

Mann: (after Gibbs has started kissing her, on her bed) "There's one thing I have to know before we do this." (pauses - Gibbs tenses) "How did you get that damn boat out of your basement?" (Gibbs grins).

Gibbs: "I didn't know that the last time we saw each other was going to be the last time we saw each other."

Mann: (To Gibbs) "You ought to want me, and the fact that you don't just makes me wonder why I ever wanted you in the first place." (silence) "Well aren't you going to say something?"
Gibbs: "You told me not to"
Mann: "Well, I'm telling you now"
Gibbs: (Pauses, then moves towards the bathroom door) " I was going to say that I found another leak in your bathroom and I was trying to get the job finished before you came home" (he opens door onto complete plumbing chaos) "Bigger job than I thought".
Mann: (Looking at the mess). "How long is this going to take?"
Gibbs: "A while"
Mann: (realizing that the plumbing job is Gibbs' way of committing to the relationship without actually saying anything) "I feel like an idiot."
Gibbs: "Sounded like one"
Mann kisses him, enthusiastically.
Mann: "How do I make it up to you?"
Gibbs (holds aloft a plastering trowel and looks her in the eye).
Mann: (grins).

Mann to Gibbs (in awed tone, whilst Abby and McGee are excitedly babbling geekspeak at them in a continuous rush of information, each completing the other's sentence): "How long can they go on like this?"
Gibbs: (in the voice of experience) "Oh, until we stop them."
Mann: (raising an authoritative voice to Abby and McGee): "McGee! Bottom line!"

Hollis Mann Returns
After a six-year absence, Hollis Mann returns to work with NCIS once again. (11.15 - Kill Chain) She quickly grew bored with Hawaii ("You can only take so many perfect days"),moved back to the DC area, met a man and married. She never told Gibbs she had returned. The DoD asked Mann to lead an internal investigation at a Naval contractor that supplies unmanned aerial drones. When a Naval drone pilot appears to be killed by one of the company's drones, Mann assists NCIS with the investigation and eventually apologizes to Gibbs for the way she left.

Hollis Mann - NCIS

Blog entry: Why I don't Like Hollis Mann
Blog entry: Why You Didn't Like Hollis Mann

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