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  • For the keen student of the art of the non-injurious head slap, our friends in France have created a haven.
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Link to TEAM NCIS (France) head slaps assembled from season 3.

The NCIS slaps' show! HERE (by nathfromfrance) and HERE (by invisibleman78)

  • I know in the workplace it would not be appropriate, but when you are with people over 8 hours a day, sometimes six days a week your "friends" will do the craziest things to when you are caught joking around or teasing another co-workers. So, I would say the head slap is acceptable in some work places. You truly know your friends when you get one, for that means they really trust you.

link to video for HEADSLAP HAIKU...in 3 verses
Abby, to attract
McGee's attention, claims Gibbs
Fathered her baby

Tony, horrified,
Rebukes inattentive McGee:
Headslap. "Heed Abby!".

Outrageous image:
Gothic marine Baby Gibbs;
Khaki dog collar.

Here's a list of all your favorite headslaps!
Season 1

The very first headslap - Gibbs to Tony 1x05 The Curse

Kate, Tony and Ducky are having lunch, and Tony reaches over and steals some of Kate's salad, and Kate headslaps him, to which Tony replies, "You're NOT Gibbs." 1x23 - Reveille
Season 2

Dual headslap to McGee by Tony and Kate - beginning of season 2, after McGee was promoted to full-time field agent (Gibbs: You belong to me now!) 2x01 - See No Evil
After Tony goes over some acronyms to Kate, Kate says she already knows since she's been there a year. Tony smirks and says, "Our little girls is growing up fast, isn't she boss?" and Gibbs smacks him for "Not growing up."
(Questionable: Looks more like a thump on the head rather than a headslap)
2x04 - Lt. Jane Doe
McGee comments how a suspect's name being Italian must belong to the mob, and DiNozzo gets in his face and reminds him that HE is Italian. DiNozzo gives him a headslap to punctuate the point. 2x05 - The Bone Yard
The delayed headslap to Tony, "It's no fun if you know it's coming." Tony then headslaps McGee, claiming it is for eating his sandwich earlier. 2x05 - The Bone Yard Double
When Abby talks about how addictive pistachios are, McGee starts to compare them to potato chips but Gibbs interrupts him with a headslap. 2x12 - Doppelganger
Tony tells Gibbs that a servicewoman told him that the suspect had a girlfriend. "Did you get her name?" "Meg.. ...hot chick.." Gibbs slaps him. "You meant the suspect's girlfriend." 2x14 - Witness
Tony headslaps Palmer for giving Abby a massage. The look Abby gives Palmer is brilliant. 2x21 - Hometown Hero Ah!!
After Tony finds out he and Kate are going to the hospital, he asks "Can we get double beds....?" Gibbs smacks him. 2x22 - SWAK
When Abby mentions a transvestite's lips and McGee starts to answer, Gibbs headslaps McGee. 2x22 - SWAK
Gibbs gives Tony a very gentle headslap just to make sure he was listening to him when he told him "You will NOT die!" 2x22 - SWAK

Season 3

McGee says he likes the nice Gibbs and then Tony and Abby headslap him at the same time. 3x01 - Kill Ari part 1 Gibbs nice?
After Paula and Tony's conversation, Gibbs waits until she leaves before smacking Tony. "What was that for?" "For letting her get to you." 3x03 - Mind Games
Abby tells Tony that McGee is ignoring her again. "Easily fixable," and Tony headslaps McGee. 3x03 - Mind Games
Ziva's first Gibbs-slap
- the welcome-to-the-team slap.
3x04 - Silver War Kicking butt
Ziva shocks DiNozzo by her knowledge of Honeydust, and and when DiNozzo asks what she is into, Gibbs walks up and headslaps him. 3x06 - The Voyeur's Web
DiNozzo interrogates himself in jail and then reflects to Gibbs, "I'm not getting out of this am I?" Gibbs motions him to come forwards and then headslaps him, which DiNozzo replies, "Thanks boss." 3x09 - Frame-Up
Tony makes the inquiry about Jenny and Gibbs having a 'thing'. Ziva and McGee just look at him. Tony gulps then says, "Hi boss." Gibbs comes up from behind. Tony tries to change the subject but still gets headslapped. 3.11 - Model Behavior
Gibbs' simultaneous head-slaps to DiNozzo and Ziva, but he makes the one for Ziva softer than the one for Tony. Total control. 3x13 - Deception Hot
While in Abby's lab, McGee starts to interrupt, but Gibbs lightly headslaps him "She's not done yet, McGee." 3x14 - Light Sleeper
The team catches a slight break in the case and Tony opts they break for lunch, but Gibbs headslaps him. 3x14 - Light Sleeper
Ziva makes a comment about Tony having to lose a few pounds. Later Tony asks McGee his opinion. "are you gonna hit me if I tell you the truth?" "No, of course not." When McGee says yes, Tony headslaps him anyway. 3x14 - Light Sleeper
Gibbs headslaps both DiNozzo and McGee when they start arguing over who was scared to open a cooler with possible body parts. 3x15 - Head Case
DiNozzo finds the pictures on McGee's iPod, Gibbs sees then head-slaps Tony, then Ziva for alerting him. 3x16 - Family Secret Who is that
Gibbs head slaps himself.
(when he hid evidence to save a marine from being discovered to have donated a kidney to his buddy).
3x16 - Family Secret Gibbs head slaps himself
McGee accidently calls Tony 'Boss', and at the end of the episode when they are eating pizza, Tony headslaps him to remind him. 3x18 - Bait
Gibbs non-headslap to Tony, the "atta boy" headpat, for a job well done. 3x19 - Iced Brave garçon
Gibbs catches Tony touching McGee's 'manly' face. "It's like a bunny rabbit." which earns him a headslap. 3x19 - Iced
Tony looks at McGee who is asleep face first on Abby's desk. "You have any Superglue?" Gibbs walks in and headslaps him. "What did I tell you about that?" 3x20 - Untouchable
Ziva asks Tony to says he was driving the car so she doesn't get another accident on her record and while Tony considers it, Gibbs interrupts them. Gibbs later smacks Tony "For blackmailing your partner." 3x20 - Untouchable
Tony rips on McGee's calender of famous quotes. "Where did you get this?" "It was a gift." "From who? Your wet nurse?" Gibbs comes up from behind, "No. From me." Gibbs asks about the case ,but then gives DiNozzo the deserved headslap. 3x21 - Bloodbath
Ziva and Tony are quickly tying the hands of a dead body to a steering wheel and Tony starts to talk about the movie "Weekend at Bernie's" and Gibbs shuts him up with a headslap. 3x22 - Jeopardy
To help jog his memory, Ziva, grabs Gibbs' hand and headslaps herself. 3x24 - Hiatus, Part 2
When Gibbs comes back from the hospital, and everyone greets him, he headslaps DiNozzo to show he remembers him. 3x24 - Hiatus, Part 2
Season 4

McGee had put out a BOLO on Eschel and when they are matching the prints on the dead motorcyclist, DiNozzo asked him if he had gotten any hits. McGee realizes that he had forgotten to check, so he headslaps himself. 4x01 - Shalom

McGee is still in shock over Abby's costume that Tony has to headslap him to give over the camera. 4x06 - Witch Hunt
Gibbs asks for detailed information on the dead skeleton, but DiNozzo and McGee are both staring at Abby in her Marilyn Monroe costume. Gibbs headslaps them both. 4x06 - Witch Hunt
After McGee turns in his badge and gun. and Gibbs catches up to him, Gibbs headslaps him for letting the director manipulate him. 4x09 - Twisted Sister
DiNozzo comes in late and is puzzled when Lee hands him the search warrant. He says he was only gone for two hours and Gibbs comes up from behind and headslaps him, and says,"You snooze you lose, DiNozzo." 4x10 - Smoked
During the sexual harassment seminar, Ziva licks Tony's ear, who headslaps McGee, who hits Tony, who gets a look from Gibbs. It's a great sequence. 4x11 - Driven The slaps
DiNozzo's "An assisted suicide of a suicide bomber whose suicide was before his suicide bombing. It's like how much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck..." Gibbs headslaps him. 4x16 - Grace Period

4x20 - In the Dark
Season 5

When Tony returns to the squad room after everyone thought he was dead, he headslaps McGee, "What was that for?" "Believing I was dead."
5x01 - Bury Your Dead

Abby's headslap of Tony.
Followed by Gibbs' headslap of Tony for spreading rumors about Abby leaving.

5x05 - Leap Of Faith Abby's headslap of Tony
McGee tells Ziva and DiNozzo about this coffee date, and DiNozzo says loudly, "McGee's getting some!" and of course Gibbs comes up behind and headslaps him. 5x08 - Designated Target
DiNozzo walks in to find Ziva on her hands and knees and snaps a picture of her behind. "Room with a view." Gibbs, smacks him for it. 5x13 - Dog Tags

When the investigation sends the team to a trailer park, Tony makes a comment about tornados and how they accompany trailer parks, but Gibbs interrupts his thought with a headslap. 5x17 - About Face
Season 6

Tony makes remarks about Gibbs, not realising that Gibbs is standing next to McGee in the communications room, listening over the ship-shore communications. Gibbs answers Tony's query, in person. Tony, disconcerted, headslaps himself. 6x01 - Last Man Standing
After Abby confronts McGee for eating her cupcake, DiNozzo hugs him (What were you thinking?) and headslaps him. Ziva also headslaps him saying she bought cupcake for ABBY. 6x03 - Capitol Offense
The first head slap that Gibbs actually gave in Season 6. Tony is being more annoying then usual and Gibbs gives him a headslap to which Tony replies "I forgot what that felt like" 6x18 - Knockout

Season 7

In the first head slap of the season, Gibbs slaps DiNozzo when he starts talking about the case imitating
7.02 Reunion

Gibbs slaps McGee after he goes on a little too much about jetpacks in the elevator. Gibbs then gives the investigation lead to McGee.7.11 Ignition
Gibbs gives multiple slaps with a cowboy hat Tony was wearing when he allowed himself to be distracted by women while on protection duty7.12 Flesh and Blood

Season 8

Tony received his very first headslap after working a case in Baltimore as a detective with the BPD, and Gibbs hired him for NCIS8.22 Baltimore

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