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Harmonic Convergence

By the early 1990s, the energy wave of the first Harmonic Convergence had largely subsided, though there remained a steady and consistent Harmonic Radiation that continued to permeate the fertile media of film and television. A handful of notable Harmonic Surges caught the attention of Convergence Theorists, and by decade's end it was widely postulated that a buildup to a Second Harmonic Convergence was under way...

Mark Harmonics

Mark's second son, Ty, is born. Mark also stars opposite Marlee Matlin in the series Reasonable Doubts, playing a Chicago detective who works alongside a deaf District Attorney. In preparation for this role, Mark learns and masters sign language.

Reasonable Doubts

Mark Harmonics

In the mid-90s, Mark takes on an unlikely part of a rodeo clown in the series Harts of the West, plays Tombstone's sheriff and Kevin Costner's rival in Wyatt Earp, then settles into a more familiar role as a private eye in the short-lived series Charlie Grace.

Mark Harmon in Wyatt Earp

Mark Harmonics

When a car crashes near his Brentwood home, Mark grabs a sledgehammer and smashes the burning car's windows, then pulls two teenage boys to safety. He then dodges the media attention that follows the event, refusing to accept the label "hero."

Mark Harmon, a humble hero at home

Mark Harmonics

Hero or not, Mark certainly plays one on TV when he takes on the role of Mercury astronaut Wally Schirra in From the Earth to the Moon. He also returns to familiar blue scrubs in Chicago Hope, this time as a Jack McNeil, a surgeon with a gambling addiction.

Mark Harmon in Chicago Hope

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