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The spoiler for the season 6 episode Heartland tells us that Gibbs goes home and we get to see his father. Who do you think should get the plum role of Gibbs senior?

Tell us who you think and why.
Late June additions to this page:

Who should be Gibbs' Daddy?

Elmer Fudd (he's good with a gun)
Tom Cruise (Gibbs' dad is a top gun from the air force in WW2)
Winston Churchill (we will fight them on the beaches, we will fight them on the landing grounds)
General Patton (scary guy)
General MacArthur (his famous line was "I will return!"..and that is what Gibbs' dad is doing)
Tony Blair (you would need to be very glib to explain how you were dead in one episode but alive in later ep...)
George Peppard (silver fox, back from the dead...)
The Third Man (oh so mysterious)

Sean Connery
Another gorgeous silver fox - like father, like son?

Willie Nelson
A genuine country guy and the long hair and illegal substances - could have been the reason young Jethro joined the Marine Corps.

Robert Vaughan
We could have Ducky accompany Gibbs on the family visit.

Charlton Heston
For the physique and character

Jack Palance
Physique and character

Xabier Elorriaga (he's alive at least)
Tall, with lovely white hair, speaks several languages (Basque, Spanish, English) and has no-nonsense air about him

Paul Newman
Right age, same gorgeous blue eyes... what more could we ask? And still one Heck of an Actor.

Clint Eastwood
He has a sorta Gibbs stare of his own. He always has this serious look on his face. Great actor...there could be some very good movie moments for Tony to share...if he is in this episode at all.

Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones mode
Put some wrinkle make up on him, but he would be convincing as a military type. He also would be good because he has moments of kindness in some movies like Gibbs

Jack Nicholson
We saw in A Few Good Men that he can do "military" and he can do "hard nose" and he can be lethal with the ladies.

Russell Crowe (with age make up)
We saw in Master and Commander that he can do military (and Gladiator too, I guess), and you can believe that he could outstare Gibbs...maybe.

Robin Williams
He can do serious (Awakenings) but he has a big DiNozzo streak, which would explain how Gibbs learned to be tolerant of DiNozzo.

Richard Schiff
(with age paint): he can do military, diffidence and quietly ruthless, and absolutely dedicated to "right" (whether or not it is legal, as we saw in The West Wing).

The guy who played the Secretary of State in the West Wing and died unexpectedly whilst they were still making the series.- Are you thinking John Spencer who was chief of staff?
He did old and wise really well. And could drink (well, he did AA-member really well). And he could be ruthless.

Richard Chamberlain
Could make interesting view

Christopher Plummer
Could yank Tony's chain with vampire references :-)

David Carradine
With a bit of aging

Sydney Pollack
More or less the right age

Donald Sutherland
Right age, tall, piercing blue eyes, and imposing presence

Malcolm McDowell:
Very piercing blue eyes, although more often plays the baddie as opposed to a goodie (who says Gibbs' daddy is a goodie?)

The guy that played Q in the James Bond movies (the original one! not John Cleese, the less successful recent one)
Right age, DiNozzoish

An aged version of George Clooney....smooth, like good bourbon

Paul Hogan : who play Crocodile Dundee may be also a good one. perhaps a little young to be Gibbs' father but older than Mark Harmon so why not ?

Anthony Hopkins
Another set of gorgeous blue eyes.

Assuming Gibbs was adopted:
Willard White Always had the right "presence"

Morgan Freeman Has the right taciturn style ...passed it on to Gibbs

If it doesn't have to be an actor:
Nelson Mandela (got a good seafaring name, must have been tough to survive 27 years in gaol, has the "do right and damn the rules" rebel attitude)

JFK: the right level of good looks to pass on genetically to someone as good looking as Gibbs. Same interest in women. Did military service. Really liked women and women really liked him. Quite good with words when he wanted to be. Did we mention the interest in women?

Aung San Suu Kyi: She must've been tough to stand up to the military junta in Burma: Gibbs-level tough. Strong and enduring. Her husband knew he was dying but was not permitted to visit her to say goodbye. So she is wrong gender, right character (er, except she wouldn't be sniper-friendly)

Mick Jagger: he may not be much older but certainly looks it

Johnny Cash: better singer than Jagger (well, most people are) and knows how to handle himself as a tough guy. And he is probably one of the 5 songs that was on Gibbs' song list.

Sam Elliot- I think a clean cut, military Sam would fit the part well. He may need to be aged a bit, but he would do great! He is known most recently for his role in We Were Soldiers as Sgt. Plumley. His character in that film reminded me a lot of Gibbs. :)

OK so i know this is totally off subject but who would if she were to appear play Gibbs mother?

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First to the people who say Gibbs said his dad is dead: that could be true, but more likely he was just telling the mob boss that he cannot be intimidated. Second as for who could play his dad. If it is not a flash back then it would have to be someone born around 1930 or at least looks that old. Gibbs states his dad had Betty Grable painted on his plane Betty Grable became a pinup star in the end of wwII which would be the late 40's (her most famous picture was in 1943). Also Gibbs implies he has horse men in his blood. So using this i would think Clint Eastwood would be great. he was born in 1930, he has played military rolls, and western rolls. Jack nicholson was born in 1937, a little late but i think he looks the part. He has played many roles that would fit. Sean Connery was born 1930. i know he is scottish and does not exactly fit on that part, but that would be a good tie in as to why Gibbs and Ducky are such good friends. Also i think Connery would play the part really well.
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