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What's Your Funniest NCIS Episode Ever?

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Silver War
It's the first episode with Ziva really "in" it and it's so funny with DiNozzo and everybody. How Tony was trying to impress Ziva. It was just funny all the way through, from the first part about the GSM magazine to the, "Ziva, CAR CAR CAR!!" part.
Caught on Tape It was hilarious when Tony had to go clean the interrogation room because that redneck had taken a whiz in it. ;))))
And when Tm got poison Ivy and he admitted that he might have it on his....
The entire sexual harassment training scene. And then throughout the episode they refer back to it, "Does this constitute a a red light light situation?"
Driven Exactly the same reasons as Shalom Ziva, but I'd also like to add the scene where tony is undercover and singing everything he says to Jenny. This ep had me in stitches the whole way through it.
Driven All of the Sexual Harassment Course scene - Abby saying "I can't hug anybody?" and then Ziva where she leans down and licks Tony's neck as an example of "un-welcomed touching" and then when Tony demonstrates a Gibbs head slap on McGee and he hits him back and Palmer saying "what if your job includes, touching dead naked people?" and the woman is like "why are you touching dead naked people?" TivaIsTheBest
Undercovers Where Tony is chatting up Maya (dressed as a maid) and Ziva goes "I'm pregnant Tony" TivaIsTheBest
Chimera Tony has so funny, over dramatic lines in this, along with Gibbs, and yes, Jenny! McGee and Ziva play along easily with Tony and of course, Ziva-ism's are projected. omgxitsemmerz
Family Secret This episode is not about a murder investigation, the scene where Gibbs marches into Jenny's office, Tony on McGee's computer chatting with another NCIS agent. praveenpp
Truth or Consequnces As action packed and surprising this episode was, I loved the jokes Tony threw at Saleem Ulman (pissing him off) scotheo


When Susan Grady tried to slide her hand between Mark Harmon's thighs to place the lie detector electrode I thought I would bust a gut! And Gibbs says "What exactly were you thinking of clipping that thing to?"

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CDP4Ever Tony 0 Oct 3 2010, 10:09 AM EDT by CDP4Ever
Thread started: Oct 3 2010, 10:09 AM EDT  Watch
Tony,is SOOO funny,he can be very humorous in the most un-humorous scenes!
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Alandlou2309 Funniest Episode Ever 0 Mar 22 2010, 10:49 PM EDT by Alandlou2309
Thread started: Mar 22 2010, 10:49 PM EDT  Watch
Episode called...DOPPELGANGER. The thought that there could possibly a complete set of doubles for the team in the Police Department had my wife and I in stitches. Especially liked the bit where Primo..aka the Police DiNozzo...tries to hit on Kate and she calls him Tony. Then Tony tries to hit on the police version of Kate but the the real Kate has already filled her in on all his dirty tricks.
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MzLadyLynn Ducky 0 Sep 25 2009, 12:14 PM EDT by MzLadyLynn
Thread started: Sep 25 2009, 12:14 PM EDT  Watch
I don't recall the title of the show. It was at the end, Ducky was working in the field and Kate turned to Gibs and said "I wonder what Ducky looked like when he was young". After a few seconds hesitation Gibs says to her "Illya Kuryakin". Referring to the role David McCallum played on The Man From U.N.C.L.E, which ran from 1964-68.
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