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Season 4 Escaped
What's the funniest moment, scene, quote, or episode?
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When Ziva licks Tony's ear to make him jump up.
When Tony found out that he had just made out with a guy. (Dead Man Talking)
The Magnum PI car bed that Tony wanted to come in a king size. (Lost and Found)
Tony and Tim coming back from a stake out and Tony telling Ziva that him and McGee watched the sunrise together. McGee adding how broke back mountain it was and that Tony had him at howdy!
Tony losing his number one spot on his movie quiz and the little boy saying that he spelled something wrong (lost and found).
In Driven (4.11) when Palmer raises his hand and asks "What if part of you job involves touching naked people" and the shpeal he does with the DoD lady.
When Tony looks up from the binoculars and there is a black circle around his eyes in 'Stakeout'.
When Tony said he wanted scrambled eggs because "Sunny-side up have eyes they're looking at you" the McGee shakes the box and says "Now they're scrambled" then they attack each other in 'Stakeout'.
Abby handcuffs Gibbs to her to prevent him from leaving again - Hiatus II
When Kate is in the shower and Tony is there.
McGee looking up Kate's skirt.
When McGee makes Tony's keyboard bark like a dog lol.
When Abby acts like Gibbs in one episode.
When Abby dresses up for Halloween - Tony and McGee.
All the variations of probie Tony has for McGee. Probalicious. Probie-Wan-Kenobi. Also the McGeeks, McGoo, McGoogle...etc. Lol, just good stuff all around.
Tony falls down the hill.
Ziva tests out Tony's '6-Pack' by almost punching him, making him scream like a girl.
In "UnSEALed" at the end of the episode when McGee tells Gibbs that Kate and Tony have a question to ask him...and Gibbs' stare at both of them as McGee leaves.
Every single head slap Gibbs serves.
When Abby is fixing a cell phone in one episode and imitates Jen and Gibbs arguing.
When Tony farts in the car. (Untouchable)
Silver War
When Tony says, "It's an iceberg and we're headed right for it."
When Gibbs says, "What did I tell you, DiNozzo?" and DiNozzo says, "The skin might not grow back."
The sexual harassment meeting.
When Tony grabs Ziva's phone thinking it is her boyfrind when it is really her aunt Nettie.
Every episode is hilarious... except Aliyah.
When McGee's shoes get super glued to the floor in Abby's lab.
The Boondocks scene.
When Tony hurt his ankle and Gibbs had to practically carry him.
When Tony and Kate are going bar hopping and Tony looks at Kate's butt and she hits him.
The episode when McGee gets poison Ivy and he's in Ducky's lab.
When Tony takes a picture of Ziva's butt when shes bending over and Gibbs smacks him over the head and yells "HEY!"
McGee with poison Ivy in season 4
McGee interviewing the mental patient about the case and the patient interviewing him about his love life...(look how uncomfortable he gets?!?) in Season 2
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