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Want to discuss the latest happenings on NCIS as it airs in France? Start here! (French language conversation is welcomed.)

France - NCIS
NCIS and France / Mister Harmon and FranceHERE!

In France, the series meets an enormous success. It started with 3,8 million viewers on average then it passed to 5 million faithful following year. But the agents of the NCIS were far from to have said their last word since they gather even more fans by reaching the 6,2 then 6,4 million televiewers with seasons 3 and 4! the 4th season, placing the chain in position of leader during eleven weeks!!!!! And now with the 6th season, NCIS passes to the 2nd place to the first place!!!!!!!!

Now, the 6th season is starting here for the first time HURRA!!!!!!

Wanna speak in French?
wanna speak about French events?
wanna share lovely times with other NCIS fans... come on!!
Qui a un blog? website sur NCIS and co ??
Bon, et bien.... si vous voulez discuter entre fans NCIS.... please, come on!!!!!!
Wup The Fren'glish! ptdrxxl Where are the other Frenchies????
I'm here nathfromfrance...
add your name here to form the French community in here!!!
Tendresse & Harmony
Semper Fi'
France - NCIS

hey ..; here is a funny website about Myths about France... here (Harmonian kisses to Annie for given me that link)
so now ... as I am French I will correct what they say about France and the French
1/ "The French are Rude "
The French mentality is quite egoistical and I can't say that the French mentality is very friendly... it depends on people... on their personal education...

2./ " French People Hate Americans"
It's quite true.. the French mentality is quite against USA. Most French hate Bush and consider that American people are like him all the time when I discuss the USA with other French here they think that all the Americans support the Iraq war! and French mentality is against Christian mentality so against American... this is why I can't consider myself as a real French in my heart... my heart family is in USA... and I am Christian too so...

3/ " French People Stink "
thank GOD not everybody! some just get a shower per week OH MY GOODNESS!! disgusting but not everybody...I think it's from the education and mentality. Thank God I've been quite well educated and I cant live without my daily shower!

4./ "French Women Don't Shave"
oh nooo!!!! we do! heu most of French we do!

5/ " All Women Go Topless at French Beaches"
there are few beaches for naked people but thank GOD there are not many!

6/ " Visiting France is Too Expensive"
sure and for us Frenchies too! it's more and more expensive to live here
it's very expensive! for us it is so unbelievable ! all in here is so much expensive! before we get the euros money for example a stuff was 3 francs and now the same stuff costs 1 euro ( mean 6.56 francs!) so all prices have doubled! and often some more than twice! so frightening! and now we are all totally shocked about the explosion of prices and we are all against the Government acts about French prices!

7./ " All French People Smoke Cigarettes"
I do not smoke and i just know some people who smoke

9/ " You Must Speak Fluent French to Visit "
it depends where you go in France... most French don't speak English! in rural areas they don't! but here, Brittany, many English persons live here so...

10/ " French Toilets are Disgusting"
some public ones are but not all the ones and not the private/ personal ones!

AND.... also noo !!! we (Frenchies) we never wear a beret and we don't carry all the time a loaf of bread! it's just a past and very old representation of French!

so now you know a little bite more France and Frenchies =)

NCIS TV CHANNEL: M6 (each Friday @ 8:45 PM!!!)

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nathfromfrance NCIS and france (page: 1 2 3 4 5 ... last page) 154 Aug 17 2011, 9:20 AM EDT by NadyaSimpson
Thread started: Jan 25 2008, 4:00 AM EST  Watch
hello everybody ^^ in this thread i will share with you the french ncis tv scores...

we got ncis on each friday evening. ( begin at 8:45 pm in france).. so ^^ Each friday we get 1 episode of the 4th season and 2 (rewatched) episodes of the 2 nd season...this evening will be on tv the 20th of te 4th season and ( rewatced) the 7 and 8th of the 2 nd season ^^
And in this message, in oder to introduce the topic i want to add some stuffies about ncis and france... in france there are 2 NCIS agencies at Marseille and Nice ^^. In the extrem southern west coast.
And now, a small "mark " ( i luv this word ^^ as the expression harmony), so the small mark about ncis and france...
about the episode about " La grenouille"... i was so grateful when the did the frenchy episode with la grenouille...
is it a kind of special thougth for french fans ? ^^ i like to think it is ^^ i really luv the scene when Mister Mark Harmon did the froggy noise ^^ irresistible ^^ and i really luv when they speak french with their LOVELY american accent i know that french is hard... ( for many real french too... only few french speak and write french language correctly ... so... ^^ )
please continue to make us dream..... and congratulations! and thanks for everything.... May God bless and protect each of them....
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UK-NCIS-Fan nouveau website NCIS fans 0 Jan 7 2011, 4:05 AM EST by UK-NCIS-Fan
Thread started: Jan 7 2011, 4:05 AM EST  Watch
Salut à tous les fans de NCIS partout J'adore le spectacle que tout ce que j'ai créé mon propre site web NCIS. Son pour les fans de NCIS partout avec les biographies de tous NCIS préférés de vos stars. Plus quelques-unes des meilleures vidéo Youtube `s de toutes les étoiles NCIS, pour guider la date du programme, des liens vers d'autres grands sites NCIS, un guide des épisodes complets passé et toutes les dernières nouvelles NCIS.
Son site Web Anglais langue, mais il suffit d'utiliser l'translatedevice google pour le traduire en français

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nathfromfrance where are the frenchies?? (page: 1 2) 29 Oct 4 2009, 7:45 AM EDT by North_of_Border
Thread started: May 16 2008, 11:47 AM EDT  Watch
hey ou sont passé les frenchies???
que pensez vous de la saison 4?
avez vous des idées pour créer une communauté fans francais ici ??
Biz Harmoniennes
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