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Favourite NCIS characters and why you love them??? - NCIS
Discuss your favourite NCIS characters here and why you like them.
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Why ?
Cause she was the main female on the team and I really don't like Ziva. She's the best.


Cause she inspires me to be a forensic scientist and has a great personality.I love her.


Because she inspires me to be confident and look my best.


Because she's easy-going, fun, and hilarious. She ties the whole team together. Team Abby!
I can't choose Abby,Ziva,and Kate


Because they're are tough and awesome they are someone that I want to be like and stand up for myself.
All of them


Because NCIS just wouldn't be NCIS without one of them.
Leroy Jethro Gibbs


He loves his country and would do everything and anything to protect it and it's people. He is a man to look up to and a great role model (Except for being an insufferable bastard).
Either Ziva, Abby or Ducky


Ducky because he's so funny with his E X T R E M E L Y long stories, Abby coz she makes a wonderful Forensic Scientist and is just plain awesome, Ziva because she kicks butt! and its so cute when she flirts with Tony :) I LUV NCIS!!
Ziva, Tony and Abby

Ziva because she is tough and knows how t stand up for herself. Tony because he is hilarious and HOT! And Abbey is smart and goth and she is like me with all the hugging, trust me on that!
Tony, followed closely by Jimmy.

Tony (a) because he's hot, but also because in the very first ep of S1 he was there and willing to take responsibility for an error he made (having Abby check the vics vitamins before his clothes).
Jimmy is just so sweet and adorkable, I spend half of each ep wanting to hug him!
Trent Kort


Trent Kort is one smoking hot spy!
I would have to say Tony!

Because he is the one who is always trying to please Gibbs, and on top of that, he is just really funny, and really cute! you gotta love how cute he is, and his jokes!


Because she has these crazy ninja skills and such self-confidence and keep her secrets, she looks good and is a strong woman.

Because although he is the VERY attractive goofball of the group, examples like him falling in love with Jeanne [although he doesn't admit it] and possibly Ziva [better happen by the end of the season!!] we see his sweet and sensitive side. Long live Anthony DiNozzo <3

Although the "butt" of Tony's jokes, he just lets it go by, not knowing to Tony he will get him back. He is also a very sensitive and caring person, sympathetic to others and willing to put his career on the line to protect the ones he cares for (Twisted Sister)


Because of her amazing chemistry with our fearless leader Gibbs. Although she wasn't the best person during "The Frog" Story Line, she has this connection with Gibbs that no one else, besides Shannon, has had in a long time. I truly miss her, and ignore Judgment Day. She will make reappearance soon, hopefully. Plus, who doesn’t love a little Jibbs? ;)

Got to be Ziva!

I live her Ninja Kick Butt Skills! I also like when Ziva shows her emotion even though she hardly does. I also always love TIVA moments!
I would love for her and Tony to get together! =)

Tony, Ziva, Abby and McGee!

Because everyone of them has a quirky personality that makes me love them. Not to mention Tiva and McAbby-smoking HOT couples!
With out them, no A+ Team! (and that would SUCK.)

Love them all but most faves Ziva, and Tony

Because they are freaking amazing.... Ziva is tough an sweet and beautiful... Tony is funny an kinda a player and handsome.... also TIVA
they are all great love em all muchly except for Vance, Ducky and Jen.

they are a great team and all have a great relationship. they are an influential bunch of great people.

Ziva, Abby, All of them!!

Ziva because she's just AMAZING, Abby because she is awesome and i want to be a forensic scientist, and all the rest because they are all awesome in their own way!
Leroy Jethro Gibbs

I chose Gibbs because of his attitude. He has his own way of letting his team know that he cares but doesn't have to openly show it. He gets results when he needs them and he's an excellent role model. As long as you don't screw him over, he will always be loyal to those he trusts and will always have your back!

Tony, Ziva, Abby

Tony- He's hilarious and freakishly hot, reminds me of my best friend. He knows how to get things done but leaves plenty of time to joke around. Plus, he and Ziva are perfect for each other.

Ziva- She really spices up the show, she's GREAT for Tony (and was for Roy :'( ), and can kill you with a paperclip 18 different ways. Need I say more?

Abby- I like Abby a lot more in seasons 3-6 because she seems a lot younger. In season 1 and 2 her voice made her sound older, not like the happy peppy Abby now. She is a great scientist but has an extraordinary personality.

I love all the characters though, I mean, who doesn't?


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ncislover15 Abby rules 0 Mar 13 2012, 6:34 AM EDT by ncislover15
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Abby because well she's just Abby
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TONY i can relate with him the most!!
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Abby because she is adorable & wild & smart & I so want to be her in my next incarnation
Gibbs because he is so hot & strong & sweet & I so want to be with him!
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