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Faith Coleman is played by Alicia Coppola

Occupation/Title: Lieutenant Commander with JAG

Personality type: Rule follower, Type A

Signature look: JAG uniform, looks smart in her dress whites

Endearing trait(s):
  • Always willing to give Gibbs an inch after much arguing.
  • Admits her mistakes and tries to fix them

Annoying trait(s):
  • Everything must be organized, categorized, and cleansed.
  • All rules must be followed.

Lt. Cmdr. Faith Coleman, episode "UnSEALed"


Family members:

Romance(s): Gibbs (perhaps)

Friends: Clean lines and sharpened pencils


Character Backstory:

Season 1:

  • Faith Coleman is a lawyer for the Judge Advocate General's office. She successfully defended Commander Harmon Rabb when he was accused of the murder of fellow JAG lawyer Lieutenant Loren Singer in Meltdown.
  • Tony goes to JAG to interview her in UnSEALed. She was the prosecutor against a SEAL who has now escaped from prison. She does not find Tony's jokes amusing , wanting to keep things serious. Her "neat freak" mannerisms — such as keeping a jar labeled 'In" full of finely sharpened HB pencils on her desk — amuses Tony. He implies that one is not sharp and she cant help but check. Later when she and the former defense counsel arrive to help go over the old case files they bicker. Abby notices that it is in much the same way as Tony and Kate. She wholeheartedly helps the investigation despite the fact that she is convinced of the SEAL's guilt. She does not want to have to worry about putting an innocent man in jail And when he is proven innocent she willing accepts this.
Season 2:

  • Gibbs and Lt Cmdr. Coleman butt heads in Call of Silence. The Sec Nav has involved her in the case of an aged Medal of Honor recipient who claims to have murdered a man. She feels for him and does not want to take an old man into custody. Unfortunately Gibbs has collected enough evidence to prosecute him and she feels she must follow the rules. Gibbs eventually persuades her to give them more time. The man's story ends with her and Kate crying and she agrees that he should not be brought up on murder charges.
  • There is a suggestion, based on her behavior in the Hometown Hero that Lt.Cmdr. Coleman is perhaps interested in Gibbs, she asks him to accompany her to an award ceremony; this has thus far, however, not been pursued in subsequent seasons. She also arrives, armed with a coffee for Gibbs, to help the team with the investigation and the dialogue between her and Gibbs makes Kate wonder what is going on.

Season 3:
  • Faith Coleman's last reference is in "Head Case" when McGee attempts to get a warrant and is having difficulities.


  • She is in the JAG/NCIS episode Meltdown and is in 3 NCIS episodes, 1x18 UnSEALed, 2x07 Call of Silence, and 2x21 Hometown Hero
  • She goes running Sunday mornings and cleans her shoes afterwards.

Tony: Is that your idea of a sharp pencil?
Coleman gives sideways glance at the pencils
Tony: You know which one I’m talking about.

Coleman: The fact that you know where to find me on a Sunday morning is a little scary.
She opens her car trunk to reveal organized rows of towels, deodorants etc
Gibbs: Not as scary as your trunk.

Coleman: Actually, I happen to believe in miracles.
Gibbs: Oh really?
Coleman: Never had one happen in front of me. So I figure if one did, I’d like to be standing by so I could call the Pentagon,
Gibbs: Miracles are hard work Commander.
Coleman: Any particular desk I should use?

  • When she and Kate cried at the end of Call of Silence.
  • She asked Gibbs to accompany her to an award ceremony.

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