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NCIS: Engaged, Part II
Airdate: November 15, 2011
Recap Author: callerbear

Previously on NCIS:

A military plane carrying the remains of dead soldiers crashes. Lt. Cmdr. Melanie Burke introduces herself to Gibbs as the new chaplain assigned to the Navy Yard. A father insists that the body of his daughter, Gabriela Flores, was on the plane. Abby proves that Flores' remains were not on the plane. The Marine Commandant says that no Marine is ever left behind.

Flores was supposedly killed in an attack on a school. One of the trusted teachers at the school may have helped coordinate the attack. Satellite surveillance shows someone escaping the attack with two children, then being captured and driven away in a truck. The Commandant tells Gibbs, "Don't come back without her." Phoof.

Gabriela's father is sitting, alone, in the Navy Yard chapel. Chaplain approaches, sits beside him. She encourages Joseph to try talking to God. Perhaps "God's orders" caused Gabriela to be at the school instead of returning to the base when expected. The door in the back of the chapel opens: It's Tony DiNozzo, and it looks like he has bad news.

Cut to the interior of another military transport. This one is bearing a single flag-draped coffin, its escort of Marines, and a saddened Gibbs.

Roll the opening credits.

Cut to a desert scene in Afghanistan's Helmand Province, 48 hours earlier. Military trucks are rolling through the desert and arrive at a US Marine base. Gibbs and Ziva dismount and are met by Flores' commanding officer, Captain Craig Quincy. Quincy tells them that some of the locals have changed their story and confirmed that Flores and two girls were taken captive, but won't say any more for fear of reprisals. The two girls were recently found. They had been abandoned by a roadside a few miles away and are being transported to the base. They've been tortured. "We'll need to see them," Ziva says. "As long as you're prepared for what you'll see", warns the captain. "I grew up in this region," reassures Ziva, "I can hold my own."

Quincy arranges for Gibbs to meet with Staff Sergeant Catherine Littleton, who was also involved with the school and was present the night of the attack. Littleton said that several of the Marines evacuated just before "all hell broke loose". They thought everyone was accounted for in the seven-ton (troop transport). She had been calling for Flores, but there was no answer. She feels guilty: "If I had stayed with Gabby, she might not be in this mess." Gibbs shows her the teacher's picture. Yes, Littleton recognizes her as Soraya, who fortunately had been visiting her family near Kabul on the day of the attack. Littleton is surprised to hear that Gibbs believes Soraya helped orchestrate the attack: "We all trusted her, sir." Phoof.

Back at the Navy Yard, Ducky is lecturing Chaplain Burke about the historical battles for young hearts and minds in the middle ages. McGee has found that Soraya's group has links to terror cells around the world. Tony has been working on his "bucket list" of things to do before he dies -- he's recently become anxious about certain insecurities. Burke is intrigued, but Tony declines to elaborate: "Telling you would be like Superman telling Lex Luthor about his vulnerability to Kryptonite -- it's not going to happen."

Cut to MTAC. This time it's Gibbs on the big screen, talking to Director Vance, DiNozzo, McGee and SecNav Jarvis in the background. Tony has an ID on the teacher. She is Soraya Zoranj. Her parents were killed by Russians when she was a teenager. Her older brother was killed two years earlier in an IED explosion, and a younger brother Asa who is attending law school there in Washington DC. "Talk to him!" orders Gibbs.

DiNozzo and McGee hit the college campus in the morning looking for Asa. They have a tip that he might be in the library, but on their way there they happen to meet Asa on the sidewalk. He runs, but they chase him down. His ring finger is tattooed with the same pattern as Soraya.

In interrogation, Asa is defiant. He laughs at Tony, "Your ignorance is amusing." He won't say anything about their group except "We are few, but we are very strong. You will not defeat us."

Cut to the Marine base; Gibbs talking to DiNozzo on a cell phone. As the call is cut off, Gibbs' eye is caught by a female Marine doing maintenance on a Humvee. His memory is triggered, and we flash back in time to...

.. Camp Lejeune, 1977.

Private Joan Matteson is working on the engine of a Jeep. Young Leroy Gibbs greets her and offers to help with the Jeep. She declines, then reconsiders: "You can start the engine, make yourself useful." He turns the key, the engine turns over but doesn't start. As Matteson leans back over the engine, Gibbs offers again "You sure you don't want me to..." "Again!" interrupts Matteson. Leroy turns the key and the engine starts immediately and runs smoothly. They smile at each other. "I really should know better now." admits Leroy.

"I'm heading to Pendleton soon," says Leroy, "I heard you may be going there too."

"Okinawa," Joan replies, "Next week."

Leroy is surprised. "Wow, Japan. Well, good luck over there." He bobs his head, turns away.

"You know, Gibbs," Joan calls, "If you ever find yourself in Japan, or even if you don't, I'll always be around." She smiles, "Give me a call!"

"I'd like that," Leroy solemnly replies. They part.

Cut back to the present. Ziva finds Gibbs, "The girls, Gibbs, did you hear? The girls Flores saved, they are here!" They turn to the Humvee that has just pulled in. A marine helps the girls out of the truck -- one has bandages completely covering her eyes, the other has burns on her face. Both girls are dirty, barefoot.

In a tent, a corpsman tends to the girls as Gibbs and Ziva arrive with Captain Quincy. The girls are orphans, Quincy says, their parents killed by insurgents. They are 10 and 13 years old. Hot grease was thrown in the older girl's face; the other is covered with cigarette burns. Their names are Kinah and Lala.

Ziva kneels down to talk with the girls. She introduces herself and Gibbs.

"Do you remember Lieutent Flores?" The girls shake their heads. "Gabriela?" They shake their heads again. "Gabby?"

The girls grin. "Gabby, yes!" the younger girl, Lala, says. "She still there," her sister Kinah adds. "You go bring!" chimes in Lala.

Ziva double-checks: "Gabby, Gabby, she's still alive?"

Lala whispers in Kinah's ear. Haltingly, the blinded Kinah says "They're not done yet."

Gibbs sends Captain Quincy off to start making arrangements for a mission, then turns back to the girls. Phoof.

Gibbs reassures the girls that they are safe now. When Ziva asks if they remember anything about where they had been taken, Lala wrinkles her nose and sniff. Ziva echoes the mannerism. "Smell bad?" she asks. Lala nods, then adds "Vroom, vroom!" "Car", Gibbs realizes. "And ground is all black," Lala adds, showing the oil-stained soles of her feet. "Ziva, we need a sample," says Gibbs, "and then you get them anything they want." He gently kisses the girls on the forehead. "You never stop smiling, ok?"

Cut to Abby's lab. She's been able to uniquely identify the source of the oil on the girls' feet -- it's from an area just outside Kabul, near the Afghan pipeline.

Cut to the Navy Yard chapel. DiNozzo enters from the back, looking for Chaplain Burke. "Anybody here?" he calls. No-one answers.

"Anybody heah?" he calls again, impersonating Strother Martin. "Cool Hand Luke", he smiles as he slowly walks towards the front of the chapel, looking upwards. "Of course you knew that. You know, I could have used you a couple of months ago. Got my head scrambled pretty good. Course, I understand you're a pretty busy guy. We haven't talked much. That's my bad."

He picks up a hymnal from the floor, then continues strolling forward.

"I'm doing the best I can down here, you know, for a DiNozzo. Hopefully, living up to my end of the bargain. You do remember our bargain? It would be nice to hear from you. So you have a plan? Anything you want to share with me?" He looks up at the cross. "How about you let me know I'm on the right track?"

The door in the back of the chapel quietly opens.

Tony continues, "How about you let me know I'm not talking to myself?" He waits a moment longer. Behind him, Chaplain Burke steps into the chapel.

"You are so predictable." Lapses back into his Strouther Martin voice, "Well, I guess what we have heah is a failure to communicate."

Just then, Burke announces herself. Tony whirls back and tells her they might know where Gabriela is at. He leaves, leaving Burke showing an expression of interest.

In MTAC, Vance and Jarvis are watching a relay. The operation to rescue Flores starts. Troops approach a building; strangely, Gibbs is wearing a tan ball-cap instead of a helmet like everyone else. "OK," he says, "Let's do this."

The troops approach, with Captain Quincy in the lead. Suddenly, Quincy is shot in the throat. "Corpsman!" Ziva calls. Gunfire breaks out. Gibbs stops to help Quincy, staunching the bleeding with the scarf he's been wearing until the corpsman arrives to take over. Ziva opens fire with an automatic machine gun. The battle continues, with the troops making progress. Gibbs kicks open a door.

Inside, Soraya Zoranj is holding a gun to the head of Gabirela Flores, using Flores as a shield. Ziva and other marines file in behind Gibbs, guns drawn. Gibbs puts the question to Soraya: either she spends her lifetime in Gitmo, or she dies right there. Which will it be? Phoof.

Soraya releases Flores, puts the gun on the floor. Outside, Quincy is still struggling to breath. Ziva refuses to leave his side. Quincy charges her to tell his mother and father that he is sorry, and that he loves them. She promises to tell them everything, and Quincy dies.

We cut back to the opening scene, where Tony has entered the chapel to find Chaplain Burke and Joseph Flores. He tells that that Gabriela is alive and safe. In the mess tent, Flores is talking to Gibbs. She believes that Quincy wouldn't be dead if she hadn't stayed at the school that night, but is convinced that she had to take the girls so that they wouldn't been killed.

"Marines died because of that teacher. What do you think should happen to her?" he asks.

"She should be held accountable for her crimes. She should watch those girls change the world in positive ways that she never imagined."

Gibbs cocks his head. "Is that a punishment?" he asks.

"That's a gift, sir." Flores responds. "The punishment is knowing that she could have done the same."

Gibbs is startled, bemused, amazed. "You're rare, Flores" he says. "C'mon, let's go home."

Back in the Navy Yard elevator, Burke is intrigued by DiNozzo. "When something is broken," she says, "I want to fix it!" Tony reassures her that he is 'rock solid in the spiritual department'. Burke doesn't believe him. "But when you're ready to face that fear," she says, "I'm ready to face it with you." She walks away.

Cut to the military transport plane carrying Quincy's remains. Ziva and Flores are talking. Flores still feels guilty about Quincy's death: "It should have been me in that box." "No," Ziva replies, "It shouldn't. And it shouldn't be Quincy either."

Gibbs is looking at Quincy's transfer case, but his mind is elsewhere. He remembers...

... Back to Camp Lejuene, 1977. A crowd of Marine privates gather around a message board. Young Leroy Gibbs runs up. "what's going on?"

"A helo went down. Lost six marines. Okinawa, Japan. Poor bastards just got there. Think that Matteson girl was one of them."

Leroy is heart-stricken.

The private continues, "I never actually talked to her, but she beat three of my course times. She was good, quite an athelete! Gibbs, you remember Matteson?"

Cut back to the present, Gibbs in the transport recalling the death of a woman close to his heart. Catching his breath, he looks around, spots Ziva. She smiles back at him. He relaxes slightly, but is still disturbed.

The plane lands. An honor guard carries Quincy off the plan, past a row of saluting dignitaries including the Commandant of the Marine Corps. We see Burke, Quincy's parents, Joseph and Gabriela Flores, Gibbs and Ziva. After the salutes are over, Flores grips her father's hand.

Cut to the NCIS Interrogation room. Soraya Zoranj is praying with her younger brother, Asa. Gibbs enters. A debate begins; Soraya defends their actions as being beneficial to future generations, keeping their morals and ideals from being spoiled by western ideas. "Yes, this is the answer," she says, "It is the only answer. You will see." Asa lets it slip out that their older brother is in DC as well. "You think our fight is over," he smirks, "But it is just begun!" Phoof.

In the squadroom, Ziva enters. She pins up a picture of Captain Quincy. Gibbs storms in. "No rest for the weary. Older brother. Talk to me!" McGee reviews Osman Zoranj's biography. Gibbs tells everyone that Osman is still alive and may be in DC. BOLOs ("Be On the Lookout") released, local law enforcement officers are notified, train stations and airports alerted.

Gibbs returns to interrogation, where Asa is waiting alone. Gibbs throws a wrapped bundle onto the table, unplugs the video camera, tells Asa that no-one is watching. "No one here but us," he says, "So let's get started." He opens the bundle to show various surgical instruments. He pulls out a scalpel. "Where's that son of a ***** brother of yours?"

He sets the scalpel down, pulls out a pack of cigarettes. Lights one for Asa. As Asa smokes, he tells Asa of how Lala had been burned all over her body by cigarettes. He snatches the cigarette from Asa hands and holds it to his face.

Vance breaks into the room. "Stop, Agent Gibbs!"

"I got this, Leon!" Gibbs retorts, still holding the end of the cigarette very close to Asa's face. "You're breaking sixteen international laws right now!" shouts Vance. "He deserves it!" Gibbs shouts back.

"It doesn't matter!" Vance retorts. "His brother Osman is dead anyway!" Gibbs relaxes a little. Vance continues, "FBI took him down in a raid about 20 minutes ago." Gibbs releases Asa. "We went to tell his sister Soraya but it was too late. She'd taken her life already. She hanged herself in her cell. They're both gone." says Vance.

Asa can't believe that his family is dead. "We were going to finish what my sister had started!" "How?" asks Gibbs. "A bomb. Electronically detonated. My creation," Asa tells them. "Where?" asks Gibbs, looking him in the eye. Asa realizes that he's been tricked. His family isn't dead.

Gibbs heads back to the squadroom. Osman had been an auto mechanic, the team tells him. "Buses", Gibbs realizes. "I want to know every school trip scheduled today!" The National Consortium for Independent Schools has scheduled a trip for 300 girls to the science museum."

Cut to a scene outside the museum. Osman is lying underneath a school bus, wiring a bomb to the chassis. He finishes, walks a short distance away, and begins dialing a number on his cell phone. Before he finishes dialing, Gibbs holds a gun to his head. "Put down the phone, Osman!"

Osman threatens to press the last digit if Gibbs won't put down his gun, but Gibbs warns him that he'll die if he presses the button. "Then I'll die a martyr!" He gathers his courage, roars in defiance, and presses the key. Nothing happens -- McGee has turned on a signal jammer that blocked the cell phone call. Osman looks at Gibbs. "You could have killed me" he says. Gibbs agrees. "Could have, should have. Didn't." Osman snorts, "You are weak!" In response, Gibbs punches him in the nose, knocking him to the ground. "No," says Gibbs, "Just better."

Cut to a new scene. DiNozzo and Burke enter a building. "Do I really have to do this?" asks Tony. "Yes," Burke says, "Just relax. Breathe." DiNozzo is uncomfortable, nervous, sweating. "Maybe I'm having a heart attack. I should go to the infirmary." He tries to escape, but Burke catches his arm and won't let him leave. "You're shaking. You're terrified!" notices Burke.

Tony stiffens. "Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo doesn't get scared," he says as they walk down a hallway. He recalls all of the frightening experiences he's had as an NCIS agent, and yet he's still shaking. Then peer through the window of a door at the end of the hall.'

"OK," he says, "It's time to face my fears. How bad can it be? Bring it on, Chaplain." Burke pushes opens the door.

It's a child day care center, filled with toddlers, some playing, some crying, some being held. A young girl runs to Tony and gives him a big hug, leaving paint stains from her hands.

"Oh, congratulations, Agent DiNozzo!" Burke coos. "Your greatest fears are about to have a snack of grapes and cheese sticks. Do you want to sit down and join them?" Tony uncertainly walks forward.

Cut to Arlington National Cemetery, at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Gibbs watches the honor guard for a moment, then walks through headstones. He stops at one in particular and lays a wreath of flowers. It's Joan Matteson's grave. Chin in hand, he contemplates. Phoof.

Roll the closing credits.

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