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When Abby hypnotized Palmer, surprising secrets emerged.
What other secret wishes and hopes would emerge if Abby
hypnotized the rest of the team?

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  • Even under hypnosis, he won't reveal how to get that boat out of the basement.
  • He reveals the name of the redhead in the Mercedes sports car in series 1.
  • The name of said redhead is actually Jenny
  • He plays back those flashbacks in SLOW motion (the ones of Jenny in Paris). We all gather to admire his anterior view.
  • He reveals he's really Tony's father but hadn't married the mother because she was a seductive redhead considerably older than him and already married to DiNozzo Senior.
  • He reveals his penchant for redheads began with Tony's mother.
  • He reveals Abby is his secret daughter; the result of a fling with his best friend's sister who was deaf.
  • He reveals he deliberately presented Fornell to his ex-wife Diane as payback
  • He reveals the reason he headcuffs Tony so often is because he likes the feel of his hair, but thinks Tony would misunderstand if he simply stroked it.
  • He reveals he's a real softy and the bastard is just for show
  • He reveals he practises head slapping with a crash dummy he keeps in a closet.
  • He reveals his worst nightmare is seeing all his ex-wives and Hollis AND Jenny together at the same time
  • He reveals he likes the music Abby plays in her lab
  • He reveals he likes Tony's idle chatter about films
  • He reveals he knows he spoils Abby and that one day he will slap her, but not on the back of the head.
  • He reveals he was in love with Kate, but he couldn't date her, 'cause she wasn't a redhead.
  • He reveals he's a bigger film buff than Tony
  • Even under hypnosis, he won't reveal how much he enjoyed kissing the transvestite guy.
  • He reveals Gibbs is the father he always wanted and will jump for glee when he actually discovers he is.
  • He reveals he was in love with Kate.
  • But then reveals he is more in love with Ziva
  • And he's even more in love with Abby
  • He reveals his love of playing Barbies
  • He reveals he brags all the time about his dates to hide his insecurities with the opposite sex
  • He reveals he wants to be like Gibbs when he grows up
  • He reveals he only reads GSM because he found it in McGee's desk one day
  • He reveals he enjoys reading history novels
  • He reveals he enjoys visiting museums when he's on holiday
  • He reveals he's abstemious and that he drinks alcohol free beer in the beer bonging competitions
  • He reveals he's into wearing Hawaiian underwear with Magnum printed on them
  • He reveals he's afraid of McGee but he is teasing him so that nobody would find out
  • He reveals he's very shy with girls and the bragging is just a cover
  • Under hypnosis, he will reveal how much he earns in royalties from Deep Six (then the others will kill him out of envy).
  • He reveals he prefers Ziva to Abby.
  • He reveals he's envious of Tony's success with women
  • He reveals he's petrified of Gibbs
  • He reveals he really is an Elf Lord
  • He reveals he joined NCIS until he made big-time as a novelist
  • He reveals his love for clubbing
  • He reveals he loves fly fishing
  • He reveals he has written some NCIS stories which are about to be published under his non de plume.
  • He reveals he's a black belt 3rd dan in Ju-jitsu, but hasn't told Tony or Ziva because he doesn't want to hurt their feelings
  • Under hypnosis, she would reveal that she shot Ari and that he was her brother...Tony is stupefied.
  • She reveals that she actually has a handbag fetish.
  • She reveals she has never got over Ari killing her pet snail when she was a child.
  • She reveals her true feelings for Tony.
  • She reveals she also fancies McGee.
  • She reveals she's really afraid of Abby.
  • She reveals she looks up to Gibbs.
  • She reveals she doesn't like Jenny
  • She reveals that she has a huge Barbie doll collection. She and Tony then spend hours combing their hair and undressing them anywhere.
  • She reveals that she once slept with Abby's then-boyfriend to get information and that is why Abby dislikes her.
  • She reveals she doesn't really have a driving license
  • She reveals she drove director Shepard through Cairo like a eastern European taxi driver JUST to annoy her
  • She reveals she deliberately makes mistakes with English idioms so Tony and McGee will talk to her
  • She reveals she secretly cries to herself at night because deep down shes really soft and sentimental, but feels she can't tell anyone lest she ruin her work reputation.
  • She reveals that that there are actually 19 ways to kill someone with a paperclip.
  • She reveals those 19 ways.
  • She reveals that she loves to hug people
  • (First, she's had to learn how to hypnotize herself.)
  • Under hypnosis, she reveals how she really feels about McGee.
  • She reveals that she really pines to be a nun in a long black habit.
  • And reveals bowling with nuns is her favourite sport!
  • She reveals that she is the farmer's wife who cut off their tails with a carving knife, but she got away with it due to her forensic knowledge.
  • She reveals she knew she was Gibbs' daughter and that Tony was his son when doing some DNA testing one afternoon when there was nothing going on at NCIS
  • She reveals she really likes dressing up as a barbie career girl
  • She reveals she drinks CafPow so Gibbs will come and see her more often to give her peck on the cheek and say well done Abs
  • She surprises everyone by saying she is Marilyn Monroe re-incarnated and says it in Marilyn's voice.
  • She reveals she is addicted to coffee and drinking caf-pow is just for show
  • She reveals she really enjoys classical music and operas, but that they wouldn't go with her Goth image
  • She reveals she loves Gibbs and she wants him to adopt her.
  • Under hypnosis, he will reveal the name of the lady who got away and stole his heart, leaving him a bachelor.
  • He reveals he's in love with Ziva although she's much younger than he.
  • He reveals he really wanted to be a spy like Illya Kuryakin
  • He reveals he talks to the corpses because he feels lonely
  • He reveals he fancies Jenny
  • He reveals he wanted to be a dashing racconteur
  • He reveals his mother still chooses what he wears
  • He reveals he's still single because his mother frightens all his girlfriends away
  • He reveals he's has the formula for making people invisible.
  • He reveals he can't stand the sight of blood
  • Under hypnosis, she will say "knee-deep, knee-deep, bang!" (She made the Frog croak!)
  • She will reveal she used Gibbs in Paris for unofficial physical activities.
  • She reveals she was jealous when she told Hollis she was still drinking bourbon like Gibbs.
  • She reveals she had employed Tony in the undercover work against Grenouille in the hope of getting rid of him
  • She reveals she's jealous of Tony and Gibbs' relationship - of course she doesn't know they're father and son and because, well, it just isn't true.
  • Either way she's still sure, because she has her doubts about them
  • She reveals Jimmy is the love of her life (and she is planning to kill agent Lee over him!)
  • She reveals she wants to kill Gibbs because it's much easier to get Tony to do her bidding
  • She reveals she wants to have Gibbs' baby, but having the divorce record he has, she is afraid to ask him to marry her.
  • Under hypnosis, he will reveal who really killed the Grenouille
  • He reveals he's secretly in love with Cynthia
  • He reveals the paper he destroyed in the shredder is his real birth certificate, and that his mother had him registered as Ali Baba
  • He reveals his aim is to ruin Gibbs, which is why he split the team up
  • He reveals he hates chewing tooth picks but he wants to look hard!
  • He reveals he's Sacks' cousin
  • He reveals hes an expert at playing the trumpet and moonlights in a racy jazz band.
  • He reveals that Ducky's old assistant, Gerald, is related to him and he joined NCIS for revenge.

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