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Caitlin "Kate" Todd was played by Sasha Alexander
Occupation/Title: NCIS Special Agent

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Died: In Norfolk.
Shot in the head by Ari Haswari. (Twilight)

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Caitlin "Kate" Todd, NCIS

Family members: She has 3 brothers, a sister named Rachael who is a doctor. A cousin named Maureen Ingalls.


Friends: Tony and Gibbs.

Enemies: Ari Haswari



Photos: Check out photos of "Kate"

Caitlin was a former Secret Service Special Agent, she was hand picked to protect the President. She broke the rules by dating a co-worker, and chose to resign, before she was fired. NCIS Special Agent Gibbs made a fast move and hired Caitlin right after she resigned.

Her relationship with Gibbs was interesting to watch-he was her mentor and she could have become a great agent. There was real warmth between those two characters. There was always some underlying flirting as well, even when they were sniping at each other. Kate respected Gibbs more than she did Tony and he respected her more than Tony did. These two were genuinely close, as loose friends considering Gibbs is not a close friend with anyone. Kate and Gibbs worked well together.

Kate and Tony were always bickering like a couple of school kids or brother and sister; and yet they were really fond of each other as we saw, with Tony towards her in the Ari episodes, and Kate towards Tony when he got infected with the plague through a letter and they were forced to be in quarantine together until it was found out which of the two were infected. Kate was upset when she found out that it was Tony and that he might die. This could have led to a promising relationship - albeit an argumentative one - if Kate had not died, although her concern about Tony in SWAK, when he was infected, can be seen like true concern for a friend-to be concern for a friend in danger is typical of human nature.

Kate was also Roman Catholic and in many ways a bit prudish, due to her strict upbringing. That said, she was the winner of a wet t-shirt contest in 1994, which Tony found hilarious and used to torment her with.

Not much is known about Kate's family, but she did say she had three brothers, whom she mentions are "practically insane", and a cousin named Maureen Ingalls (Left for Dead). She also had a sister living in Miami whom she was closer to. She claimed she always lists her sister as her emergency contact.

She was a talented sketch artist; an early episode showed she had drawn accurate caricatures of the team: showing Tony lusting after a pretty girl and Abby as a bat. She apparently drew one of Gibbs as well, but managed to change the subject before it was revealed since she had also sketched an accurate likeness of a suspect. In the last episode of the second season, Twilight, McGee saw her as she was drawing Tony. In Season three when Ziva David joins the team full-time and moves into Kate's cubicle, she presents Gibbs with Kate's sketch pad which is shown to include a sketch of Gibbs.

She enjoyed working on the NCIS team although she was a bit surprised to find herself bending rules like Gibbs and Tony to get the information they needed to trap some suspect or other, like the time she found herself suggesting they hack into some system to get the info they needed for a particular case, which flustered her somewhat.

Kate had had an opportunity to kill Ari when he broke into the NCIS autopsy lab, and shot Gerald, but found that she was unable to do so because of the look in his eyes. Gibbs read her the riot act for this. (The episode ended with the suggestion that she might have experienced a minor case of Stockholm Syndrome which prevented her from taking action). Episode here

Kate and Tony used to gang up on McGee and tease the poor lad painfully, although he eventually realized it was just part of being a probie. Kate and Abby were best friends as they were the only two women on the regular team.

Tony used to nose through Kate's personal effects including her mobile, PDA and even rubbish, which used to really nark her.

Kate was like the Lt. Singer of the team.

Gibbs: "I heard you quit, Agent Todd.
Kate: "Happy news gets around fast, yes I resigned that was the right thing to do."
Gibbs: "Yep, pull that crap at NCIS, I wont give you a chance to resign."
Kate: "Is that a job offer?"
(Gibbs gets in a car with a red head, and drives away)

Kate then joins the NCIS team for 2 seasons.

Unfortunately, Kate ends up getting shot by Ari in the season finale.

Caitlin was what they call a 'profiler' i.e. according to info given she could give a good briefing on what the suspect was like and how he/she was likely to act. She also did this for victims as in the case of the 'Good Wives' Club' episode.
She wasn't afraid to stand up to Gibbs if she felt she was right. When Kate was killed Gibbs was genuinely traumatized and felt overwhelmingly guilty about it.

Fun Tidbits:
  • Her code name when she was in the Secret Service was "Rosefern".
  • Does not like to be called Katie.
  • In one of the episodes where they have difficulty getting authorization for some info, she suggests they hack into the system. No sooner had she said this then she was shocked that she had even suggested this, and said this was what working with NCIS had done to her, i.e. accept that it was OK to bend the rules now and again.
  • She was afraid of the dentist. She needed a root canal and kept putting off the appointment until Tony got her to go to a hypnotist (he wasn't teasing that time for once!), which helped her and she eventually went to the dentist
  • Ducky would always call her Caitlin, which she didn't seem to mind - but then Ducky seems to have privileges with all the characters (i.e. calling Abby "Abigail", Tony "Anthony", Gibbs "Jethro", etc.) for one reason or another

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