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Benham Parsa is played by Karan Oberoi

Occupation / Title:
Pakistani Terrorist
Personality Type:
Signature Look:

Endearing Trait(s):

Annoying Trait(s):
Causing pain in others

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Hayat Parsa (sister)
Eleanor Bishop (one-sided)

The world
Mingora, Pakistan

  • Although not mentioned by name, Benham Parsa's actions first involve the team in the last episode of season 10, 10.24 Damned If You Do. The team finds the severed head of Lt. Chad McBride. Parsa had blackmailed McBride's commanding officer into sending McBride to Iraq and immediately back home (where he was killed by Parsa's cell) as a form of misdirection.

  • Parsa is first introduced as a character in 11.01 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, when Tobias Fornell shows a picture of him to Director Vance and Tony DiNozzo. Parsa is said to have created a new terrorist cell about a year earlier, and said to be making deals for financial backing of his terrorism with corporations that benefit from responding to that terrorism. That episode begins with Parsa bombing a Washington DC hotel, killing Secretary of the Navy Clayton Jarvis and others.

  • Parsa next appears in 11.12 Kill Chain when he uses a recovered aerial drone to kill the naval officer that had piloted that very drone during an attack on Parsa's Pakistani compound (the attack was in retaliation for the bombing in which SecNav Jarvis died). Parsa follows that attack by using the drone to bomb a gathering of counter-terrorism specialists that includes McGee's girlfriend, Delilah Fielding. Delilah is seriously injured in the explosion and subsequently paralyzed when a piece of shrapnel transects her spinal column. Gibbs narrowly misses capturing Parsa shortly after the explosion.

  • 11.13 Double Back reveals some of the background that the NSA has been gathering about Parsa, including surveillance of Parsa's sister, Hayat. They learn that Parsa has escaped the local area on a freight train destined for Miami, but also learn that Parsa planned to disembark the train at some unknown location.

  • 11.14 Monsters and Men brings the Parsa arc to a close. It is revealed that Ellie Bishop first identified Parsa as a potential terrorist six years earlier and that she had become obsessed with capturing him during her time at NSA. Her NSA superiors pulled her off the Parsa case at that time to protect her personal well-being. Bishop eventually guesses that Parsa will be in Pakistan for a short time, uses her knowledge of a clandestine CIA operation to obtain Parsa's exact location from his captured bodyguard and eventually faces the captured terrorist in the brig of an aircraft carrier. Parsa gains a weapon and locks himself into the brig with Bishop as a hostage, where he reveals more about his own obsession with Bishop. Parsa is killed by Gibbs mere moments before Parsa could kill Bishop.

    In this episode, Bishop tells Gibbs about the years that she and Parsa studied one another, planning moves and counter-moves. Over time, she began to "humanize" Parsa, seeing the man instead of the monster, which is when her NSA superiors pulled her from the operations. Parsa appears to have responded in kind, telling Bishop that he has continued to think of her over the years and eventually arranging to have her by his side when he died.

  • "Do not be afraid of the end, Eleanor. You will not be alone."

  • Parsa must have had more than one compound in Pakistan. One compound (a "terrorist camp") was discovered and bombed by the military six months prior to 11.12 Kill Chain; his other private compound was near the cemetery where his parents are buried.

  • Feigning a faint in order to overcome the armed watchmen.


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