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Anthony DiNozzo is played by Michael Weatherly

Occupation / Title:
NCIS Special Agent, Senior Field Agent, specialist in police-style detective work (Ex- Baltimore PD)
Personality Type:
Serious with a comic facade behind which he hides.
Signature Look:
Endearing smile, expensive Italian clothes and shoes
Endearing Trait(s):
Always cheerful, gets on well with people in general, charming, loyal (particularly to Gibbs), movie buff, biggest kid on the team, Extremely hot
Annoying Trait(s):
Playboy image, always making sexual innuendoes, constantly putting McGee down, movie buff

DiNozzo's Rules
(along with other Team Rules)

NCIS Season 6 promo

Talk about Tony!

Disinherited by his parents, no known siblings or offspring. His mother died when he was 8 (7.12 Flesh and Blood). Has a cousin, Petey, who inherited their grandfather's button collection. Had an uncle who ran a Fortune 500 company until he went loopy. The family fortune came from a transportation company created by his great grand-father (5.08 "Designated Target"). His father left him behind in a hotel when he was a child, and forgot about him until he got the room service bill. He used his father's ski suit for a Halloween costume when he was a child, which was very expensive, so his father spanked him and confiscated all the candy he had collected when he found out. His mother made him wear sailor suits until he was 10. He was sent to camp for his summers. He misses the family money. When he was five his mother made him take piano lessons. His father has been remarried several times since Tony's mother passed away. In the episode Chained he mentioned his father was an alcoholic. Tony mentioned an Uncle Vincenzo who was a butcher and another uncle who was a business man.

Has a really rich but deceased Uncle Clive from whom he borrowed money during Uni and with whom he spent a summer. His 'snivelling' cousin Crispian inherited the 24 million estate.
  • Wendy Miller
  • Tony's on again off again relationship with Special Agent Paula Cassidy, whom he met while the team was investigating a case in Guantanamo bay. By Season 3 they seemed to have moved from being occasional lovers to friends. She later died while helping the team track a terrorist cell.
  • In Season 4, Tony had his first truly committed relationship, but we would later find out, it was because the woman's father was an arms dealer and he was working undercover to gather information. Despite this,Tony was truly in love. This love couldn't cross the boundaries of his job and it ended in the season five premiere.
  • Tony and Kate had a sibling type relationship, with constant bickering, yet they were concerned about each other's general well-being, and they ganged up on McGee as older siblings are wont to do with younger siblings. Despite the sibling like relationship, Tony indulged in sexual fantasies about Kate, as evidenced in Season 3 Kill Ari.
  • Ziva, these two are constantly teasing each other, heck they act more like a couple than Kate and him ever did.
  • Currently NCIS Special Agent EJ Barrett is keeping our lovable "Italian Gigolo Furniture Mover" as the late Mrs. Mallard called him; preoccupied and distracted from our new probie.
Abby, Gibbs, Ziva, (Kate), Ducky, McGee, (Paula), (Jenny)
Too numerous to mention, really. Outstanding in the crowd are Jeanne, Trent Kort (CIA), FBI Agent Sacks (who arrested him for cutting off a woman's legs), George Stewart (whose ME career was destroyed by Tony), the personnel in the evidence garage at NCIS HQ, Lt. Pam Kim who took revenge on him for romance gone wrong, and Charles "Chip" Sterling (who's career, like Stewart, was ruined by Tony. He got a job as Abby's lab assistant to frame Tony for murder.). Sometimes even Ziva, McGee and Gibbs
Long Island. Spent summers in The Hamptons as a child.

  • A big kid, he's good at his job, loves his car, cannot get over his family disinheriting him, loves anything female, loves his job, craves Gibbs' approval and loves annoying Kate.
  • He kissed and tongued Lt. Commander Voss when he did not know that the woman he kissed was a guy and he faced teasing from Kate from then on.
  • When he is taken hostage and put into the sewers, he demonstrates his serious side and also shows that he is a very skilled agent, behind all of the joking.

  • A big kid, he's good at his job, loves his car, cannot get over his family disinheriting him, loves anything female, loves his job, craves Gibbs' approval, loves being Probie's boss, and is fascinated by the saintly Kate's sex life.
  • He worked with the Baltimore Police Department for 2 years before Gibbs offered him the job at NCIS. Before Baltimore he worked at the Philadelphia PD for 18 months. Preceding that was the Peoria Police Department for 2 years. He graduated from Ohio State with a BA in Physical Education. Tony is still connected to his college fraternity brothers. We learn in Season 2 Bikini Wax that Tony was a member of AXD (Alpha Chi Delta) and his pledge name was Sex Machine. During the same episode, we learn Tony and his frat brothers used to drive to Panama City, Florida every year for Spring Break. He arranges a trip with his frat brothers to prove he's still has what it takes to be the "beer bonging sex machine" he was in college. He also saw that Kate won a wet T-shirt Contest.
  • We learned in SWAK that Tony played football and most-likely quarterback for Ohio State in '92.

  • The big kid is growing up, sobered by Kate's death and infected by Gibbs' desire for revenge. He shows real responsibility when he moved Abby out of the way from Ari's gunshot. He is realizing that there are more important things than cars and the pursuit of women. He meets a woman who can outdo him in many things and he gains more knowledge of himself as he realises that he is more of a cop than a killer, that he wants justice but not outside the law, and that the price of becoming like Gibbs or Ziva would be the loss of childlike enjoyment. He lifts his game, learns a little about managing McGee instead of rivalling him, begins to work with Ziva instead of competing and becomes worried about Gibbs, more keen to protect him. Theirs is a more mutual relationship. He is astonished at the arrival of a female director, but he is beginning to objectify women less. By the end of the season, he is becoming a useful deputy to Gibbs, more reliable and, by Hiatus, a safe pair of hands to take control of the team when Gibbs leaves.
  • He and Ziva start the whole tension thing between them.
  • He was framed for murder. Two severed legs were dumped in a training area and stuff with his DNA was on the stuff at the crime scene. You know did it? It was Chip, he worked for a medical lad that contaminated a blood test and Tony reported it and he got fired. He took the job at NCIS just to set him up and get back at him.

  • Thrown into leadership, he struggles to find his own style, poaching Gibbs' mannerisms (which are unconvincing) and creating the campfire brainstorm sessions. He is both relieved and aggrieved when Gibbs returns to save Ziva and stays to help Fornell. But he realises he has more to learn and turns down the pursuit of fast track seniority in order to go back into Gibbs' team when Gibbs returns full time. He is Gibbs' surrogate son, but a grown up son with his own life. He works directly with the Director on undercover assignments and lies to Gibbs. He does it, but not happily. Divided loyalties reveal that there is much more depth to Tony than originally appeared. He indulges in his envy of McGee, who emerges as a wealthy writer, famously commenting "I gotta write a book" to which Gibbs ripostes "You better read one first".
  • The earth-shattering change that the team notices is that Tony has fallen in love, but he is troubled. They don't know that it is an affair to maintain his cover, so they only see the reality of the change in him as he faces commitment and what this means. His desire not to hurt or be hurt becomes obvious. His empathy for others increases. The value he places on the intangibles increases, signalled by a decrease in his preoccupation with the price of goods or being with his frat brothers. He no longer treats all women as game to be hunted. Tony can no longer share his secrets or his personal life. He is on the alert at all times, pressured and worried. Ironically, the times he seems most relaxed are when he is undercover: in his private moments with Jeanne, the daughter of the villain he is pursuing.
  • Still, death stalks the team. Abby in peril is repeated. In series 3, he himself is in peril with Ziva when captured in a shipping container and boxed in with her for 12 hours, and he is in peril with her again while he is undercover with her, pretending to be married assassins. He is tortured. Near the end of the series, he forms a friendship with a metro cop and then sees the cop gunned down (never realising that the metro cop was his predecessor for Jeanne's affections: his background research for his undercover job seems woefully inadequate and very unlike Tony, who is normally excellent at ferreting out information). A big moment for Tony is in Grace Period after Cassidy's team dies and he has to work with her to find the terrorist. They confide in each other and she teaches him to seize the day. She predicts her own death and sacrifices herself to save Tony and the rest of the team. Her death is appalling and, having just moved from ex-lover status to friend status with her, a real loss to him. Her advice and her death give him the backbone to tell Jeanne the words that Jeanne is desperate to hear, even knowing that this will end badly when she learns the truth about his deception.
  • The growing up is painful, but fascinating to watch. Along the way he has to watch the woman who put him undercover, in this invidious position, become more and more unreliable in her judgement: the Director's pursuit of La Grenouille is generating fallout on all levels. Tony is powerless to stop it.
  • During Season 4, the director chose Tony to go undercover to discover the whereabouts and plans of arms dealer La Grenouille. In doing so, he fell in love with La Grenouille's daughter, Jeanne Benoit. In the opening of Season 5, Tony is thought dead and his undercover operation unravels leaving La Grenouille dead, his relationship in shreds, and his heart a little heavier. He comes from a wealthy family, though he was disinherited, before which he didn't seem to have a particularly good relationship with his parents, but we don't know much more about his childhood. We know that his father gave him a good hiding once when he used one of his father's expensive ski-suits to make an astronaut Halloween costume, which he revealed to Probie in a car. In an early episode we learn that Tony's flat is untidy, but is expensively furnished. In later seasons we discover he now has a cleaning lady. He has a tendency to relate any event a film. His favourites are the classics of yesteryear, likewise TV series - his favourite being Magnum with Tom Selleck.

  • Jeanne finds out about the deception and leaves him. Tony's life goes on, but he is far removed from his original self . In true showbiz style, the movie buff puts on the face of a clown, but no one in the team is deceived. Our Tony of old is gone.
  • Episode 2 - Family: Tony thinks about a letter he got from Jeanne that reads: I'm not coming back. You need to choose. In the end, he chooses his team instead, and throws the letter in the fire.
  • Episode 5- Lost and Found, we see that Tony's insight does not extend to recognising himself in the actions of others. His encounter with a mini-Tony leaves no impression on him (unlike Gibbs who recognised a 'mini-me' when he met one.
  • Episode 7 - Requiem: Our Tony makes clear that he will play the fool to maintain morale amongst the juniors but, with seniors, he is deadly serious. Undaunted and unhesitating, he dives in (literally) to rescue Gibbs.
  • Episode 10 - Corporal Punishment: We find out Tony can't have painkillers, he becomes extremely loopy, but somehow still helps to solve the case, if you can understand the psychobabble.
  • Episode 16 - Recoil: Tony seemed surprised that Ziva slept with Michael, and then torments her somewhat. He does want to see her happy again.
  • Shows major guilt over Jenny's death, believing that it is his fault.

  • Life as Agent Afloat did not suit Tony, and he was very glad to come home again.
  • For most of 6.05 "Nine Lives" Tony was bugging Ziva, even going through her desk trying to find out why she was going to Israel for a holiday. Is Tony jealous? Probably.
  • Accused of being jealous of Michael Rivkin, Ziva's lover, whom he kills in self defense. He consistently denies any jealousy.
  • Tony is hurt when Ziva leaves, but he decides not to call her and let her call him that she is ready.
  • He is unaware of the fact that Ziva has been taken hostage.
  • We learn he is attending therapy of his volition and Gibbs is the only team member who knows this.

  • Tony goes to Africa get revenge for Ziva, only to find she is alive.
  • Tony was friendly with Officer Ben Gidon when he was in Israel
  • Tony now calls Ziva Probie too
  • planted a virus in McGee's computer
  • Gives the human resource lady a doll she never had when she was a kid and makes her smile.
  • Tony's father comes to visit.
  • He learns that his father is a con man who may have never been as rich as Tony thought.
  • Gibbs figures out that the Dinozzos don't keep in touch, then gives the older a lecture
  • Tony pays his father's hotel and travelling bill. When Gibbs asks why he says he was getting a bit old to go on spring break with his frat brothers.
  • Gets hit on the head by the female hit-man who tries to kill the government witness on the flight from Paris.
  • In "Rule Fifty-One", he is sent to Mexico to shadow Rivera and Mike tells Tony he will take over and keep watch over Rivera.


  • "Probie!"
  • "On it, Boss!"
  • with an accent: "Very, James Bond. Does it tell time too?"
  • "He's standing right behind me, isn't he?"
  • "If the Probie's been probing I demand details!" (episode 5x08)
  • "On your six, Boss!"

  • According to Ziva, his dying words will be, "I've seen this film." (Wouldn't surprise any of us!)
  • We discover in the episode SWAK that several young women know him by the nickname "Spanky."
  • Tony's blood group is "A" positive.
  • He's supposedly afraid of vampires.
  • He has a phobia of rats and needles. (since having the plague in "SWAK" 2x22)
  • His favorite pizza is pepperoni, sausage and extra cheese.
  • He is streetwise and has good instincts. Tony is good at relating to people, his affable good nature tends to make suspects open up to him - the antithesis of Gibbs, who comes over very belligerent with suspects. As a team they complement each other.
  • He's got a smart mouth that gets him into trouble, but trouble doesn't seem to bother him. He considers himself a ladies' man, but is he really?
  • Per Tony's ID when he was in Iraq in season 5 his birthday is July 19, 1968.
  • According to Abby's computer in "Frame Up", Tony's middle initial is 'D', comically making his initials; A.D.D
  • His mother dressed him up like a sailor when he was younger.
  • He slept in a canopy bed when he was younger.
  • He was the poop boy in war reenactments as a child.
  • He was proud at the age of 5 (Bete Noire)
  • Is the Harm of the team.

  • The monologue of "Frame-up" where he is speaking to Gibbs, who has brought pizza to the prison cell. He acknowledges his treatment of women, the effect that his family had on his development, his reputation as a womaniser, his fear. When Gibbs beckons him close to the cell's bars, he approaches and is promptly head-slapped, for which he thanks Gibbs.
  • Family (season 5): The scene with Ziva where she tells him that he has to choose: Ziva has followed him into the men's room. It is brutal honesty time.
  • The episode where McGee has shot someone who turns out to be a cop: Tony visits McGee to force him to cheer up and ends up relating the tale of the first time Tony shot someone (he wet his pants). His empathy towards the Probie is the complete opposite of the normal way he treats McGee. He did the same thing in the episode where Gibbs is blown up aboard the ship: he "cut the Probie some slack" by giving him a task to do that did not involve being around the pieces of the blown-up body. And, again, the scene in the first episode of season 3, when McGee summons up the courage to go down to the morgue to see Kate's body. Tony turns up and, in the guise of speaking to Kate, acknowledges the courage it took for McGee to do it.
  • (Episode "Internal Affairs) "The scene where he is horrible to Jeanne, so that she will hate him and leave him and get on with her life. He loves her enough to force her to let him go. He had been avoiding her, so he didn't have to face up to the harsh realities.
  • The scene with Jeanne' ex-boyfriend where they discuss their favourite woman (not realising that they are both talking about Jeanne). Tony's conflict over living a lie is revealing. His desire to be with Jeanne after the other man is shot and dies in Tony's arms, (without Tony being free to disclose any of that aspect of his work to Jeanne), shows emotional need beyond the bedroom.
  • Requiem: The dive into the harbour and the rescue of Gibbs and the girl form the car underwater. Heroic when needed.
  • Reaction to Jenny when she probes the relationship with Jeanne, after his cover has been blown. His insistence that she does not need to know is such as to make Gibbs smile to himself and, clearly, consider Tony to have grown up somewhat.
  • Managing to get himself and Atlas out of the "labyrinth" when they are both left to die in the episode "Missing". He shows that he respects the Marines.
  • Reunion: When Tony and Ziva are in the Men's toilets. Ziva confronts him and says that she is sorry and should have trusted him.

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Anthony DiNozzo - NCIS
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Anthony DiNozzo - NCIS

Anthony DiNozzo - NCIS

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I would have Tony be shocked and surprised when Mossad arrives at NCIS with a young girl with a star of David necklace. The young girl looks a lot like Ziva.

Ziva was shot and killed in a terrorist attack against her in revenge for the killing of their operatives. Director Vance calls Gibbs and tony to his office. He breaks the news to Gibbs and tony about Ziva's death. (oddly enough, Tony's fish named after Ziva died). Tony felt odd all day and couldn't shake the feeling. He started thinking how he could feel so bad about a fish. Yet, clearly, it was not the fish he felt the loss for.

Tony is told he is the father of the young girl. He calls Senior to tell him he is a grandfather. Senior says he is flying in. The rest of the team is informed of Ziva's death. They all take it hard. Tony is mixed up and feels the loss and yet, is extremely excited about discovering he is a father.

He seeks advice from Gibbs (Gibbs flashes back to Kelley, his daughter) and tells tony he should spend as much time as he can with his daughter. That he has done enough and deserves a real life.

Tony submits a letter of resignation to Director Vance. The episode ends with Tony, Senior and Tony's daughter at the airport saying goodbye to the family of NCIS members.

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I was married to the same type of agent Tony portrays. He was as much of an egomanaic and became an agent after serving several law enforcement agencies briefly and with less than competance. He also thought every woman should fall at his feet and thank their lucky stars he gave them his undivided...for the moment attention. He also thought he should take full advantage of the less than legal perks that sometimes go with being the man with the badge. Tony sticks his nose into everyone's private life, especially their sexual lives...just like my ATF Special Agent did. My ex waws as deviant in his seuxal pursuits as Tony is in where did he end up? He ended up getting caught on an internet sting soliciting sex with children...And ABBY...because I lived with the kind of man Tony plays so well...with arrogance, rudeness, and selfishness, I know how most peopel would react to Abby's "HUGS" and her demands that they do what Abby the point of brinigng those dogs into her lab thereby contaminating the lab. Abby is NOT as loveable as you all think she is.
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fan of him
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