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To all who joined the last 7 (or something like that) games. The rules are still the same. If you need inspiration please visit the other Add a Line games and have a read!
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Hi, here I am, back again, with loads of time. This is something I've been dying to do for so long time now. So here it goes.

***Just some background info. I've only seen the scene with Tony and Ziva at the hotel (From Judgement Day) an that's where the story starts***
Crazy-Beetle: (Ziva) "Tony! You're blocking the sun!" Tony snaps a pic with the camera....
Sorgiña: (Tony) "Really Zee-Vah? I thought it was no longer fashionable for women to get a real sun-tan." (Ziva) "You know Tony, you're so not funny. And put that camera away." (Tony) "Aw come on Zee, just a couple of more photos for the record, not to mention making Probie jealous."
Crazy-Beetle: (Ziva) "So Tony, what do you think the director is doing now?" (Tony) "Aaah, you're changing the subject Zee-Vah!".....
Sorgiña: (Ziva) "Well we are on details of protection, yes?" (Tony) "Protection detail Zee-Vah! And yes we are"
Frummel: (Ziva) "Exactly. I just don't believe the director is in a hotel doing whatever you think she's- Hé!" Tony quickly takes the book out of Ziva's hands. "So what is it you're reading here, romantic fiction, maybe?"
Abbiefan1: (Tony grabbing the book) "Let's see--He held her in arms of steel and kissed her as she had never been kissed before----.
(Ziva) "You are making that up. It says nothing of the sort. Now give me my book, or I will make you eat it page by page."
(Tony) Handing her the book he replied, "No thanks, I've already had lunch." Changing the subject, he said, "Let's go for a ride. This is L.A.! I'm talking Wilshier Boulevard, the Santa Monica Freeway!" (Ziva) "That would be difficult since we do not have an automobile." (Tony) "That fact can be remedied very quickly."
G1bbs47 : (Ziva) No, it can't. Gibbs said we stay here. If he finds us driving around in a rental he would most likely kill us and not even ask for an explanation. We stay.
Sorgiña: (Tony) "Geez! Ziva! You're a real stick in the mud at times, you know that?" (Ziva) "We're not talking about sticks and mud Tony!" (Tony) "You, know you really ought to be more on the ball with American expressions by now" and storms off in a huff.
Abbiefan1: An hour later, Ziva got a call from Tony to meet him in the hotel lobby. When she got there, Tony had a big grin on his face, and held up a set of keys. (Ziva) "What have you done Tony? You know we can not go galooping all over town when we are on the job for the Director." (Tony) "It's galloping, and we won't be. We will be riding. Well, technically we could be sort of galloping because it is a Mustang!"
Sorgiña: Ziva groaned inwardly. (Ziva) "And I suppose you're not going to let me drive, right?" (Tony) "You got it in one. Oh man! Wait till you see it, it's a beaut.." and heads towards the car smiling as if he'd hit the jackpot.
Abbiefan1: As the bright red Mustang convertible pulled out of the hotel parking lot, Ziva said, "Those photos of me that you took by the pool, you must delete them." He made no reply. Instead he made a sharp right turn and headed for the beach. (Tony) "I tell you Ziva, I could get used to this. Cruising down the freeway the wind in our hair, the California sun doing it's thing. The only thing missing is a Beach Boys CD. (Ziva) "Why would you want to listen to a CD of boys on the beach?" (Tony--gives her a pained expression) "You wound me to the core Ziva! The Beach Boys are a group that helped create the California surfer image, The California sound! You know, Little Surfer Girl, Surfin USA, Good Vibrations?" Ziva shook her head and said, "No I do not know of them." (Tony) "I've got to get one of their CD's now.
G1bbs47 : (Ziva) Well, if that blows up your skirt get one... (Tony interrupts) Ziva, for heavens sake it is actually - if that blows your skirt up (Ziva) But that's what I said (Tony) No you didn't (Ziva) Yes I did (Tony) No you ... just forget it .
Tony's phone rings and drops it on the floor twice on the way up to his ear. Hi boss.. aaaargh, Boss.. oh darn it..., boss yes, hi Boss (Gibbs) What the hell are you doing Dinozzo? Where are you ?
Sorgiña: (Tony) "Erm, Ziva and I were just going for a ride until the Director called us" (Gibbs) "What do you mean until the Director called you?!" (Tony) "Well, she told us she had some business to take care of, and that we could take time out until she called. Why? Anything up?" (Gibbs) "She's not answering her cell and McGee's having difficulty to triangulate her location via the GPS as reception keeps going." (Tony) "OK Boss! We'll see if we can find her, and... Geez!" (Ziva) "What?" (Tony) "Seems the Director's gone off the grid and Gibbs is going ballistic, and..."
Abbiefan1: (Ziva) "And we must locate her and be sure she is alright." (Tony) "In the first place, we don't know where she is. McGee can't even get a fix on her GPS." (Ziva) Then we go to her last known location and start from there." (Tony) "I knew this was too good to be true. A little down time is all I ask for, but Nooo. There is always a fly in the ointment". Okay, turning around and headed back. Call McGee and find out if he has had any more luck getting a fix on her."
ShutterBugg: (McGee) "Seems she is located somewhere near an abandoned saloon.. a few miles from the nearest gas station down this dirt road off the main highway." (Tony) That's as clear as mud McGee. (McGee) I'm downloading you the co-ordinates right now..
Periwinkle: Tony took a moment to glare at his phone while Ziva grabbed her laptop and started entering the coordinates as she received them. (Tony) "McGee... when you say 'this dirt road off the main highway' exactly what dirt road are you referring to? And just how far is it from here? It would help if... Ziva interrupted him. (Ziva) "I've got it. We're about four miles away. You need to turn right at the next road." Tony yanked the wheel viciously right, skidded around the turn and then picked up his cell phone again. (Tony) "Okay, we are heading to the last known location. Meanwhile you keep calling the Director. See if you can reach her. And let Gibbs know what's going on." He snapped the cell shut and stepped on the accelerator.
Sorgiña: (Ziva) "I thought you said I drove badly?" (Tony) "This is an emergency Zee-Vah! You seriously want to explain to Gibbs why we weren't with the Director?" (Ziva) "No, you're right Tony, I'm sorry" (Tony) "It's OK. Now hold on!" Tony goes full speed to then swerve sharply into the road McGee told them to follow.
Periwinkle: Tony took the corner so viciously that Ziva had to grab the laptop to keep it from flying off of her lap. (Ziva yelled) "Tony! I can't give you directions if I can not see the computer screen." She thought for a moment, then added, "By the way, did McGee say if the car was stopped or still moving?" Tony swore under his breath and picked up his cell to call McGee again, while Ziva used her phone to make another try to reach the Director.
Sorgiña: Suddenly an out of control oncoming truck, forced Tony to swerve violently sending Ziva's laptop flying and the car ended up nose end in a ditch. (Ziva) "I think that truck was deliberately trying to crash into us Tony, Tony, Tony?" Tony's out cold with his head against the steering wheel and blood trickling from his right temple...
Jethrofan45: Ziva grabbed her cell phone and dialed 911 explained what had happened, told them that she would stay with him until help arrived because she had managed to get out of car. Once she managed to get out of the car she called Gibbs...
Mack99: Medics arrive and whisk Tony away. Ziva gives her statement to the local cops who offer to drive her to the hospital. She's torn between Gibbs telling her not to leave the scene in the hands of local LEO's and her need to know about Tony.
Sorgiña: Finally she decides to follow Gibbs' orders. An hour later Gibbs arrives on the scene and he's in a bad mood to say the least, demanding explanations from Ziva and the local LEOs. Later Gibbs leaves Ziva to finish her work there while he hastens to the hospital to see how Tony is.
Ziva.4.lyf!: Ziva finished with the LEO's and the bright red mustang is towed away. She strode up and down the dirt pathway, thinking of what to do next. She then decides to call Gibbs and ask how Tony's doing. She tries to find her phone but she has some how managed to drop it under the wheels of the car and it is squashed like a pancake, maybe even more. She swears in Hebrew and starts to run up the dirt path, searching for any means of communication she can use. There is nothing but dirt and dead trees around her but she keeps on running. Finally she passes an old diner and walks up to the door......
Tivafan: Suddenly, she hears gunshots. She reaches for her gun and tries to peek inside...
Sorgiña: ...but the door's locked from the inside. She signals to Tony to go round the back while she flattens her back to a wall while trying to peer through a dusty window. Just then ...
Tivafan: A man comes running out of the diner, a gunshot wound in his right shoulder. He notices Ziva and Tony, and shoots Ziva in the stomach, his aim off. He then aims his gun at Tony, but...
NCIS_Lover: As the man put his finger on the trigger and was about to pull it, Ziva shot him in the chest. He fell to the floor, dead. Ziva swiped the man's cell phone and called Gibbs, who was at the hospital, watching over Tony. Once Gibbs picked up and Ziva asked her question and explained what just happeded, Gibbs replied, his tone sounding grim, "Ziva, before you blame yourself, it wasn't your fault." Ziva urgently said into the phone, "Gibbs! Just tell me how he is!?" Gibbs took a breath and said, "I'm sorry Ziva, but..."
Sorgiña: (Ziva) "What Gibbs? Tell me!" (Gibbs) "He may not make it, he's lost a lot of blood and his lungs are weak from the plague, so we'll just have to wait and see."
NCIS_Lover: (Ziva) "No! He has to make it!" (Gibbs) "Ziva! Calm down, docs say its a 55% chance he will make it!" (Ziva) "Still! That leaves 45% chance he wont!" All of a sudden a man came up behind Ziva and shot his gun into the wall, alerting Ziva. She dropped the phone as the man hit her head with the butt of his gun. She landed beside it, unconsious. (Gibbs on cell phone) "Ziva? Ziva?! Are you alright?!?"
ZivaAbbyMedrano8605: The man stands over Ziva and picks up the cell phone (Man) "Ziva can't come to the phone now...maybe I can help you?" (Gibbs is not happy and says) "what did you do to her?" (man) "oh just knocked her unconsious but she's still alive...for now" (then hangs up) Gibbs is mad and calls McGee from his cell (McGee) "NCIS" (Gibbs) "McGee I need you to track Ziva's cell phone A-SAP" (McGee) "I'm on it boss...what's wrong" (Gibbs) "now's not the time to ask questions McGee just track it" (then hangs up the cell phone)
NCIS_Lover: McGee traced the call to the diner. Gibbs was the first to arrive. When he got there he loked for Ziva but she wasn't there. But her cell phone started to ring. He picked it up, it was the man he had talked to before (Man) "You again?" (Gibbs) "Where is she?"
ZivaAbbyMedrano8605: (Man) "You'll just have to follow the clues if you want her alive"(the man hangs up) Gibbs looks around the diner and spots an envelope runs to get it and opens it up. In it is a picture of Ziva tied up and in a car. Gibbs studies the picture and calls Abby (Abby) "Gibbs!" (Gibbs) "Abby who good are you at clue games?" (Abby) "as good as ever... why what's up?" (Gibbs) "I'm sending you a picture and I need you to figure this out for me and call me back." (Abby) "Got it boss man." they hang up.
NCIS_Lover: As Gibbs arrived at NCIS and was greeted by a worried Abby. (Abby) "Gibbs, your not going to let Ziva die like Kate did?" (Gibbs) "I'll try to find her, Abby. I promise that I will do my best. Did you figure out the clue yet?" (Abby) "Almost. Behind the car you can see another few cars. It looks like a mall. I also recognize the sculpture in the back. It looks like the one from the mall about 30 minutes from here!" Gibbs called over to McGee and Tony. They got their guns and ran into the elevator. Once they got to the Mall, Gibbs saw the car that Ziva was tied up in. He walked over to it and threw open the trunk. It was empty except for a white envelope. He tore it open and read the contents. It said "Good. Your following the rules of this game. If you continue to follow them, your friend might just come out alive. For the next clue, solve the puzzle." Also inside there was pieces of a map.
ZivaAbbyMedrano8605: Gibbs takes the envelop and bring it back to the car (Gibbs) "McGee how good are you at puzzles?" (McGee) "well boss I'm not that good" (Gibbs) "oh come on McGee I've seen those puzzle boxes in your desk." MeGee looked at him and frowned (Gibbs continued) "well" McGee took the envelop and pulled out the puzzle piece of the map. It was easy (Gibbs) "that was fast" (McGee) "it's gotta be a trick Boss" (Gibbs) "it's no trick look it leads to a store in the mall." So the two of them ran into the mall and started looking for the store to get the next clue. They found the store and it turns out to be a book store and spotted the white envelop addressed to them.
NCIS_Lover: Gibbs reached up and grabbed the book that the envelope was tied to. He took off the letter and looked at the cover of the book and rolled his eyes (Gibbs) Well, looks like he has done his research. He handed the book to McGee, who read the cover and gasped "Deep Six; By Thom E. Gemcity" Gibbs grabbed the book and threw it back on the shelf. Gibbs tore open the envelope and took out its contents. It was a set of 4 pictures; 1- A picture of Ziva tied to a pillar in front of a building, 2- a weird looking sculpture 3- Capital Hill and 4- a picture of NCIS Head quarters. They got into the car and headed back to Abby's lab. Once there Abby scanned the photos and downloaded the photos. Abby Pulled up a map and put red dots on the map where each photo was taken. (Abby) "Hmm... it forms a square. What does it mean and where do you go to get the next clue?" McGee pushed Abby out of the way and pulled up the line tool. He drew lines connecting all the points. once he finished they all noticed that the diagonal lines met in the middle and it showed where the next clue was.
ZivaAbbyMedrano8605: It lead them to the outskirts of the Bethesda and Gibbs got worried knowing that Tony was still in the hospital figthing for his life and so he and McGee rushed to the hospitial. To look for any clues or any sign of the mysterious man and Ziva or just some more clues. (Gibbs) "MeGee once we get there go straight were Tony is at and wait there you got me?" (McGee) "yes boss" so they arrived and Tim got down and ran straight to were Tony's room was and waited for the all clear from Gibbs.
NCIS_Lover: Gibbs walked around the building for any clues. There was none so he started to head over to Tony's hospital room. When he met up with McGee he noticed a vase of flowers just beside the door. On the vase there was another envelope adressed to them. Gibbs shoved it into his coat pocket and instructed McGee to look for any more clues that could lead to Ziva. Once McGee had left, Gibbs entered Tony's room. Tony, once he saw Gibbs, (Tony; trying to talk using up great strenght) "Boss..." Gibbs walked over and stood beside him.
NCISgal: As Gibbs starts to tell Tony what happened his phone rings. Its the man who kidnapped Ziva. "Hello Hello. You really should keep a better eye on you agents."(Gibbs) "What are you talking about". (Kidnapper) "I now have two of your agents. MeGee i think it is was walking out to the parking lot when he saw me but, he was a little to slow to react you no what i mean so if you want your agents back just follow th clues"...
ZivaAbbyMedrano8605: Gibbs was not happy he just lost McGee too. Tony notice that he was upset (Tony weakly) "what's going on boss?" (Gibbs) "Ziva and McGee have been kidnapped and now I have to get them back." Tony started to move (Gibbs pushing back down) "What are you doing?" (Tony) "getting up to help you boss" (Gibbs) "you can't your weak" (Tony trying to catch his breath) "Boss you can' alone" (Gibbs) "DiNozzo never doubt a Marine" Tony smiled at that along with Gibbs. So Gibbs turned to leave and called Abby as he headed out.
NCIS_Lover: (Gibbs on cell while driving to NCIS) "Hey Abs, we got a problem" (Abby sounding worried) "What?" (Gibbs) "Ugh, first Tony, then Ziva, now McGee." Gibbs swore as he swerved to avoid an oncoming car as he drifted into the opposite lane. (Abby) "Gibbs? Are you Ok? What happened to McGee?!" (Gibbs) "Yea, yea I'm Fine Abs. Well I sent McGee to look for more clues and the mystery man got kidnapped him. I'm heading back with the next clue and I need you to figure it out. Oh, also I need you to see if you can track Ziva's or McGee's cell. Please?" (Abby worried) "Ok Boss. Hurry back." (Gibbs) "I will Abby. NCIS HQ is in my sight line. I will be there ASAP!" He hung up as he reached the gates.
ZivaAbbyMedrano8605: Gibbs walked in and went straight to Abby's lab (Abby frowning) "Gibbs I'm so sorry about what's going on" Gibbs looked at her and frowned (Gibbs) "Abs its ok I'll get them back I promise" he handed her the envelop and she tore it open she dumped out whatever it was and began shifting around the newest pics. Picture of a ship and the water. Gibbs and Abby where confused (Abby) "this doesn't make sense at all" (Gibbs) "can you tell what ship it is?" (Abby) "well you're going to have to call someone to get logs of which ship is stationed" (Gibbs) "sounds like a plan." Mean while the mystery man came back to the hiding place where Ziva was and he threw an unconscious McGee inside. Ziva was angry and wanted to attack but couldn't because she was tied to a wall the man laughed and walked out...
NCIS_Lover: Ziva worked on the bonds that tied her as McGee started to stir. -Back At NCIS HQ- Gibbs had pulled a favor and they got the name of the ship. Abby researched it and it turns out it was a address. Gibbs was about t call the rest of the team but he realized that he was the only one left. He decided that he would go see Tony first. As he arrived at the Hospital, he was stopped by Tony's doctor along the way. (Dr.) "Mr.Gibbs, Mr.DiNozzo has made a miraculous recovery! If he continues like this, he can be released tomorrow!" (Gibbs) "That's great! Is there any chance he can be release in a few hours? As you know, he's a NCIS agent and I need him badly because I have no agents left." (Dr.) "I'll have someone check him out and see if he's fit to leave. He will have to take it easy and make sure he doesn't get hurt again." Gibbs nodded and left for Tony's room. Tony was sitting up, flipping through channels on the TV (Tony) "Hey Boss! You have got to help me get out of this place! I'm going to go crazy!" (Gibbs) "Relax Tony! Someone is coming by to see if you can leave" As Gibbs said that another doctor entered. About a half an hour later Tony was finally allowed to be released.
ZivaAbbyMedrano8605: Gibbs and a very sore but happy Tony walked out of the hospital. (Tony) "so where we going boss?" (Gibbs) "going to get the rest of our team back" so they headed to the ship and started looking our. Gibbs and Tony were greeted by one of the seamen (Seaman) "Special Agent Gibbs?" (Gibbs) "the one and only" (Seaman) "I understand you would like to look around?" (Gibbs) "of course" so he let them by and they started looking (Tony) "so this guy started giving you clues to find Ziva and he took McGee too?" (Gibbs) "that would be a yes DiNozzo" (Tony) "just checking" so they started to search some more. Meanwhile Ziva finally was able to untie herself and waking up McGee at the same time (Ziva) "McGee...McGee...MCGEE!!!" she slapped him and he woke up (Tim moaning) "Where am I?" (Ziva) we're on a ship McGee got up and looked around and seen Ziva still kind of tied up and he helped her get loose. (Ziva angerly) "I can't believe that bastard got me" (McGee) "are you ok?" (Ziva) "yes I'm find Thank you" so they got up and started looking on how to escape from where they are.
Ziva.4.lyf!:"And you are going.. where?" Ziva and Mcgee both look up. (Mystery Man) "Well I underestimated you.." he looks at Ziva. "not so much you" he said as he looked at Mcgee. "Now I thought you were going to be good and play along but apparently not.. Oh well.. I've got some help now" "'come in'" The man said in Hebrew. On he's command, 15 Israelis and seaman from the ship walk into the room. Also a very beautiful woman followed helping dragging two heavy-looking chairs.(man)Sienna my dear, I told you, you don't have to get your hands dirty" . (Sienna)Oh but i like to be dirty" She said as the quickly kissed.(man)"Now you two, in the chairs". Ziva and Mcgee just sat there. The man nodded and they were roughly dragged and pushed into the chairs. Chains were then wrapped around their ankles and wrists. (man) "now, I can tell you why exactly you are here." "See, it's not you we want, we want two people.. We want your beloved team leader, Mr. Leory Jethro Gibbs, who is to my clever planning, coming straight to us. And the director of NCIS.." Ziva kept her face straight but Mcgee's eyes looked like they were going to pop right out of their sockets. (man) "Now seeings though we don't know where your director is, you are going to tell us" A huge grin lit up the mystery man's face. He turned around and grabbed an object out of one of the sea mans hands. (man)Your in for a little bit of torture tonight. With that he showed Ziva and Mcgee the sharp bamboo stick, lifted up one of zivas fingers and sliced under her fingernail. Her jaw tightened as he sliced each one, blood pulsing from each finger. A huge red puddle started to form under zivas feet. Mcgee's eyes widened even more. He opened he's mouth but Ziva shot him a look that was supposed to be an angry warning but it was twisted by pain. (Man) Now its your turn" He said as he turned to Mcgee...
ZivaAbbyMedrano8605: Gibbs and Tony were walking around looking from one room to another and began to get a little worried. But Gibbs had a gut feeling (Gibbs) "Tony...I need you to call in more agents I have a gut feeling that this isn't going to be pretty" (Tony) "Got it boss" Tony got the walked out to make the call Gibbs stayed behind to look around some more. (Gibbs) "DiNozzo!" (Tony) "" Tony pointed and Gibbs turned around to see about three or four men standing there. They started fighting one man started to shoot and Tony hid and grabbed his gun and shot back. (Gibbs yelling to Tony) "Tony run it's a trap" (Tony yelling back) "no way boss" he started shooting some more. A couple of more men started to come up and join in on the gun fight. But Gibbs was faster then them. He shot at them first and killed them he was still fighting off another guy when someone came up behind him and hit him on the back of the head. Gibbs when down and was out...
NCIS_Lover: Tony contuined shooting. There was only one man left, but Tony only had one bulet left. He shot and BANG! The man fell to the floor dead. Tony got up, looked around, and once it was safe, he ran over to Gibbs. (Tony) "Gibbs! Boss! Come on, I can't do this alone!" Gibbs mumbled. Tony held out his hand and helped him up. (Tony) "You Ok boss?" (Gibbs) "I'm just fine. All I want is to find Ziva and McGee." ~Back with Ziva and McGee~ (Ziva) "Tim? Are you ok?" McGee had been beaten. (McGee) "No, not really. What about you?" (Ziva) "What do you think?" Ziva looked down at her fingers. The bleeding had slowed, but hadn't stopped. She knew she had to get it to stop before she would bleed to death. She looked around, they were the only ones in the room at the time. She then looked the the chains aroung her wrists. She could get out of them, but most likley, she would dislocate a wrist. She knew she would have to do it. She started with her right hand. She groaned as she worked out of it. She stifled a scream as she did dislocate her right wrist. She took a few deep breaths and used her right hand to remove the chains on her other hand. Once they were off she worked on the ones around her legs. She got up and untied McGee.
NCISgal: While Ziva was unting herself and McGee Tony got Gibbs back to himself. They started to walk down the hall to where the ten guys came out from. They herd a scream and ran to it. they saw Ziva kicking one guys butt with her ninja skills and McGee ust staring hopelessly Tony and Gibbs ran to then to make sure they were all right. (Tony) " All you all right Ziva." (Ziva)" ya im fine" She then collapes to the grown, but Tony catches her just in time. As he is bring her up they lock eyes and they could tell what the other was thinking the samething as them. (Ziva) "Thank you Tony" (Tony) "No Problem..... Boss we really should get them to a hospital." (Gibbs) "Your right DiNozzo lets go" Right as they were leaving they heard a small laugh. (Kidnapper) "Where do you think your going"
NICS_Lover: Ziva grabbed onto Tony for support as she almost fell again. (Gibbs) "Haven't you given us enough trouble yet? You've almost killed them..." (kidnapper intrupting) "Tisk Tisk. Almost isn't good enough. It should be I did not almost. Well I'll always have time to fix that." Gibbs pulled his gun, tony did, but he had no bullets left so he re-holstered and put up his fists ready to fight. Ziva, although she was weak from all the blood loss, let go of Tony and got ready to kick some butt. McGee got his gun out too and aimed. The kidnapper took his gun out and...
Ziva.4.lyf!: Another seaman came out from behind him. Then another. (Kidnapper) Now you are out numbered.. BUT we will let you go peacefully.(Gibbs) NO!' The kidnapper smiled. (kidnapper) I thought it would be like that, so that's why I've got some pesuasment." the kidnapper whistled and Sienna came out, hold Abby with a knife to her throat. (kidnapper) Now go peacefully or Abby will be leaving here in my then one piece." Gibbs nodded and threw his gun down. Mcgee threw his down too. The kidnapper grabbed Abby and threw her towards Gibbs. Then Gibbs nodded and they left. Gibbs carrying Abby who had gone into shock, Tony carrying Ziva who had passed out and Mcgee dragging along, trying to stay conscious. As soon as they were off the boat Gibbs called an ambulance...
ZivaAbbyMedrano8605: The man and all his crew got away... Gibbs really didn't care at the moment just then about 20 NCIS agents came and got them (Gibbs) "They got away" (Agent) "the director isn't going to like this one bit (Gibbs) "well do you want to go after them or care about or agents" the agent looked at them all and nodded and walked away. About 2 ambulances showed up and took Ziva, McGee, Abby, and a very sore Tony all to the hospital. (EMT to Gibbs) "do you need care?" (Gibbs) "no but I'll drive behind you" so they took them and Gibbs followed. Thinking who the mystery man was (Gibbs to himself) "I Will find you"
Ziva.4.lyf!: ~The next day in the hospital~ (ziva) "have you seen Abby yet" (Mcgee) No but they won't let anyone in there, besides they wont let me out of bed until they can do an x-ray.. which will be around now.." he trailed off as a nurse came around. She set up the bed so she could push it out of the room. As Mcgee was being pushed out, Tony walked in. (Ziva) "how's your head?" (tony) A bit sore... Are you O.K? You almost died from blood loss. How are your hands. (Ziva) I'm fine" She said as she lifted up one hand to sow him. She winced. (Tony) Ziva... (Ziva) O.K.. It hurts.. a little bit.... Where is Gibbs? (Tony) "He hasn't left Abby's side" (Ziva) "I thought No one was allowed to see her?" (Tony) "Ziva come on, it's Gibbs" As he finished talking, a wheel chair came into their room. Abby was sitting in it. (Tony) Abby are you ok?" (Abby) " I'm fine now. The kidnapper just broke my right leg, thats all. Ziva how's your hands?" Tony elbowed ZIva. (Ziva) They hurt a little bit.." Abby was just about to give Ziva a hug but Gibbs put a restraining hand on her shoulder and pushed her back down into the wheel. (Gibbs) No Abby, please don't go walking around. (Abby) Fine, I'll just give Ziva a hug later. After another hour, Mcgee walked back into the room. (Mcgee) The doctor said we can all go but Ziva, you have to keep those banadges on yor hands and Abby you must keep that cast on. He also told me to give you these." He handed Abby some crutches. (Gibbs) O.K everyone stop laying around and get up, we're still on protection detail here. They all nodded
~Next day back in L.A~ (Ziva) Tony, I think we should go back to the diner. (Tony) Why? (Ziva) Well there was gunfire and there was more than one car out the back. ~At NCIS~ (Abby) "Gibbs, have you called the director yet? (Gibbs) No Abby but you have reminded me. Gibbs gets his phone out ~Back in L.A~ Tony and Ziva had their guns drawn. (Tony) On the count of three... 1...2 (Ziva) 3! They barged into the doors. Blood and bodies were every where. All of a sudden, a phone started to ring. It was one of the bodies. Tony found it. "Jenny, Jenny" It was Gibbs' vioce. Tony and Ziva looked down and saw the unspeakable...
NCISgal: As Tony was telling Gibbs what happened Ziva started to break down crying, but then she saw a shadow at the other end of the dinner near the door as she moved to the door the shadowdisapeared. Once Tony was off the phone with Gibbs, Ziva told Tony what she saw. (Ziva) " I think someone got away" (Tony) " You could be right... are you ok Ziva, i am hear if you need to talk" he puts his hand on ziva shoulder, as that happens she starts braking down and crying. Tony hugs her and she does not back away, but hugs back.(Ziva) "Tony we are going to catch this SOB who did this" (Tony)"Yes we will ziva yes we will"

To contuine where it was left off go to Judgement Day Style No.2

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