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Abigail Borin is played by Diane Neal

Occupation / Title:
CGIS Special Agent
Personality Type:
No-nonsense and direct
Signature Look:
Tumbling red hair
Endearing Trait(s):
Just like Gibbs
Annoying Trait(s):

CGIS Special Agent Abigail Borin

Only child




In 7.18 Jurisdiction, she and her probie get the drop on Gibbs and Tony at the dead Navy divers house. They start a joint investigation and eventually discover the diver is not dead and had been working with the dead doctor's wife to find 10 million dollars hidden by the doctor. Throughout the episode, there are striking parallels between Borin and Gibbs: their coffee, their focus on the case, even the makeup and nature of their teams.

Borin returns in 8.11 Ships in the Night. She is on a blind date on a dinner cruise when one of her fellow passengers is murdered. She shows her deep expertise of marine vessels by immediately recognizing the type of pleasure craft from a seeing just a portion of its superstructure, and of currents in the area by predicting where a floating body must have entered the water in order to drift to the point at which it was found.

SEASON 9 NCIS and CGIS have another joint jurisdiction case in 9.05 Safe Harbor. During this episode, Borin takes a small interest in the efforts of DiNozzo and McGee to find a new romantic partner for Gibbs. They even suggest that Borin would be a good match; she declines, but she seems to hint at interest near the end of the episode. Once again, the similarities in approach and mannerisms between Gibbs and Borin are striking.

SEASON 10 10.04 Lost at Sea. The crew of a Navy helicopter drifts ashore after spending several days in a lifeboat. CGIS and Borin assist with the search and rescue operation while NCIS investigates the apparent crash. Ziva pranks DiNozzo and McGee by challenging them to get a date with the next woman they see (who she knows is going to be Borin) -- and then Ziva secretly tells Borin about the gag.

SEASON 1111.06 Oil and Water is Borin's "origin story". We learn that years earlier, while Borin was serving with the Marines, she led a security detail on an oil rig. An IED exploded while her team was boarding a suspicious vessel, killing three of her men including one that she dearly loved. The sight of him being hit by the blast and of what the blast had done to his body deeply affected her. "That was something I just couldn't come back from," she tells Gibbs. After leaving the Marine Corps, Borin found a new sense of purpose in CGIS, much like Gibbs found his purpose with NCIS. At the end of the episode, Gibbs offers Borin a job with NCIS. She declines -- for now.

  • "Should I call the Coast Guard?"
    "No need -- I AM the Coast Guard."
    8.11 Ships in the Night

  • "Your team thinks you're lonely. So, you lonely, Gibbs?" 9.05 Safe Harbor

  • "I didn't just lose three fellow Marines in that blast. Gibbs, I lost my Marine." 11.06 Oil and Water

  • "I don't think I'm finished with CGIS just yet. [...] I got a whole lot of lessons to teach Omagi before I let him take over."
    11.06 Oil and Water

  • Abby Sciuto has friendly nicknames for Borin: "Other Abby", "Agent Abby" and (when Borin arrives with Gibbs) "Gabs".
  • Borin served a tour of duty in Iraq as a Sergeant. During her time there, she lost her 'significant other' This devastated her and later she retired from the Marines for good with an unidentified rank.

  • Borin and Omagi getting the drop on Gibbs and DiNozzo, who failed to completely clear the house they were about to search. 7.18 Jurisdiction.
  • 34 years old as revealed in 7.18 Jurisdiction.

  • Borin's blind date in 8.11 Ships in the Night.

  • Her 'explosive' interrogation of the ship's cook that "enjoyed blowing things up, having fun and goofing off." 11.06 Oil and Water


7.18 Jurisdiction
7.18 Jurisdiction
7.18 Jurisdiction
7.18 Jurisdiction
7.18 Jurisdiction
8.11 Ships in the Night
7.18 Jurisdiction
8.11 Ships in the Night
8.11 Ships in the Night
8.11 Ships in the Night
8.11 Ships in the Night
8.11 Ships in the Night

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