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Abby Sciuto is played by Pauley Perrette. Young Abby was played by Brighton Sharbino.

Occupation / Title:
NCIS Forensic Specialist
Personality Type:
Abby is usually upbeat. She regularly gives and receives hugs. She is addicted to "Caf-Pow", a caffeine filled soda. Abby has strong work ethics. She believes in justice and is often her own worst critic. Talkative but not gregarious, Abby prefers to work alone. Anthropomorphises her testing equipment Major Mass Spec(trometer), Bert the hippo. The work group is "family". Like a daughter to Gibbs.
Signature Look:
She dresses Goth style; she has tattoos (especially the spider web on her neck), wears short skirts (they are certainly getting shorter) and tight pants, platform boots, and is fond of red and black and of course her white lab coat. She also wears her hair in high pigtails, braids or buns.
Endearing Trait(s):
Abby is upbeat, irrepressible, she adores gore, plays music very loudly, can communicate in sign language, defends her friends, loves and talks to her equipment, treats her friends as family, bowls with nuns, and is a goth. She is the one who keeps the team close and loves them, she is Gibb's favorite and always will be.
Annoying Trait(s):
She uses words that most of the other characters don't understand. On the other hand, Abby is said to be even less OTT than the actress who plays her and may be a perennially young character. Always has panic attack when a member of the team gets hurt.

Abby's Rules
(Includes all Team Rules)

Abby Sciuto S8

Talk about Abby!

Gloria (mother -- deaf, as was her father)
Luca (younger brother who she made bald when he was seven by super gluing him to a beam)
Uncle Larry (who may or may not have looked like a goofy tourist at Disneyland every summer)

Uncle Charlie (who owned a bar on Canal Street, where Abby used to bartend on the weekends)
Kyle Davis (biological brother)

In Season 9, Abby deduced that she had been adopted as a young girl.
Abby has been romantically linked to McGee, Mikel Mawher (a stalker), Marty Pearson (a forensic specialist),Simon Cade (a deceased NCIS special agent), and a taxi driver to whom she lost her virginity. She wants to marry her Mass Spectrometer and makes little Mass Spectrometers.
Tony, Gibbs, Ducky, McGee, Kate, Ziva, Palmer, Sister Rosita and the other nuns with whom she goes bowling, people from Habitat for Humanity (for whom she does electrical works), people with whom she shares Halloween in the cemetery (when she dressed as Marilyn Monroe), anyone who seems vaguely likable who crosses her path, Caf-Pow!
  • TONY- to Abby, Tony is kind of like a brother. They joke around a lot together.
  • GIBBS- Gibbs is definitely a father figure to Abby.She is like the daughter that he hadn't been able to have. They often talk together in sign language (although this has been known to annoy Tony) During Bloodbath, Abby spent the night at Gibbs's house. She has apparently done so quite a few times. Abby goes to Gibbs with a lot of things. He takes her out to dinner every year on the night before her birthday as a sort of "tradition." When Gibbs quit, Abby missed him so much that she ended up putting pictured of him on all her monitors. She also seemed to be the only person whom he gave the phone number to contact him.
  • DUCKY- Abby seems to be one of the few people (other then Palmer) who listens to Ducky's rambling. (She also entertained Ducky's mother when she visited NCIS.)
  • KATE- Kate and Abby were very close. Abby took Kate's death very hard. When Abby imagined Kate like every one else at NCIS was, Abby saw her with long blond hair and dressed very Gothic. Abby persuaded Kate to get a tattoo on her butt.
  • MCGEE- McGee and Abby had hinted at a relationship in the beginning of the show. They obviously liked each other. When McGee told Tony that he liked Abby, Tony told him that only if "he got the urge to tattoo his butt." McGee later told Tony that he did get a tattoo and decided to go with "Mom".female characters. Both Abby and McGee continue to get irrationally jealous when the other is attracted to someone else. Despite their former relationship Abby and Tim remain close friends and it is clear that Abby still adores her Timmy and McGee still loves Abs.
  • Ziva- Though in the beginning Abby clearly detested Ziva their relationship has changed dramatically over time and now Abby is excellent friends with Ziva, and missed her when she was in Israel.
Criminals, those who are sent to jail on the basis of her evidence, Ari, people who want to protect McGee from the heart breaker, Amy, in his novels; stalkers who have a strange obsession with death (this could include many of her friends), and her stalker ex-boyfriend,Chip, The Phantom (who kidnapped her when she was in LA with the other team)
Jefferson Parish, Louisiana (New Orleans).

  • Abby's main quirk in season one is that she is a Goth with extreme tastes in music. Her scientific mind and personality are strong and she is an independent and capable thinker. Her relationship with Gibbs is flirtatious, allowing fans to wonder whether they might ever pair up romantically or, with Abby, at least sexually. They do not have a father-daughter relationship. Abby is defiant and needles Gibbs at times. She is more co-conspirator when they sign to each other. The dynamic is more of equals in this early season.

  • The writers seem to realize that the better role for Abby is as a clever scientific woman with vulnerabilities. She becomes less flirtatious with Gibbs but more emotionally attached to him. As Gibbs has more than past lovers, the writers settle on making Abby Gibbs' surrogate daughter and hints of Gibbs' life ( the existence of a dead wife and daughter) start stacking up. Ari's arc is set up. Gibbs failed to protect the women he loves (Shannon and Kelly) and is open to psychological attack if the women he cares for (Kate and Abby) are exposed to danger.
  • The actress Pauley Perrette is much older than the character she plays, but we are never quite sure of how old Abby is. She has the longest working relationship with Gibbs in the NCIS Navy Yard HQ, besides Ducky. Jen hasn't worked with Gibbs in the US or, the Navy Yard office. All references to past work between Jen, Gibbs, and Ducky refer to their time in France. Abby has never failed Gibbs professionally. This keeps their working relationship balanced, as he is clueless in her fields of expertise. Their respect for each other is based on professional ability and reliability, as well as personal affection. Kate's death deeply affects Abby. She gives herself emotionally to those around her and was close to Kate. They tried to reform the boys' eating habits, with no luck. They organise bets with the boys and they split the profits when they win. Kate got a tattoo because of Abby's influence. Abby and Kate share a Catholic background but approach life in very different ways. Kate absorbed prudishness and guilt, and Abby developed a love of ritual, pageantry, coupled with an ability to be comfortable with people who wear strange clothes everyday.
  • Abby's need for physical affection is a recurrent theme, but she can become annoyed with others. Turning her back, is a sign to others. Being terse in her speech is a big warning signal. Gibbs is more impervious to her manipulation than Abby thinks and is willing to set her up to make false assumptions. He allows himself to be manipulated by her.

  • Abby as a target. Abby as a vulnerable woman in need of protection from the bad guys with guns. She works out her own way of dealing with risk and, while quirky, it is effective. Ari kills Kate and then pursues anyone else to whom Gibbs is close. Abby, as his surrogate daughter, is next in line after Kate. When shot at by Ari, through her lab window, Abby's reaction is to check out Tony's butt when he drags her out of range of the window. She distracts herself as a defense.
  • In Bloodbath, Abby is under attack from a crazed boyfriend whose activities mask the work of a hired gunman. She thinks about the places where fewest people die in USA and decides that the lift (elevator) will be her hideout. Gibbs sees nothing wrong with this and allows her to set up her work desk in the lift, which she rides for the next six hours. Whilst the boys in the team go into an inefficient "guard Abby" mode, which makes her look dependent, it is notable that three women (and Ducky) arm Abby with what she needs to look after herself: and in the end, Abby defeats her attacker by fighting him off and even being able to demand that he not look up her skirt when he is on the ground after being shocked with her tazer. Abby's weapons are a tazer (from Ziva), pepper spray from Cynthia, brass knuckles from the Director and a whistle alarm from Ducky. How the whistle can shatter her attacker's eardrums, but not her own when she employs it to attract attention is unexplained.
  • At the end of season 3, Gibbs, in disgust at the duplicity of his own side in the war on terror, resigns from NCIS. His farewell to Abby is public, in the squadroom. Abby looks on in shock and utters only a strangled "Gibbs..." before he silences her with a finger against her lips and a kiss on the cheek. As betrayals of trust go, it is serious, but he cannot stay and be true to himself. Gibbs knows what his departure means to Abby. He can't defend it so he says nothing. Abby later creates a Gibbs shrine by putting his picture on each of her computers, so he is 'with her' all the time. She talks to 'him' when things go badly in his absence. We learn of this coping strategy at the beginning of the 4th season when circumstances force Gibbs' return.

  • The beginning of the season is interesting, with Gibbs' departure Abby has transferred her hero-worship of her leader to Tony. She treats him as she once treated Gibbs, until Gibbs actually returns. Abby's desire for order and hierarchy is strange when one considers how comfortable she is in the hierarchical world of the church, despite being independent of belief (she plays with voodoo dolls and parties in cemeteries).
  • Abby has a role as relationship maintainer in her 'family'. When Gibbs is angry at the Director for sending Tony "home" (he is on undercover work, but Jen doesn't admit this), it is Abby who points out to them that "the kids don't like it when Mommy and Daddy fight," which shuts up both of the seniors, who look abashed.
  • Jen cares for Abby, who confides in her about her love for her 'short and sweet' man. Abby has also sought advice from Jen about whether she can wear biker boots to court. Abby is able to get on with anyone, but has more trouble reading Jen and Ziva than reading the men of NCIS. Girl talks were more common in series 2 or were implied to occur more frequently.
  • With the loss of Kate as confidante, Abby turns more to Gibbs, with hilarious results when he turns out to be the most inappropriate person, such as when she seeks advice on which tattoo to get next. She insists she needs his guidance until he queries where she is putting the tattoo. She realizes that he is right, Gibbs is not the person to ask. These are some of the very few times when Gibbs is allowed to look uncomfortable.
  • Abby's main quirk in this series is to be able to live in a dual reality of scientific rationalism and ethereal suspension of disbelief. In the episode, Cover Story, she takes McGee's book characters to heart in much the same way as the criminally insane man who attacked her and she tells McGee that Amy (Abby's character in the book) cannot marry McGee's character. She is distressed over the book's plot rather than her near-miss with a deranged killer. McGee is confused as he had had to make up the ending to the book during the showdown, so that the deranged killer would see Abby as a good guy, not a criminal. He announced that his character had realised that he loved Amy (Abby) and wanted to marry her. This declaration of love persuades the villain not to kill Abby, yet it is the declaration of love that distresses Abby. The audience is left to wonder if Abby is using the book as code for a warning McGee about their real-life on-off relationship, or whether she truly believes in the fantasy world of McGee's book in the same way that the villain did. This situation has Gibbs, who has turned his back to give Abby and McGee some privacy, wincing.
  • The charm of Abby is that we are wincing too, but we remain uncertain as to what we are wincing at. This creates more story arc potential for series 5. McGee is sweet and Abby, despite being cute, is not.

  • In episode 1, Abby's role is confined to forensics work, being the person with an unshakable belief that Tony cannot be dead, no matter the evidence, unless Ducky declares otherwise. Gibbs is her source of comfort and he remains willing to give her the physical affection that she needs and the professional affirmation that feed her motivation.
  • Abby's work ethic is irreproachable. She sleeps on the floor of her lab whilst waiting for her computers to process test results. McGee works all night upstairs with Gibbs. The Director sleeps in her office chair and Ziva, who has worried all night about Tony, turns up to work at 7am on her day off. Abby is clearly of a work-family with a shared belief system in the primacy of work. They do not do their work under duress. Abby assures the Director that she doesn't mind being in the lab all night to do a private job for the Director.
  • Abby will not keep a secret from Gibbs. She is allowed to tell him anything, including that the Director told her not to tell him (whatever it is). Trust, not love, is at the root of the relationship. The daughter/father metaphor is apt. The love is additional.
  • For all that Abby is a professional, she 'bonds' with those around her and finds it difficult to handle things related to their demise. The blood caked clothes of Director Shepard stop her in her tracks in the finale (Judgement Day) and she takes comfort in Gibbs. She decides to compliment people while she has the chance. She manages to say nice things about everyone's clothes, until McGee walks in. Abby hugs him and he is unaware that he just failed a sartorial compliments test. She remains humorous, even when she is being serious.
  • Abby tells McGee that she loves him and that "...that should be enough."

  • Last Man Standing - Abby deeply misses the former team when they are reassigned. She creates a wall with their pictures on it and even counts the days they have been gone. Though it is said that she still sees McGee on a regular basis, she misses the dynamic. She demands that Gibbs get them all back within two weeks, and to stop taking the stairs just because the elevator reminds him of the team.
  • Capitol Offense - Abby is still quite the kid at heart. She launches an investigation into "Who stole my Cupcake?", complete with the taping off of her fridge, fingerprinting of the team, and creation of a suspect photo wall. The hilarity comes from the fact she approaches it as though it were an actual case. She eventually discovers it was McGee, and he makes her drool with his description of the treat.
  • Cloak - Abby knows when to keep her mouth shut. She willingly allows herself to be implicated as the traitor at NCIS to help Vance and Gibbs rope in Lee. The team reads her easier than she expects, though, and she makes completely see through excuse.
  • Dagger - Abby isn't always nice and sweet. Despite knowing that Lee's "daughter" is in danger, she gives Lee the cold shoulder and even dismisses her right to her face.
  • Aliyah - Abby shows that over the years she has gotten to like Ziva and deeply cares for her as a friend.

  • Abby heads to LA to help the OSP team after a Chief Petty Officer was killed the Phantom, a serial killer Abby calls and been blogging about because he leaves no forensic evidence. The OSP team is reluctant at first but decided to follow along. Later, abby heads out to a bar she mentions on her blog with Eric. While Checking the hot rods in the back parking lot, The phantom attacks abby with a chemical restraint and drags her into his van and drives away. he keeps Abby is kept in a makeshift dungeon made with a bed, table for two, a video camera to keep an eye on her and a booby trapped door. She pretends to have an itch on her nose and makes the phantom, who is the concierge at a law firm, to show himself to scratch it away and bites him on the finger. The phantom is about to axe her when Callen comes down from the skylight and kills the phanttom and saves her from being a Phantom victim.
  • Abby is smitten by Alejandro Rivera's charm, which appears to make McGee jealous.
  • Abby was requested to go to Mexico to teach a class on cold cases. McGee was sent with her as her bodyguard. Abby decided to take her class on a field trip for a 20 year old case of Pedro Hernández, who was killed by a gunshot to the head. The truck Pedro was driving at the time he was shot/killed, was still in the same location so Abby realized based upon the evidence presented, it was a sniper shot, not point-blank range, as indicated in the police file. Paloma Reynosa, Pedro Hernández's daughter showed up at the crime scene and gave Abby the casing left from the shot that killed her father.
  • Abby continued to pursue the case of Pedro Hernandez's death and she matched the slug in Pedro Hernández's head to Gibbs' M40 sniper rifle from 20 years prior.
  • Locked the doors and confronted Gibbs because all the evidence pointed to Gibbs being Pedro Hernández's murderer. Gibbs tells her to do her job and send the report.


  • Enemy on the Hill: After offering to donate one of her kidneys to a teenager in need, Abby discovers that she has a long-lost brother. Unwilling to believe that her parents would have given up a child for adoption, Abby runs a DNA test on a strand of her mother's hair, and discovers that the only parents she knows were not her biological parents. She was apparently adopted while quite young. This is very unsettling for her, and she's unsure how to proceed. Gibbs reassures her of the support of her NCIS family while she works through the issues.

  • Abby: You have ten days. (Gibbs starts smiling) Okay, I don't wanna pressure you. So, twelve. But no more then two weeks. (Gibbs looks at her and walks away without saying anything) And stop taking the stairs! (elevator bell dings)

  • Abby: It's a squatting hug or a Squg if you will...but I digress.
  • Abby: (to Jenny and Gibbs) The kids don't like it when Mommy and daddy fight!
  • Abby: (McGee is observing "mold sex" Abby has found on a rope) Give them their privacy, McGee!
  • Abby: (To Gibbs) "Thank you sir!" (Gibbs) "Don't call me sir, Abby. (Abby) "Thank you ma'am!"
  • Abby (To Gibbs while giving up caffeine): This is a gift to you. It's decaf. I sleep at night! I actually eat food. It is so weird. You've gotta try it.
  • McGee: Why would I give flowers to a dog that attacked me?
    Abby: Um, maybe because dog is man's best friend or maybe because I am a forensic scientist and I can boil you from the inside out and never leave a trace
  • Abby: Aw! You and the director make nice Giblets, Gibbs.
  • Abby: Just remember, McGee. I am one of the only people, in the world, who can kill you and leave no forensic evidence.
  • Abby: We call that a Cupid's Bow. One time I got my lip stuck in a vacuum cleaner display at the department store. I lost, like, a quart of saliva before my cousin pulled the plug. I still have nightmares about it.I can't be alone with Apa-Filter. Palmer: How old were you? Abby: 22. It was, like, Fat Tuesday or Arbor Day.

  • Abby: you're not listening to a word I'm saying. I'm pregnant, McGee. Twins. Haven't told the father yet. It's Gibbs. I know it's wrong but something about his hair just gets me all tingly inside.

  • Abby: It's kind of funny, a non postal worker going postal on a postal worker. Not like ha-ha funny but comically, absurdly, amusing funny.Like ironic. Comedy is-is very subjective.

  • Abby is brilliant and goth. She has multiple tattoos. If you take away her Caf-Pow! she's a mess. She almost breaks her caffeine habit in Season 4.
  • Abby and McGee have slept together, the first time being when Abby offered McGee accommodation when he had to stay in DC unexpectedly. She didn't let him turn on the lights in her flat and told him the bed he slept on was a 'box sofa bed'. The next day, McGee is asked if he slept in her coffin. He is shocked that he slept in a coffin. Abby points out that 'that is not all you did'.
  • She may be a masochist.
  • An important aspect of her character is that she works alone in a basement most of the time. Abby is a people person and enjoys company. Her exuberance when receiving it can be extreme. The writers often use her skills as exposition. She enjoys company until a workmates are forced upon her. Abby understands that she works best alone. She may talk to her computers, but it is productive discussion. Gibbs checks in on her regularly, to get results from her work, and because he knows she needs human contact. His timing is uncanny and Abby develops a belief that he is psychic. Although this irritates Gibbs, he doesn't complain about her scatty views of him. Abby and Ducky use a web-cam to communicate.
  • Ducky acts as a surrogate grandfather and fellow scientist. Ducky shows Abby fondness and uses her given name (Abigail) to admonish her. Abby enjoys Ducky's stories, as does Palmer. There is a rivalry between Abby and Palmer for Ducky's attention. Abby informs Palmer when his humour is disturbing and shows him affection. Palmer enjoys her Halloween costume by getting the joke, rather leering at her.
  • Because there is privacy in Abby's lab, the other characters tend to confide in Abby. She knows much about each of them, and becomes a conduit for information about personal lives.
  • It is a mark of the powerful effect of the characters that one feels that Abby and Ducky are in every episode and are always "near by", when, in fact, the actors Perrette and McCallum have relatively light shooting schedules and are on set only a fraction of the time of the main four characters. They are rarely seen in the squad-room and are rarely seen with all of the main characters together at once. They seem wholly part of the team and are not ancillary characters. They have also drawn in Palmer and the Director in similar ways, although their presence is not as pervasive as Abby or Ducky.
  • In Designated Target, she professes love for McGee, but she does not seem to actually want a relationship because of her obvious commitment issues. She thinks being loved ought to be enough for McGee and for the moment it is.. Abby is the only character (perhaps apart from Ducky) who is not allowed to develop. Ironically, in her radical but constant goth guise, she is the most 'conservative' of the characters (in that her character seems to be conserved in aspic: even her backstory gets very little amplification beyond "she has poor taste in Caf-Powboyfriends). The contrast with Ducky is that he has had a full life and knows exactly who he is. Abby, one might have thought, has much of life yet to discover but the writers do not tap into the potential.
  • Abby's "Caf-Pow!" was actually Hawaiian Punch.
  • Abby once tried to Super-Glue her younger brother's head to a beam because she liked the Super-Glue commercial.
  • Abby likes to listen to music such as Suicide Commando, Brain Matter, Flesh Eating Foundation, Green Satan, and Android Lust
  • She talks to her machines, usually leading to quizzical looks from outsiders, particularly as she tends to refer to them as her "babies".
  • She refers to her lab as "Abbyville" (Season 6, 11/11/08) and "Labby" (sometime in season 5)
  • She hugs a stuffed hippo named Bert that makes farting sounds when squeezed. The farting sound is actually sound effects added in after filming.
  • She has a strong social conscience and displays a true affection for people. She bowls with nuns (who wear habits) and stays at their house (the Convent) when her own has plumbing problems. She fell in love with a little person (they don't like being called midgets), and she was distraught when he rejected her for being too tall.
  • She spends her free time on projects such as Habitat for Humanity, providing electrical wiring work on social housing projects, for which she recruits Tim McGee.
  • Abby's first instinct is usually to solve people's problems by hugging them. Abby is in touch with the zeitgeist but endearingly naive about people. She has not worked out that it is inappropriate to hug the Director when she is angry nor has she realized that Ziva doesn't know how to share emotions.
  • Abby treats sex in the much the same way as music. She can make Gibbs uncomfortable by disclosing sex-related information, such as "Good news: I am not pregnant" to which he responds "TMI" (too much information).
  • We know Abby's parents are deaf, explaining her affinity for signing. One of Abby's weaker points being that she is not good at lip reading, this appears in one of the episodes of the 4th season. We also know that she comes from a large family and that at least one of her sisters is deaf.h
  • Abby and Gibbs talk in sign language to the irritation of Tony who's always convinced they're taking the mick out of him. In the 4th season, we are given some indication that Hollis Mann may also have knowledge of signing.
  • She names her teeth
  • Has multiple lists; Worst 3 Ways To Die (Eaten by sharks, falling into a wood chipper and drowning in lava) and Places She Wants To Travel (Two are: Israel and Dollywood)
  • Is 'never getting married' ("Recoil" Season 5)
  • Abby hates wearing monkey suits when she has to go to court because she hates court. (She once had to wear a ridiculous suit when told that she was violating dress code.)
  • In Restless, she tells Gibbs how she convinced three boys to take her to a high school homecoming dance, and shows him a photo from the event. She doesn't appear to be goth at the time, and tattoos were apparent in the photo.
  • In Hide and Seek, Abby says that her family had a large tortoise named Herman that they used to ride everywhere (except to her grandmothers home, because Herman would eat her petunias). She always wanted a wagon instead. Her father said they could get a wagon when Herman died, but tortoises live a long time.
  • In 2.20 Red Cell, Abby says that her nickname is "Vampersteen", but she doesn't like the sound of it.
  • Abby's fashion statements:

    She can looks stylish and goth simultaneously. When she went to court, she wore a black skirt and white blouse.
  • Upon being ordered to adhere to the NCIS dress code, Abby puts on heels and a mauve polyester suit. She is distressed, which results in Gibbs being called to her lab where the rest of the team are non-plussed to see her looking so 'bizarre'. Tony describes her as looking like "career-girl Barbie". Ziva clumsily tries to make Abby feel better, by saying that she thinks Abby looks "nice". Abby is disgusted.
  • We see that much of Abby's distress is manufactured to manipulate Gibbs. Gibbs promises to handle the problem. Abby smiles and goes back to being an efficient forensic scientist, without shoes.
  • While Abby changes clothes, McGee sees the tattoo of a cross that takes up her whole back.
  • Abby wears period costumes: a poodle skirt and twin set from the 1950s for her bowling league with the nuns.
  • Abby wears a white lawn (flannel) nightdress with white and black lace and mob (granny) cap with same white and black lace as sleeping attire when she stays at the convent in Cover Story. She also wears black and white striped socks.
  • Abby dresses as Marilyn Monroe in a white halter-neck dress. She acts as if she doesn't know why the guys are drooling when they see her, as if she has forgotten the dress and blonde wig. Gibbs is amused to see her as a blonde and appreciative of the sight but head slaps Tony and McGee for being distracted by Abby.
  • Abby wears a red overall (jumpsuit) with witch of the west horizontal striped socks, when working as a tech. When she bends over to work on the car, McGee takes a long look at her posterior, until caught by Gibbs.
  • Abby's clothes need to be able to hide a power pack for the microphone that has to be hidden in her clothes to record her dialogue. In some episodes, it is difficult to see how this is achieved, but her white lab coat simplifies things in many scenes. The show also uses boom mikes which may explain the lack of a mike on her person in her scenes.
  • Abby was a cheerleader in high school.

  • 1.13 One Shot, One Kill - Abby performs her first autopsy on a baby head that has the sniper bullet that killed a marine recruiter that went into the box the baby head was. this was a great NCIS moment.
  • 3.21 Bloodbath - The famous Abby-gets-stalked episode, in which the team discovers their forensic specialist's life really isn't all sunshine, Caf-Pows, and studded collars when evidence is poisoned with cyanide and her creep of an ex-boyfriend (who cleans up crime scenes for a living) comes under their radar. There's some big Gibbs-Abby father-daughter moments in here, and we learn that Abby cannot only remain as rational as ever when heavily drunk, but can also cream you if you try to look up her skirt
  • 4.06 Witch Hunt - Abby dresses up as Marilyn Monroe for Halloween.
  • 4.20 Cover Story - This time, it's one of Thom E. Gemcity (aka our very own Timothy McGee)'s less stable fans out for Abby. To save her, Tim lies that he intended their characters to marry at the end of the next book. Abby, however, says that Amy (Deep Six's Abby) can't marry Tim's character, perhaps meaning she can't have or doesn't want a romantic relationship with Tim or that maybe she takes stories a little to literally.
  • 5.13 Dog Tags - Abby's harboring a killer! No worries, though, this is no trigger-happy nutcase. It's Jethro, a German Shepherd accused of murder and sentenced to death, unless Abby can heroically clear his name! Jethro and Abs have loads of chemistry, and even protest the ruling by locking themselves in the lab with a supply of Caf-Pow and kibble.
  • 10.13 Hit and Run - The current case reminds Abby of her childhood and how it shaped the adult we know today.

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