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We go through the alphabet (a to z) by coming up with a word that starts with the letter we are at, but this word must be related to NCIS.
For example, A is for Arrested.

Round 7

NCISgirl2119 A is for Anthony D. DiNozzo Jr
NCISgirl2119 B is for Boxed In - Season 3 Episode 12
NCISgirl2119 C is for Caff - Pow
NCISgirl2119 D is for DiNozzo
NCISgirl2119 E is for Evidence
NCISgirl2119 F is for Fornell
NCISgirl2119 G is for Gibbs
NCISgirl2119 H is for Head Case - Season 3 Episode 15
speacialagentkelsie I is for Interrogation
specialagentkelsie J is for Judgement Day- season 5 episode 18
specialagentkelsie K is for Kangaroo Cry- a song off the NCIS soundtrack
specialagentkelsie L is for love between tony and ziva
specialagentkelsie M is for Mcgee
specialagentkelsie N is for Nora Williams- as seen in season 7
specialagentkelsie O is for order takeout
specialagentkelsie P is for Palmer
specialagentkelsie Q is for Questioning
specialagentkelsie R is for report
specialagentkelsie S is for suspicion
specialagentkelsie T is for Tim
specialagentkelsie U is for United States military
specialagentkelsie V is for various suspects
specialagentkelsie W is for working together
specialagentkelsie X is for X-tremely amazing cast
specialagentkelsie Y is for yet another great episode
specialagentkelsie Z is for Ziva is the bomb

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