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airdate: December 15, 2009
written by: Gary Glasberg
directed by: Arvin Brown

When the enlisted son of retired Colonel-turned-preacher is found dead, the team believes he may be the victim of a hate crime. Meanwhile, Gibbs' father comes for a holiday visit. (CBS Synopsis)
  • Tony (to McGee): "Man up Chilly Willy. Feel that warm blood coursing through your veins. Get in touch with your inner McGrizzly Adams."
  • Tony offering Ziva $50 for her thermal underwear.
  • Gibbs telling his father to stop making his team fat when he brings them chocolates. Then telling Tony, as he reaches for another one, "Go ahead, have another one bubble butt."
  • Jackson sitting in Gibbs' chair....
  • Tony giving Dolores the present.
  • Tony (telling the bartender as he looks at a deer head mounted on the wall with lights on its antlers): "Santa’s looking for Rudolph, I think I know what happened."
  • Ziva calling the people "red throats" instead of rednecks.
  • Tony introducing Ziva as his probie at the bar and she is underestimated.
  • Tibbens telling Ziva she's probably never killed anything (if he only knew...).
  • Tony saying "oh no" right before the bar-fight.
  • Abby's skeleton Santa Claus and Caf-Nog (an old family recipe).
  • "How many languages do you speak anyway?” Tony says. “Including the language of love, ten,” Ziva says.
  • McGee saying "ho-ho-ho" and slapping hands with Ziva after Tony asked him if he told Delores Tony was her Secret Santa.
  • Abby's gingerbread "Abby cookies." Ziva says, "I'm sorry I could never eat you."
  • In Abby's lab saying she's been visited by the 3 ghosts of Christmas (A Christmas Carol) and Ziva saying "ba humbog" instead of humbug."
  • Ducky (to Jackson after a few drinks): "Ah yes, there is Christmas shopping to be done and a roose to be goasted."
  • Ducky (to Gibbs): "It's nothing personal Jethro but I don't think he came here for your uplifting holiday cheer. Martha Stewart you are not."
  • McGee making a call on behalf of 'Admiral Nicholas Whitebeard" who oversees the Northern "Polar" region.
  • "Happy Hanukkah" - Ziva to the "Red Throat"
  • Tony (paraphrasing a Christmas song) : "All I want for Christmas is a clue trail !"
  • The entire time that Jackson tells Ducky about when Jethro left the gate open and had to 26 sheep.
More NCIS Quotes

  • Tony is nice - finds the perfect present for Dolores. A doll she wanted when she was 8 years old but never got.
  • Ziva's face showing emotion when Tony gave Dolores the gift.
  • Tony's smile when he makes Dolores happy.
  • McGee and Ziva are being pranksters themselves by telling Dolores who her Secret Santa is.
  • Gibbs is making toys for the Children's hospital instead of a boat in his basement and asks his father if he wants to help.
  • Jackson asking Gibbs how he does it, look someone in the eye as he kills them. Gibbs tells him it's not supposed to be easy. It's a tender moment between father and son.
  • McGee being able to get a hold of the little boy's mom and surprising him with her in MTAC. Proves he is just as good with children as Gibbs is.


  • Gibbs doesn't like his father's stroganoff but we don't find out why.
  • Abby's best friend is Carol Wilson.
  • Meredith Eaton, who plays Carol Wilson, was married to Michael Gilden, who played Abby's love interest Marty Pearson in Season 4


  • 7.11 Ignition When a Navy pilot is found dead under strange circumstances in a secluded area, the team finds themselves battling a no-nonsense attorney with a hidden agenda.



  • Joe Regalbuto (Marine Colonel George Ellis)
  • Corey Reynolds (Navy Lt Cmdr Aaban El-Sayad)
  • Brando Eaton (Patrick Ellis)
  • Lindsay Pulsipher (Tina Ellis)
  • Meredith Eaton (Carol Wilson)
  • Aaron McPherson (Marine First Sergeant Louis Tibbens)
  • Jenna Gavigan (Lara)
  • Kristopher Higgins (Dean)
  • Rochelle Greenwood (Navy Ensign Cara Blake)
  • Kate Fuglei (Delores Bromstead)
  • Harrison Forsyth (Fisher Blake)


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What movie/television show did he quote this time?
  • Hee Haw (1969 Television series)
  • A Christmas Carol (Charles Dickens)
  • They Call Me MISTER Tibbs! (1970)
  • The Grinch
  • Newhart (1982 Television series)

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  • Probette
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  • Bah, Humbog
  • Red Nose / Red Neck
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7.10 Faith
Gibbs and Jackson Gibbs
7.10 Faith
Ducky and Gibbs
7.10 Faith
Gibbs' Father
7.10 Faith
7.10 Faith
Phoof #1
7.10 Faith
Phoof #2
7.10 Faith
Phoof #3

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DustyWhite Ziva-ism correction 1 Sep 29 2010, 5:58 PM EDT by DustyWhite
Thread started: Sep 29 2010, 5:37 PM EDT  Watch
She says: "So this is where a redthroat would hang out after being overseas for months." (not red-nose as listed above) Tony replies "Redneck." His comment about Rudolph that immediately precedes this is priceless.
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Last episode of 2009 before hiatus.... and the holiday episode with Gibbs' dad.... it looks to be a good one!!
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Tuvok101 A normal error to make when shooting in California. 7 May 4 2010, 5:59 PM EDT by Snoopmary
Thread started: Apr 20 2010, 3:37 PM EDT  Watch
At the beginning of the episode, when Gibbs is removing the snow on his windshield,
he uses a plastic scraper made to remove ice from car windows.
He should have been using something like this :


With the snow Washington had this winter, it would have been a good investment ;-)

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