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airdate: November 10, 2009
written by: Gary Glasberg
directed by: James Whitmore, Jr.

With the team's help, Vance faces his demons while uncovering a complex relationship with a killer that puts his whole family in danger.

  • DiNozzo talking to Ziva in the women's bathroom.
  • Amanda answering the phone in McGee's pocket in the coffee shop.
  • McGee's self help tapes, "Download Your Destiny."
  • Abby's happiness for McGee when he tells her that he met someone (but we can sense she still feels something for him). Then she rambles about Eric from LA.
  • McGee thinking he should join a Monastery.
  • Linda DiMarco shooting at McGee and DiNozzo. “Who do you think you are, Sarah Palin?” Tony asks.
  • Tony commenting how the Director showing up at a crime scene isn't kosher - Ziva's look of puzzlement after.
  • "Oh, oogling the numbers of the new girl. Look at you McDigit. I'm having a Kreskin like intuition here. Is she a redhead? She is. Look at you, pulling a page from the Gibbs playbook," Tony to McGee.
  • "Text sex huh? Will you ask her what a question mark wedged with 2 dollar signs means because it sounds kinda kinky," Tony to McGee.
  • "Oh don't tell her that. Tell her you've arranged a water bed, some squirt guns, and a little bit of candle wax. Listen to Madonna too, women like Madonna," Tony to McGee.
  • Gibbs brings Abby 2 cups of Caf-Pow - one is "No Caf-Pow" no caffeine in it and it's blue, rather than red.
  • Ending voiceover: “Who we are might be predetermined. The path we follow is always of our own choosing. We should never Never allow our fears or the expectations of others, to set the frontiers of our destiny. Your destiny can’t be changed but it can be challenged. Every man is born as many men and dies as a single one.”
  • DiNozzo: "He was Kai-jacked." McGee: "Did you really just say that?" DiNozzo: "I'm regretting it already."
  • Gibbs reaction when DiNozzo said that the doctor and Pak Su Ji never had kids.

More NCIS Quotes

  • McGee is gaining more confidence in himself especially when it comes to women.
  • Ziva and McGee continue to throw insults at Tony to shut him up. The duo seem to get along very well.

  • Vance is burdened by his past with the death of his old partner, Neil Wilson, 17 years ago. He hasn't forgotten that Neil left behind a wife and child.

  • Jackie, Vance's wife, sums up the courage to shoot Kai and finished what Leon did not finish 17 years ago in Prague when Kai put one in his shoulder and two in his partner.


  • Kai is the first villain to make a crossover from NCIS: Los Angeles to NCIS.


  • 7.08 Power Down The team literally finds themselves in the dark when the investigation into the death of a lieutenant is connected to a city-wide blackout.


McGee - The Stud


  • Kelly Hu (Lee Wuan Kai)
  • Todd Lowe (NCIS Special Agent Chad Dunham)
  • Lindy Booth (Amanda Barrow)
  • Penny Johnson Jerald (Joanne Torrence)
  • Alla Korot (Linda DeMarco)
  • Theodore Perkins (Army Cadet Clay Waring)
  • Leonard Wu (Navy Midshipman Alex Delapena)


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What movie/television show did he quote this time?
  • White Heat
  • White Nights
  • Planet of the Apes

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7.07 Endgame
Vance + Ducky
7.07 Endgame
7.07 Endgame
Tony, Gibbs + Ziva
7.07 Endgame
Vance, Ducky, Gibbs, McGee, Tony + Ziva
7.07 Endgame
Gibbs + Ziva
7.07 Endgame
Phoof #1
7.07 Endgame
Phoof #2
7.07 Endgame
Phoof #3

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When Kai first goes to the house Vance takes a gun from a hutch when Jackie shoot Kai you can see a lock box open behind her in the hutch. I was looking closely because I knew she would shoot Kai. She loves her hubby and you protect those you love.
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