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airdate: September 22, 2009
written by: Jesse Stern
directed by: Dennis Smith

As the hunt for Ziva's replacement begins, Gibbs and his remaining team members must head back to work with the past still weighing heavily on their minds.

  • Gibbs drinking H2O!
  • Tony is a smart mouth even with "truth serum" in him. His description of Gibbs being a "functional mute." And generally just blabbering. "I got my BS in the streets."
  • The scene in Abby's lab, when they are all explaining things but no one is listening.
  • Tony and Tim are following Abby around the evidence table in her lab for a couple of circuits.
  • When McGee tells Abby and Tony they will have to do one of 2 things, both illegal: either hack into Mossad or hack into Vance. The newbie, Becky, overhears them and quits on the spot. And they picked the Mossad instead of Vance to hack!
  • McGee saying he wants to buy a pair of red leather pants, something that really cradle his butt. :)
  • When Tony thinks Ziva is dead and everyone is talking to him: McGee: "Blah, blah, blah, computer stuff, blah blah." Ducky: "Autopsy report" Abby: "Words and things and emotions." He did hear "Thanks for listening Tony." And the only thing he heard from Gibbs was "Grab your gear!"
  • While still dazed Tony hears Gibbs say "Some idiot snuck a koala on a submarine."
  • Tony : "Remember I told you my boss is a sniper?" (last thing Saleem heard)
  • McGee shouting peace in Arabic when they are taken prisoner
    DEA Agent Claire Connell giving Tony a very FIRM handshake
    DEA Agent Claire Connell running out of the interview room with Gibbs crying while Tony and McGee discuss how unflappable she is. Gibbs pushes the file to Tony's chest and says "Strike One!"
  • Tony's definition of the word "Pah"
  • When Tony is in the Observation room with Officer Heather Kincaid, and Gibbs is in the Interrogation room with DiMarco, and they say the same words simultaneously.
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  • Ziva is emotionally damaged as well as physically hurt.
  • McGee seems to be emotionally grown up. No longer the boy in a man's body.
  • Tiva seems to be ever evolving. When Tony is on the truth serum he says that he cannot live without her. He says this quite sarcastically however truth is evident. And tells her not to ask any questions she doesn't want an answer for.
  • It seems Tony's back to his old comrade the shoulder holster, albeit it is now a vinyl/fabric one instead of leather.
  • Tony and Tim seem to develop a nice team dynamic
  • Tony is treating Tim as an equal not a "Probie" anymore.
  • Tony dared to tell Gibbs "No!"
  • Gibbs and Vance seem to have come to a better understanding of each other. Vance just agreed with Gibbs that he didn't like that they didn't know any more and Gibbs understood it as an "OK" to "gathering more Intel." (Plausible deniability)
  • Gibbs is back in the camouflage suit for the rescue mission and shot Saleem through the head and signaled the attack.
  • It looks like killing Saleem shows that Gibb's skills as a sniper are still on!

  • Saleem Ulman drinks Caf-Pow! a habit he acquired at Yale, enough to have it imported from the US every few months.
  • Saleem Ulman broke Rule #1 - Never let suspects sit together

  • Gibbs is wearing a MARINES t-shirt on arrival back at HQ.
  • The Israeli children's song which Abby and McGee sang is called "Chad Gadya," and is a real and originasong sung in Aramaic and is sung at the end of Passover seders. The songs's story is about a goat that was eaten by a cat, which was bitten by a dog, which was hit by a stick, which was burned by fire, which was extinguished by water, which was drunk by an ox, which was slaughtered by a Shohet (a slaughterer) who was killed by the Angel of Death who was was killed by God.
  • When Gibbs and DiNozzo leave Vance's office, DiNozzo volunteers himself and McGee for the recon mission before even asking Gibbs what he is going to do. Gibbs tells him: "You don't wanna know". Gibbs having been a Marine, and knowing the likelihood that when someone is captured, DiNozzo will be chemically interrogated with an injection.Gibbs is aware just how important Operational Security (OPSEC) is. The production's subtle tip of the hat is that most of their discussion takes place in front of a giant OPSEC poster

  • How did Gibbs get to the camp so fast? He was like 1000m away.
  • Why was Ziva wearing a rain coat in the desert, and where did it come from?
  • And...how DID the boat get out of the basement?? =) ("Scotty, beam that boat directly to the nearest marina?" )
  • How did Tony's arm heal so quick? No sign of it in the May flashback.
  • If they had truth serum, why did the terrorists beat Ziva? and why did they keep her alive for 3 months, if she was disposable?
  • Did the truth serum actually work, or was it just part of the plan?


  • 7.02 Reunion When Gibbs is given the final word on Ziva's future with NCIS, he finds the decision harder to make then he ever expected. The team discovers the bizarre death of a Marine and his two friends may be linked to their past, but it's Gibbs who ends up taking a trip down memory lane.


  • Omid Abtahi (Saleem Ulman)
  • Noa Tishby (DEA Agent Claire Connell)
  • Todd Lowe (NCIS Special Agent Chad Dunham)
  • Mercedes Mason (Police Officer Heather Kincaid)
  • Marcus Brown (Navy Petty Officer Dominic Dimarco)
  • Sonita Henry (Captain Rebecca "Becky" Hastings, USAF)


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  • True Lies
  • Bad Day at Black Rock

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7.01 Truth or Consequences
DiNozzo and McGee
7.01 Truth or Consequences
DEA Agent Claire Connell
S. 7  Ep. 1 - Tony DiNozzo...
S. 7  Ep. 1 - Tony - interrogation...2009
S. 7  Ep. 1 - Tony DiNozzo in interrogation.
S.7 Ep. 1 Truth and Consequence
DiNozzo and Gibbs

S. 7  Ep. 1 Truth or Consequence
Vance and Gibbs
Episode 7.1 Truth or Consequences
DiNozzo, McGee and Gibbs
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Sorgiña Season 7 Premiere 22/09/09 - Tell us what you think (page: 1 2 3) 49 Apr 14 2015, 11:16 AM EDT by Sorgiña
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Please tell us what you thought of S7 premiere - Did you like it? Why? Were you disappointed? Why? Let's have your thoughts on it , positive or negative after you've seen premiere tonight.
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judgerobin season 7 episode one 7 Apr 12 2015, 2:24 PM EDT by Unknowngirl15
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This was the greatest episode of all time the entire cast was outstanding!
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orton0384 OK Lets just all calm down now ... 0 Feb 2 2011, 1:24 PM EST by orton0384
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In 1992 when Chuck Norris felt like retiring in May 2001 CBS network scrambled to save their ratings. In 1951 they had stolen Chuck's DNA. The clone they created was not perfect however, he was 60% Norris 30% Human and 10% Epic. They code named him and began his JAG/marine training. His name is Mark Harmon. In a show called NCIS he single handedly saved CBS one episode at a time.

As proof of this in this episode people have asked. "HOW DID GIBBS GET FROM ALMOST 20 MILES AWAY TO THE BASE IN 1 MINUTE?!?!"

This is a simple answer. It may even save your life. There was a film called invasion usa. in that film a scene occurs where russians wanna bomb a church. they have a stooge put a briefcase bomb on the church steps. the 3 other baddies watch from about 60 feet away. The stooge attaches wire from a spool to the briefcase to make it go boom later. He then unravels the wire walking back to the 3 other terrorists. Mind you the other terrorists are WATCHING the church where the bomb is on the front step. It gets better.

The stooge gets to his 3 amigos and then attaches a remote detonator to the wire to make the briefcase go kablooey. However, when he presses the button nothing happens. And then....

chuck Norris is standing above them in back of them standing on top of a 5-6 floor building. He is holding the briefcase. and guess what? the wire is still atached. he sliced off a part but the wire can still be connected to spark a charge. he then utters his cheese line and blows them up by chucking the bomb down and attaching the wire.

Now seeing as to mark harmon=chuck norris we all know how gibbs got from point A to point B so fast and inexplicably. Your welcome. Have a nice day folks!
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