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airdate: February 24, 2009
written by:
George Schenck, Frank Cardea
directed by: Thomas J. Wright
The death of a NCIS agent leads Gibbs and Tony into the desert to locate a woman who holds the answer to the mystery. (CBS Press Release 2-3-09)

  • Tony not seeing the phone number on the card at the crime scene and then saying to Gibbs: "Oh, good eye, boss. I wonder how I missed that."
  • The policeman's reaction to Abby showing up at the crime scene: "Special Agent Gibbs, we've got a woman insisting on talking to you, claims she's with NCIS, a real weirdo, wearing a (something I couldn't hear) and a dog collar, like she would be with you!" Gibbs, holding back laughter: "She is". Policeman, flustered: "You're serious?"
  • Tony's horse losing a "contact".
  • Gibbs and team finding out Tony owes someone else money.
  • When Tony finds out that he didn't earn money but owes someone money (10,000 + extra), namely his uncle Clive. He is almost crying when he says: ''It's only money.''
  • When the Sheriff asks if Tony is going to a dance, cause he is wearing fancy cowboy boots.
  • When Tony says his uncle's name is Clive, and they all assume Clive DiNozzo
  • When Tony speaks like the sheriff.
  • When Abby turns around and expects to see Gibbs and it is really Ducky.
  • When McGee is nervous on the boat because Tony wouldn't help him to find evidence
  • When Tony speaks to the solicitor's office he is on his cell phone. However, when we see him from McGee's desk he is on his desk phone. When we go back to the close shot, Tony's back on his cell phone.
More NCIS Quotes

  • Tony covered up for McGee when he was late saying that they got hung up in traffic.
  • McGee lost the bulk of his " book money" in a Hedge Fund.
  • Tony, contrary to what he told Jeanne Benoit, cannot ride a horse.
  • The surname of Tony's mom is Paddington
  • DiNozzo says Arizona does not suit him at all
  • Gibbs shows his sniper skills by shooting the helicopter pilot.
  • Gibbs looks pretty good on horseback.

  • South By Southwest is also the title of a Young Adults' mystery/espionage novel by Anthony Horowitz where the main character takes money from a stranger who later dies a violent death, and is forced to throw people off masquerading as a government agent and convincing the police of his innocence, all the while figuring out what a Russian art collector, a Dali painting, an assassin with a missing finger, and an MI6 agent have to do with the mysterious man.
  • South by Southwest is also a play on words on the classic Alfred Hitchcock movie starring Cary Grant, "North by Northwest" a movie where a business man is mistaken for a government agent.
  • South by Southwest is also the name of a major music festival in Austin, Texas
  • The name of the painter Dina Risi is the female version "Dino Risi", name of the famous Italian film director. One of the masters of Commedia all'italiana, he directed different films like: Scandal in Sorrento; Poor, But Handsome; The Easy Life; and Scent Of A Woman, which was remade in 1992, starring Al Pacino.
  • This episode must have taught you that you should not chase a former sniper. If you do, you will regret it.
  • Tony made reference to the movie Scent of a Woman and one of the stars, which included Chris O'Donnell who also stars in NCIS: Los Angeles.




  • 6.18 Knockout Gibbs' digs into Vance's past after the director borrows his team for an Investigation into a friends murder.

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  • Lance Henriksen (Sheriff Clay Boyd)
  • Tim Guinee (Jerome Sax)
  • Mira Furlan (Dina Risi)
  • Patrick St. Espirit (Navy Commander Weidman)
  • Robert Ri'Chard (Navy Seaman Richard Zell)
  • Matt Miller (NCIS Agent Jack Patterson)
  • Zach Lewis (NCIS Mailroom Clerk Roy)
  • Barry Livingston (Bart Lemming)
  • Aaron Norvell (Uniformed Cop #1)
  • John Roderick Davidson (Uniformed Cop #2)


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6.17 South by Southwest
6.17 South by Southwest
6.17 South by Southwest
6.17 South by Southwest
Sheriff Clay Boyd
6x17 South by Southwest Large
Sheriff Boyd, Gibbs and Tony
6.17 South by Southwest
6.17 South by Southwest
Gibbs and Abby
Gibbs and Lemming
Gibbs and Commander Weidman

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All those of you lucky enough to watch tonight's latest NCIS episode this is the place to talk about it. Tell us what you think, what you liked and didn't like about the episode. Looks like it could have some Tony-humour tonight with him mounting a horse. Will he fall out of the saddle do you think?
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Here are the overnight Nielsen Ratings for episode 17 "South by Southwest"...There was no American Idol or really any other shows last night for NCIS to compete with due to the Presidential Address...

Show ------- 18-49 Rating / Share --------- Total Viewers in Millions

1.NCIS (8-9 pm) -------- 3.8 / 11 -------- 17.92 Mil.

2.NBC Pres. Address (9-10:30 pm) ------- 3.2 / 8 ------- 10.06 Mil.

3.CBS Pres. Address (9-10:30 pm) ------- 2.2 / 6 ------- 9.75 Mil.

4.Biggest Loser (8-9pm) ------- 3.6 / 10 -------- 9.65 Mil.

5.ABC Pres. Address (9-10:30 PM) ------- 2.4 / 6 ------- 8.24 Mil.

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