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airdate: September 23, 2008
written by: Shane Brennan
directed by: Tony Wharmby

The surprising secret behind Gibbs' new team is revealed as well as Director Vance's decision to split up Gibbs' team in the sixth season premiere of NCIS. (CBS Press Release)

  • Poor Gibbs! That whole scene with his new team was so funny. He really misses his "kids".
  • McGee to Tony: "Don't be such a girl."
  • In a nutshell there were a lot of funny moments! Where to begin....
  • When Lee admitted she'd been sleeping with Palmer. Vance and Gibbs confronted Palmer in the morgue. Palmer kept switching gears from scared to serious to comedy. It was priceless. When he looked at Gibbs with that smirk and said "We had to change where we did it when Doctor Mallard almost caught us...." Then admitted they "did it" in the paint locker and Palmer told Vance "She must get off on the fumes."
  • When Tony was talking to McGee via satellite. He made a smart remark about Gibbs who let his presence be known. Tony headslapped himself. (Not the first time he has done so, but funny to watch anyway.)
  • When Abby told Gibbs how many days the team had been gone, and how long she would give him to get the team back.
  • The "geeks" in Cyber Crimes calling McGee "Boss" as Gibbs walks into the room. Their faces when they hear McGee call Gibbs "Boss".
  • The shocked look on Gibbs' face when McGee could not/would not tell Gibbs what he was doing, and McGee just stuttering in the cute way only McGee can do.
  • Right after that ^ happened, Gibbs slapped McGee's face.
  • Tony on the ship pretending he is talking to his Dad and complaining about his little brother, while attempting to perform a task essential in helping Gibbs and McGee. Calling Gibbs "Dad."
  • When Gibbs was talking to Ziva when she was with her dad, he said, "We miss ya, Ziver."
  • Abby telling McGee to pinch her then hitting him when he does.
  • Gibbs and Ducky in autopsy - Ducky: "Did I miss something?" Gibbs;"The pillow." Ducky: "The pillow?" Gibbs: "Yeah, the pillow." Ducky (nonplussed, to himself, as Gibbs leaves): "The pillow...?"
  • Abby talking about how she would kill someone, 'not that she would, but if she did', and coming full circle with her little rant.

More NCIS Quotes

  • Agent Lee is a bad guy this season.
  • Ziva's father's name is Eli. He loves his daughter very much and although sad to see her go, realized he had to.
  • We learn Vance's daughter's name is Kayla.
  • Also, we appreciated Vance as the director now. Not such a bad guy after all. Vance also loves the sport of boxing, to be specific Ali's fight that only lasted a few moments. Vance's remark about Ali's opponent being accused of taking a dive, in other words, people not receiving the credit due them because people have doubts about one's capabilities to get the job done. I loved that reference.
  • Ziva can really sing and in that dress and silver heels, she can really attract any guy.
  • Both Ziva and McGee hold out a bit when telling Gibbs that they miss Tony too and not only each other.
  • McGee has a bad poker face. Could see right through it when the name of the man he was investigating came up.


  • We learn that 6 months prior, Gibbs received a phone call from Langer asking him to assist him in making the crossover from FBI to NCIS Agent. Gibbs supported him in making that move.
  • When Ducky walked into the morgue, he greeted Gibbs as "Good Morning Dr. Gibbs."
  • In the first scene Ziva dances sensually for a man at the bar. When people start walking out, he follows them. Later, in Eli David's office, that same man is there again and he leaves the room with Ziva after she kisses her father goodnight.
  • When Gibbs, McGee and Vance were looking at the file that Tony sent to them, Vance said they were plans on the invasion of Israel, but the map was of Iraq.






  • Jonathan Mangum (NCIS Agent Daniel T. Keating)
  • Jemmy O'Hara (Alice Brodie)
  • Eric Hungmann (Andy Pringle)
  • Austin Bass (Dallas)
  • Natalie Denise Sperl (Milaana Shishani)
  • Brian Duane Roberts (Thomas Owen)
  • Bradford Anderson (Second Geek)
  • Jerry Shea (Third Geek)
  • Jill Czarnowski (Girl Geek)
  • Andrew Hwang (Nervous Asian Man)


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Last Man Standing (Large)
Director Leon Vance
Last Man Standing (Large)
Lee, Langer + Keating
Last Man Standing (Large)
6.01 Last Man Standing - NCIS
6.01 Last Man Standing - NCIS
Vance and Gibbs
6.01 Last Man Standing - NCIS
Ziva and Eli
6.01 Last Man Standing - NCIS
6.01 Last Man Standing - NCIS
Director Vance + Langer

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bagpuss2 So what really happened then? 0 Nov 21 2009, 6:23 AM EST by bagpuss2
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I have always had a problem with that flashback at the end of this episode. As member JMK 758 pointed out shortly after it aired , it contradficted what was seen in "real time" by us the audience, and what Gibbs and Vance were hearing. Langer WAS shooting at her (and THIS IS IMPORTANT) in what was clearly NOT a flashback. So what really did happen? IMHO we may never know. It is also suggested in the above transcript that Langer didn't have his gun. Did she steal it so she could gun him down in cold blood? The evil little minx! How would she know to do that? She didn't. It never happened that way.

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reem56 .... 0 Apr 9 2009, 9:57 PM EDT by reem56
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i love this ep
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manitilde 4 months 3 Apr 2 2009, 2:17 PM EDT by manitilde
Thread started: Mar 27 2009, 3:13 PM EDT  Watch
okay, is it four months after Jenny's death that Gibbs walks in, or four months after the explosion in Morocco? Because it seems to me to be the later.
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