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airdate: May 20, 2008
written by:
Part 1: Steven D. Binder, David J. North
Part 2: Steven D. Binder, David J. North and
Christopher J. Waild

directed by: Thomas J. Wright
In a special two hour season finale Tony and Ziva are assigned to protect Director Shepard as she attends the funeral of retired NCIS Special Agent William Decker. Agent Decker's autopsy was ruled a suicide, but at the funeral Jenny discovers it was murder, and during her investigation the team will have to deal with the loss of one of their own.

  • Tony is seen stopping the car in the middle of the desert, gets out, and screams. He turns around and gets back into the car. Turning to Ziva he calmly asks, "So, 'Turn right at the big cactus?'" Ziva just as calmly says, "That's what he said."

  • Abby doing CPR on Bert, who farts with each compression. And Bert represents the chest of Tony, whose picture is attached to a broom handle, to keep Abby company whilst he is in California.

  • Tony rents a car red Mustang with white stripes.What a car.

  • Ducky and Abby and Palmer role play Tony, Ziva and Gibbs. But when Gibbs actually turns up, Palmer takes fright and takes off.

  • Abby gives compliments on everyone's clothes including Gibbs (which provokes a smile from him) but she flounders when faced with McGee's sartorial choices. So she just hugs him instead.

  • Ducky calls McGee "Probie" says "He is right behind me, isn't he." Ducky was really acting like DiNozzo.
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  • Gibbs is godfather to Mike Franks' granddaughter ("Go back to Mexico. Give my goddaughter a hug for me.")

  • Gibbs says that the way he got Jenny to become able to kill was by teaching her "to accept". By implication, this is Gibbs' analysis of what makes a person like himself, like Jenny, able to kill others and not let it get to them.

  • Franks' liking for operating outside the box is so well known that both Jenny (whom Franks didn't know when she first phoned him in Mexico) and Vance take it as granted.

  • Tony's reaction to guilt is to close in on himself and to be self-accusatory and to think that everyone else is thinking badly of him.

  • Although she argued repeatedly that she and Tony should be providing protection for Jenny, Ziva does not give any indication that she blames Tony for what happened.

  • McGee is already calling Vance "boss".

  • Vance is more computer-savvy than McGee on cyber encryption.

  • Vance regards the toothpick as a badge of honour.

  • Franks is religious enough to have had his granddaughter baptised as a Christian, even though the mother is Muslim....

  • Abby cannot bring herself to praise McGee's dress sense, even in the most extreme emotional state where she manages to praise Gibbs' dress sense. But she does give him a hug, but only after thinking about it quite hard.

  • Franks does not normally apologise. Gibbs does not expect him to apologise for not saving Jenny. Franks then does say that he is sorry.

  • Gibbs does not like to actually hear words of sympathy: when people start to say it, he cuts them off with "I know" or "It wasn't your fault". Gibbs truly likes to let things that 'go without saying' be left unsaid.

  • Jenny regrets giving up Gibbs to pursue her five year plan.

  • We finally find out what mission Gibbs and Jenny were on in Paris when they became lovers: it was an assassination mission. Gibbs and Decker killed their targets, but Jenny couldn't bring herself to kill hers. N.B. Are we sure Decker's target wasn't the one who survived? That was my impression.


  • The page that Dir Vance removed from his file: can anyone read it? (Approximate Text of the page here)
  • Although they mention twice that the Director was dying, they never reveal what exactly is wrong with her. We do know that she would not have had a quick death, that it would be long and painful and that it would involve loss of motor skills which implicates a neuro-degenerative disorder. No wonder she was willing to do that last stand at the OK Corral.

  • Gibbs obtains the file for Le Granouille in this episode. As he slices it open in the basement, we see it has a Bureau File Number of 8675309, which is a reference to the 80's hit "Jenny" by Tommy Tutone. This is the same FBI file that Jethro was trying to get from Agent Fornell in a prior episode.

  • In the season 6 DVD feature on the starting story arc, Shane Brennan says that the death of Michelle Lee in "Dagger" was originally planned to be that of Jenny in "Judgement Day".




  • 6.01 Last Man Standing The surprising secret behind Gibbs' new team is revealed as well as Director Vance's decision to split up Gibbs' team in the sixth season premiere of NCIS.

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  • Betsy Rue (Sasha Gordon)
  • Oleg Taktarov (Viggo Drantyev)
  • Jeff Witzke (Attendant)
  • Terrence Hardy (George)
  • Wyatt Smith (Frankie)
  • Reginald James (LAPD Det. Monroe)
  • Marc Vahanian (William Decker)
  • Oleg Taktarov (Viggo Drantyev)
  • Kathleen Gati (Natasha Lenkov)
  • Sheila E. Frazier (ZNN Reporter Debra Green)
  • Mike Muscat (File Clerk)


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5.18 Judgement Day
Ziva, Tony
5.18 Judgement Day
Detective Monroe, Tony, Ziva
5.18 Judgement Day
Ziva, Tony, Detective Monroe
5.18 Judgement Day
Ziva, Tony
5.18 Judgement Day
Ziva, Tony
5.18 Judgement Day
Ziva, Tony, Gibbs and Vance
5.18 Judgement Day
Gibbs, Vance
Judgement Day
Mike Franks, Gibbs

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