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airdate: November 20, 2007
written by: David North
directed by: Martha Mitchell
The NCIS team plays babysitter to a 10-year-old boy whose father is wanted in connection with a cold case murder. Their search for the man, a trained survivalist, leads them into the wilderness where they discover the startling truth about his past. (CBS Press Release)

  • Tony being totally oblivious to the fact that Carson is just like him.

  • Tony to McGee in Scout uniform. "Seriously probie, i don't make enough fun of you?"

  • Tony losing the movie trivia to Carson.

  • Carson and Palmer playing Pictionary.

  • Tony and Ziva going through Carson's room. Tony still not realizing how him and Carson are so much alike.

  • Tony wondering if Carson's Magnum Ferrari P.I. bed comes in King size.

  • Tony spelling "Capacitor" wrong.

  • Gibbs mumbling, "DiNozzo" when he gets to Jenny's house to meet with Carson, who is listening to Jazz, realizing Carson is a mini DiNozzo!

  • The entire part of Tony and Ziva heading to the woods, and Tony winning, "rock, paper, scissors" to get to read the map.

  • Then Abby and McGee in the lab discussing Abby's pet peeves and Abby saying, "why do I think we've had this conversation before?", then McGee saying, "every time you're assigned a cold case"
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  • Nice Gibbs with kids scene: Back at NCIS after Carson stayed night at Jen's, Gibbs realises that Carson had a satellite phone number for the dad and used it to warn the dad. Carson hears Gibbs phone Tony and Ziva and warn them that the dad knows they are on his trail. Carson knows that Gibbs knows that he made the phone call and looks apprehensive. Turns out the punishment is to go to the staff rest area and have an ice cream on a stick. Carson asks Gibbs about this unusual punishment and Gibbs says that all Carson do was tell the truth (to his dad) and was loyal to his dad. Why should he be punished? Carson says he told his dad all about Gibbs and that Gibbs is on their side. Gibbs doesn't deny it.

  • Nice Palmer and kid scene: Jimmy is playing Pictionary with Carson, and the picture that the answer to the Pictionary puzzle is "schoolhouse" but Carson has interpreted it as " the Playboy mansion" which appalls Palmer and makes him wonder if he has been hanging around DiNozzo.

  • Nice Jen and kid scene: after Carson has stayed over, she continues babysitting him in her office. She and Carson are sitting on the floor competing to throw cards into bowls. It is a very loud and hotly competitive game, which Gibbs interrupts.

  • Nice McGee and kid scene: Carson starts to realise what abducted means and that he cannot go home when the other kids already have. McGee has to calm Abby as much as he has to look after Carson. Carson is 'cool' but under the cool, he really just wants to go home to his mom.

  • Gibbs lets Carson call his mother: lots of mutual reassuring in the 'I'm OK, are you OK' mode of family being 'strong' for each other.

  • Nice Abby and McGee and kid scene: Carson is worried that he was mean to his mother when he left home (she wouldn't let him have his DVD player during the scout trip). When McGee has handed over a bag of stuff that the mother put together for Carson, he and Abby reassure Carson that mothers are fantastic at forgiving their kids. Not over the top, but clearly Abby and McGee are thinking of their own mothers.

  • Abby's #1 Pet peeve : People who say they are vegetarian but then eat Chicken
    Abby's #2 Pet peeve : People who mishandle evidence

  • Lt. Colonel Hollis Mann has announced her retirement and plans to move to Hawaii where she can "meet interesting people".

  • This is one of the first episodes where we see McGee's commitment to working with youth in his spare time. We see this same commitment surface from time to time throughout the years.


  • The Magnum P.I. bed and the scene of the original Battlestar Galactica playing on the laptop are both shows that Donald P. Bellisario directed and wrote for.

  • On the GPS McGee is holding you can read "Valencia, CA" and "No Service". Probably indicating the last position where the GPS was used before shooting the scene.

  • JR Bourne played the two characters "Martouf" and "Lantash" in 'Stargate SG-1'.

  • For all the non-Americans: There is nearly no other place INSIDE the USA that divide Gibbs and Hollis more then Hawaii .-)





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  • Dominic Scott Kay (Carson Taylor)
  • Chris William Martin (Brian Matthews/Taylor)
  • Karis Campbell (Navy Lt. Elaine Taylor)
  • J.R. Bourne (Det. Marshall Collins)
  • Candice Coke (Det. Danielle Hamilton)
  • Jeff Marlow (Survivalist Trainee #1)
  • David Raibon (Survivalist Trainee #2)


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  • The Deep End of the Ocean
  • Shreck (from the trivia game)
  • Back to the Future (from the trivia game)

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5.9 Lost & Found

5.09 Lost and Found.

5.09 Lost and Found.

5.09 Lost and Found.

5.09 Lost and Found.

5.09 Lost and Found.

5.09 Lost and Found.

5.09 Lost and Found.

5.09 lost and Found.5.09 Lost and Found.
5.09 Lost and Found. 5.08 Designated Target
5.08 Designated Target5.09 Lost and Found.
5.09 Lost and Found.5.09 Lost and Found.
5.09 Lost and Found.5.09 Lost and Found.

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NCIS4LIFE5 Gibbs + Jenny 2 Nov 27 2007, 8:57 PM EST by CrystalGazer
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I bet Gibbs and the directer get a blast from the past!?!?!?!?!
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iheartncis Wow... 7 Nov 25 2007, 8:36 AM EST by JennyMcLean
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It was a great ep... but i am a Jibbs fan and that was so hard to watch them bring up the past and watch their relationship disintegrate once more...
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dooziew0 Kidnapped or not? 2 Nov 23 2007, 7:26 PM EST by mdevera
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I missed something. Was the kid kidnapped or what? Why else were his fingerprints in Aphis?
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