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Previous Episode Season #: 4
Episode #: 23 Air Date: May 8, 2007 Next Episode

Trojan Horse

While Jenny attends an overseas conference, Gibbs is made acting director, but he prefers to ignore his duties and lead the investigation of the murder of a man, who was found dead in a taxi headed to the NCIS headquarters.

Episode Recap:
This is the episode where a taxi driver brings a visitor to the gate of the Navy Yard.They find that the man in the backseat is dead. Gibbs has been made the "acting director" in the absence of Director Shephard , but he for sure does not wish to "act" as one. The team has even put up a pool for correctly guessing how many days Gibbs will prevail without working on a case. As it happens that Gibbs would rather work on the dead taxi passenger case rather than do necessary paperwork, much to Cynthia's discomfort.
It turns out that the taxi driver is not innocent (although Ziva has bonded with him and they interview him in the conference room). The man who died is a Yemen national and his embassy is very anxious to retrieve his body, but Gibbs tells them that based on past evidence of terrorist attacks, NCIS would take its time detecting how he died , as they find out the man has received diplomatic favours allowing him to remain in US soil. The car is taken into Abby's workshop which is next to the evidence locker. The driver leaps out from under the back seat. He cuts his way out from inside the bench seat where the seat-stuffing should be and goes into the evidence locker to steal the evidence for an upcoming case. Abby is in momentary peril when she enters the evidence locker, though she is not attacked.
Tony receives a phone call from Jeanne where she jumps him with the idea of buying a house together , instead of just looking at a bigger apartment. Tony stutters , and excuses himself from the call saying Gibbs is calling him back. Jeanne's colleague suggests her a more subtle approach , which she later tries out when Tony calls her back . Jeanne suggest that they start by looking at options - Tony says he will consider going there.
Abby does spot something that should not be there on the floor in the evidence locker. She discovers that the material on the floor of the locker is stuffing from the car seat and she warns Gibbs, but the car and taxi driver have already been released The driver is in the seat. They tell the guards to stop the cab at the gate and the team rushes up. They get the driver out of the car and we are disappointed to learn that the taxi driver is really a corrupt little man who thought that driving dead people was a good way to pay for his second honeymoon with his wife. Everyone say "Aw shucks."
Jenny in Paris , gets information about a colonel who knew "The Frog" and her father. She visits him in a hospital where he is being treated for lung cancer. She wants him to sign a document but is surprised when she learns from him that her father is alive , whom she believed to have been dead for 12 years.

New Character Development / Insights:
  • Tony is getting very serious with Jeanne seeing as they are looking at houses.

Funny Moments:
  • When Abby, McGee, and Ziva were working on the taxi in the workshop, each started talking about their 'first time'. Abs says hers was in a taxi - front and back seat; whereas Ziva said her was an armoured vehicle, to which McGee and Abs replied in unison "Of course."
  • Gibbs and Jenny on the phone.
  • Gibbs and Cynthia arguing.
  • Abby to McGee in her lab : "They're questioning MY ballistics !?"
  • Tony, Mc Gee and Ducky talking about the "pool" and Gibbs working a crime scene! I love the "boys"

  • Maybe "Joey Kelly" is a homage to John C. Kelley, one of the NCIS writers and Co-Executive Producer.
  • There is some rumour if "Hollywood Special Agent Grisham" could be a hint to "Gil Grissom" in 'CSI: Las Vegas' or if it is one to bestselling-author John Grisham.
  • Gibbs talks about the date October 10, 2000: "Two days before the terrorist attack on USS Cole.

Recurring Cast:
    Guest Starring:
        • Celestin Cornielle (Marine Cpl. Keener)
        • Michelle Wolff (Marine Sgt. Maria Sanchez)
        • Gary Morgan (Mario Vincetti)
        • Aleksandra Kaniak (Russian Nurse)
        • Corie Vicker (NCIS Special Agent Lynn Davis)
        • Vladimir Skomarovsky (Colonel-General Dimitri Borov)
        • Sima Kostov (Darya Borov)
        • Marcy Harriell (Nurse Carly Marcano)
        • Brian George (Dr. Ameen Temani)
        • Sandra Hess (Regine Smidt)
        • Michael Patrick McGill (Joey Kelly)
        Written By: Directed By:
        • Shane Brennan
        • Donald P. Bellisario
        • Terrence O'Hara

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        4.23 - Trojan Horse - NCIS 4.23 - Trojan Horse - NCIS

        4.23 - Trojan Horse - NCIS 4.23 - Trojan Horse - NCIS

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