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airdate: April 3, 2007
written by:
John C. Kelley
directed by: James Whitmore, Jr.
When a weekend call to the NCIS tip line from an unknown source about possible terrorist activity results in the death of two agents sent into a trap, the NCIS team will have to find out who was responsible, with the help of Agent Paula Cassidy, who holds herself responsible for the tragedy. (CBS Press Release)

  • Gibbs and Mann, having bonded over baseball, have dinner together in Gibbs' basement. Mann tells Gibbs that she is thinking of retiring to make room in her life for people who are important to her. The look of dismay on Gibbs' face is priceless.

  • The fights between Ziva and Cassidy.

  • Cassidy purposely saying "Day-vid" instead of "Dah-veed".

  • McGee points out that the dead/undead conundrum is like Schrodinger's Cat. He draws blank looks from the Director and Ziva. Embarrassed, he mutters that its quantum physics: two opposite states existing at the same time. Sometimes it's hard to be an educated man who understands a bit of science.

  • Tony smoking the cigar trying to find the hidden room, and then trying to break it in with his shoulder!

More NCIS Quotes

  • Cassidy predicts that she was meant to die with her agents and, in the end, sacrifices herself. The episode aired Easter week, the season of remembrance of sacrifice to save others. A clear distinction is drawn between the suicide bomber (who sacrifices himself to kill others) and Cassidy (who sacrifices herself to save the lives of others).

  • McGee knew one of the dead agents: they went to training school together and McGee attended his wedding two months earlier. McGee is hit by the realization that it could have been Gibbs' team that was bombed instead of Cassidy's. He is affected by Gibbs' news that their team was, in fact, meant to be on the 'tip line' duty that weekend (Gibbs had arranged the weekend off so that he could be with Mann - not very professional, but a useful plot device).


  • When they were going through some of the words Yazeed had put in the computer for people to use, two of the words, in this order, were "Yankee" and then "White" - the name of the very first NCIS episode!

  • For some reason, Gibbs and Co.TM didn't give Yazeed Fahad the benefit of doubt and were not sensitive in telling his coworkers he was the suicide bomber even though at that point they knew he was probably dead long before the explosion, which is something they don't usually do, why?

  • This was the sixth episode with Jessica Steen playing Paula Cassidy.

    Paula's first appearance was in Season 1 in "1x08 Minimum Security". Since then, she has been a friend of Tony.

    Tony admits to
    Kate in episode 2x08 Heart Break, that Paula was one of the few women who was really 'important' to him. However, Tony and Paula's relationship doesn't seem to be anything more than a heavy flirt.

    Working for and with Gibbs was not that easy for Paula, because Gibbs let her know that she was not 'good enough' as an agent. Paula Cassidy was member of the team for one week in the episode 3x03 Mind Games.
    Other than this one, Paula appears in two other episodes (1x16 Bete Noire and 1x23 Reveille).

  • Tony says to Yazeed about his shirt: "Thanks. It’s from the George Peppard collection." George Peppard played Hannibal in the TV-show "A-Team".

  • Michael Weatherly recorded an audio comment on the DVD for this episode. He says that during the scene where he was searching for the hidden door in the wall with the help of the smoke of a cigar, he needed to smoke 12 cigars before the scene was finished shooting.

  • The song at the end of the episode is from "R.E.M." called "Everybody Hurts".

  • The bracelet Tony is wearing at the end of the episode was from Jeanne in 'Friends and Lovers'.

  • When Gibbs and Mann are at the batting cages, he is wearing Joggers that say 'Notre Dame XXL'




  • 4.20 Under Cover McGee is under high pressure during the murder investigation of a Petty Officer who is the basis for a character in his latest book, with very little information to go on.


  • Ankur Bhatt (Salman Umar)
  • Shaun Duke (Azid Abu Selom)
  • Jacory Gums (NCIS Agent Jim Nelson)
  • Dominic Rains (Jamal Malik)
  • Sasha Roiz (NCIS Agent Rick Hall)
  • Haaz Sleiman (Abdul Wahid)


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grace period
Paula Cassidy
4.19 - Grace Period - NCIS
Investigating the explosion

4.19 Grace Period
A suicide bomber?
4.19 Grace Period
Tony looks for a hidden doorway

4.19 Grace Period
Don't shoot at the team!

4.19 Grace Period
Paula seeks redemption
4.19 Grace Period
Paula, No!
4.19 Grace Period
"I love you, Jeanne"

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