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Hiatus, Part I

While working on an assignment, Gibbs is seriously injured in an explosion, and taken to a hospital, where he recalls his painful past, which he has always hidden from others. The rest of the team must proceed with the investigation and put their feelings towards Gibbs' injury aside. Tony is left in charge, which may cause a bit of trouble.

New Character Development / Insights:
  • Ziva speaks Turkish.
  • We meet Shannon and Kelly Gibbs, the past that Gibbs is trying so hard to forget but wants so much to remember.
  • Abby drives a hearse.
  • Jenny shows how much she still cares for Gibbs.
  • Tony shows extra kindness & understanding for McGee's situation.
  • Ducky has at least some understanding of Filipino.
  • Ducky is training Mr. Palmer, but he still doesn't like to be second guessed.
  • Ducky sat on bombs twice.
  • Tony takes on many of Gibbs' personality traits in order to lead the team.
  • NIS Special Agent Franks cared enough to help the "Gunny" while keeping it confidential.
  • Tony calls Ducky "Duck" without objection, although in a later episode (Internal Affairs, Season 5, Episode 14) Ducky corrects Ziva and tells her he only allows Jethro to call him Duck.
  • Abby slapped Ziva because she was accusing Ziva of not caring about Gibbs when he was injured in an explosion. This is because Abby doesn't know it was Ziva who killed Ari, who was her half-brother, to save Gibbs. We also see for the first time that Ziva is not so hard as she would have the rest of the world believe, and that killing Ari has affected her more than she wants to admit, probably because Gibbs said he would have Mossad think it was him who killed Ari
Funny Moments:
  • Tony's reaction when he realizes he missed the slapping match between Abby and Ziva.
  • McGee's face after Abby and Ziva have stopped slapping each other.
  • Tony's peacemaking efforts between Abby and Ziva.
  • Tony does do a good Sergeant Schultz impersonation when he interrogates the Turkish Captain.
  • Abby's arrival at the hospital.
  • .The character Tony does an impression of while interrogating the Turkish captain is that of Sergeant Schultz, the prison camp guard played by John Banner in the TV show "Hogan's Heroes" which ran from 1965-1971.
  • At the beginning of the episode, while Tony is watching a man smoking, the smoke gets into the man's face. This is because the footage of the man smoking was running in reverse.
  • The Abu Sayyaf Group is classified by the Philippine Military as terrorist group with links to Al Qaeda. The members of the group call themselves al-Harakatul Islamiya although their group was better known as the Abu Sayyaf - derived from the Arabic ابو, abu ("father of") and sayyaf ("Swordsmith"), meaning "Father of the Sword." The title was supposed to refer to Abdurajak Abubakar Janjalani, the group’s founder and ideologue. The name later stuck and was translated by journalists and the military to mean "Bearer of the Sword."
  • According to interviews and his remarks on the DVD commentary tracks, Don Bellisario likes to use rain as a back drop to important stories. That's why it is raining through a large portion of this episode.
  • The comment by Tony in MTAC regarding him having the same chance of getting a date with Jessica Alba as Abu Sayyaf has of infiltrating SeaLift is an ominous one as the chances are 100% since Michael Weatherly dated Jessica Alba when they were co-stars on the series Dark Angel.
Recurring Cast: Guest Starring:
  • Marcus Reynaga (Paramedic)
  • Ariel Felix (Alon ATU)
  • Randy Flagler (Gibbs' C.O.)
  • Adam Lieberman (U.S. Customs Officer Cruz)
  • Aloma Wright (Nurse Ethel Washingtown)
  • Tess Lina (Nurse Maria Baliad)
  • Jarvis George (Navy Lt. Morgan Tolliver)
  • Burt Bulos (Abog Galib)
  • Christopher Maher (Capt. Aris Mahir)
  • Cotter Smith (NCIS Special Agent in Charge Sam Stevens)
  • Brett Cullen (Navy Capt. Todd Gelfand)
Written By: Directed By:

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3.23 - Hiatus, Part I - NCIS Tony's bloody nose

3.23 - Hiatus, Part I - NCIS 3.23 - Hiatus, Part I - NCIS

3.23 - Hiatus, Part I - NCIS 3.23 - Hiatus, Part I - NCIS

3.23 - Hiatus, Part I - NCIS 3.23 - Hiatus, Part I - NCIS
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