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While on duty, McGee kills a man who is later discovered to be an undercover police detective. When Jenny decides to approve the investigation on McGee, the NCIS team is forced to prove that McGee is not guilty, pushing Gibbs' relationship with Jen to the limit. Meanwhile, Tony is troubled by his past.

Episode Recap:
The episode begins with the light-hearted subplot; Tony has had a letter from the sperm donation agency that he donated sperm to when younger.

The team are on protection detail for an important member of the Navy who is trying to leave a building. Whilst making sure everything is secure, McGee goes to the exit and sees a man arguing with someone in a car. He identifies himself and the man turns to him. McGee sees what he thinks is a gun and hears a shot fired and he shoots the man dead. When the team get to him he is crouching next to the dead man's body and the car has driven off. An investigation is started and the team find no gun and no bullet that the dead man had supposedly shot at McGee. Then they find out that he was an off duty cop and Metro Police come in to talk and they want to interrogate McGee. Gibbs won't allow it. The investigation continues and the Metro Police also starts an investigation. Gibbs questions Jenny's ability of being a director, and she defends her position yet again. The next day McGee goes to the Police station to be questioned and while there he confesses that there was no gun in the man's hands. Gibbs convinces Metro Police to let him keep McGee at NCIS. Gibbs tells McGee that he had let him down and that it was his fault.

By now the team has worked out that the gun allegedly in the dead cop's hands could have fallen inside the car that drove away. Likewise one of the bullet wounds in Lt Benedict is from only one foot away; it is certain that someone else fired at him.McGee had no way of knowing it was not Lt Benedict who had fired at him. The car turns out to be a Range Rover imported from Ireland; the third bullet MUST still be in the alley.

Tony and Ziva go back to the alley (where the sperm bank rings up to say that no-one has availed themselves of his sperm; but Ziva pretends she knows already and worms the information out) and find the missing bullet in the door frame. They also find links to a Drug Lord, Halligan. This leads them to the dead man's partner, Archer and McGee and Gibbs go to talk to him, pretending that Halligan has been arrested in Europe. The partner punches Gibbs and takes his gun out. McGee hesitates and Gibbs shoots the partner. He then tells McGee that if he ever hesitates again he will have his badge.

New Character Development / Insights:
  • Gibbs apologizes to McGee for letting him go alone to face the interrogators. Gibbs breaks his own rule. "I let you down., I should have gone with you to Metro."
  • Gibbs doesn't think McGee knows how to lie.
  • McGee is having a hard time accepting that he killed someone.
  • Gibbs and Tony believe McGee's explanation while Ziva & Jenny do not (Jenny basing her opinion on her own screw up in Paris in '99 when Gibbs covered for her).
  • Tony is very protective of McGee, defending and arguing with Ziva about him, then showing up to cheer him up.
  • Tony made deposits to a sperm bank while in college because "it was easier than giving blood."
  • Ziva has as many deviations of thoughts about sex as Tony does
  • Abby is ready to assist an autopsy.
  • Gibbs doesn't know what a doppelganger is
  • Gibbs: "I don't leave my people behind. It's a Marine thing."
  • Abby never leaves home without handcuffs.
  • Gibbs is upset because Chip framed DiNozzo for murder and then McGee kills a cop so he wonders if someone broke a mirror.

Funny Moments:
  • Discussing a hypothetical kidney transplant for Tony's hypothetical offspring from the sperm bank: "You wouldn't understand; you're not a parent."
  • Palmer's reaction to Abby wanting to assist the autopsy
  • Gibb's reaction to Tony's phone message
  • Gibb's and Jenny's conversation in/off the elevator
  • Ziva teasing Tony about the sperm bank. Tony: "You're a sick chick David."
  • Tony telling McGee that he wet himself the first time he shot someone
  • McGee's aromatherapy session
  • Tony mixing up & forgetting the rules.

  • Ziva: Leazazel!
    This is a Hebrew curse. In English, this actually means: hell. As in other cases, Ziva mispronounces the Hebrew.
  • Gibbs Rules:
    Rule #8 - Never take anything for granted. (Abby to McGee)
  • Trivia: a medical degree is not required to do an autopsy or to be a coroner
  • TRIVIA: When Tony is on the phone with the sperm bank and Gibbs is coming by, he doesn't want Gibbs to know about his problems with the sperm bank, so he pretends that he is talking with another agent. The agent is referred as Agent Vandelay, this could be a reference to the fake character used by George Costanza many times, in the series "Seinfield," sometimes for the same reason.

Recurring Cast:
    Guest Starring:
        • Gary Sommers (John Benedict)
        • Christopher Allport (Metro Police Captain Dan Karzin)
        • William Gregory Lee (Metro Police Sgt. Keith Archer)
        • Gary Sommers (Assistant)
        Written By: Directed By:
        • Frank Cardea
        • George Schenck
        • Terrence O'Hara

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