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Original Airdate: 15th January, 2013 @ 8:00 p.m. US East Coast
Recap Author: callerbear


Previously on NCIS:
* Eli David waits for Ziva in her car
* Ziva asks, "What are you doing here?"
* Ziva tells Gibbs that her father is secretly in town
* Director Vance tells Gibbs that Eli's Iranian counterpart (Arash Kazmi) is also in town
* Kazmi and David describe their attempts to achieve peace
* Eli would like to redeem himself in Ziva's eyes
* Ziva learns that Eli killed the man that was going to publish his picture
* Eli joins the Vances for a traditional Shabbat dinner
* Ziva tells Gibbs that her father killed Wilkes just as gunfire breaks out
* The Vance home is destroyed by machine gun fire
* Ziva wounds the shooter as he tries to escape
* Director Vance works to stop blood loss
* Ziva cries over her father's body
* Vance tells Gibbs that his wife is dead

A young Ziva David sings the blessing over candles before Shabbat dinner, fondly encouraged by her father. The image blends into the adult Ziva finishing a prayer in a synagogue. "Why?" she asks, "Why should I not be angry with all that has been taken? Why should I have faith in you? Show me a sign. Show me a sign that I should not lose hope."

Behind her, the door creaks open and closed. She whirls around, reaching for her gun in case it's a threat. It's Tony DiNozzo, quietly standing just inside the door. He had McGee trace her cell phone's signal to the synagogue.

"What do you want?" she asks brusquely.
"I want whatever you want, whatever you need. A friend to talk to, a shoulder to cry on."
"I'm done crying."
He sighs. "Ziva. I am sorry."
"I appreciate that. But sympathy's the last thing I want right now."
"OK, then. Tell me. What can I do? What do you need?"
She has a one word answer for him. "Revenge."

Roll the opening credits.

At Director Vance's desk, Secretary of the Navy Jarvis completes a phone conversation. The President and the Secretary of State are giving NCIS 48 hours to investigate before they tell Israel what happened. Gibbs tells Jarvis they may know who was behind this attack. Jarvis is upset that Gibbs didn't tell him that Eli David had arrived. "I don't report to you, Mr. Secretary." Gibbs points out that Eli arrived one day and was dead the next -- that there wasn't a lot for anyone to tell Jarvis. Jarvis is worried about the international political repercussions of the assassination, and Gibbs suggests that the nature of his death be kept a secret. Jarvis asks about NCIS Deputy Director Craig, who is on a flight back home now. They hope he's up to filling Vance's shoes.

In Autopsy, Ducky closes one of the storage drawers and lingers for a moment. "Rest in peace, Jackie." Gibbs arrives and sees Ducky looking at the drawers with his shoulders sagging.
"Hey, Ducky. You all right?"
"Just finished with Mrs. Vance. Single gunshot through her temporal lobe."
"Ducky..." Gibbs walks around the tables to join him.
"Meanwhile, Director David is in where while I await further instructions." Ducky sounds exhausted.
"I asked if you're all right."
"Some days are better than others," Ducky sighs. "What about you?"

Gibbs changes the subject and asks about the shooter. Ducky tells him that it was suicide by cyanide, but then shows him the shooter's cancer-ridden liver. It had apparently has gone untreated. He estimates that the shooter would have had only six months to live. "Made killing himself easier," Gibbs notes. Ducky doesn't share his sentiment. "Pity does not validate cowardice." Phoof!

Director Vance enters his office suite followed by SecNav. Vance needed to speak with his staff and also wanted to get some things from his office. He opens his door and is surprised to see someone sitting in his chair, reading a file.
"Oh, Leon. Hey, I'm, I was just, uh.... I'm so sorry."
Vance looks back at SecNav, who looks at Deputy Director Craig.

Craig nervously tells Vance that he returned from Brussels on the first flight out. He had brought a box of Belgian chocolates for Jackie Vance -- she had a standing request for him to pick up a box any time he was near a windmill.
"Kids will eat them," Vance decides.
"Are the kids OK?"
"No, Jerome, they're not OK. Not by a long shot."
"Can you give us a minute?" SecNav asks the deputy director.
Craig excuses himself to leave. Vance stops him on the way out. "Jerome.... Thank you."

In private, Jarvis offers his support to Vance. Vance strongly wishes to stay at the agency, to be involved in the search. "Best I can offer you is to keep you in the loop," Jarvis tells him, "But day to day responsibilities will have to fall to your deputy director." Vance understands.

Out in the hallway, Craig berates himself for acting like a fool in front of Vance. Gibbs listens to him. "Jackie was so kind. It was like she knew that working for her husband was no cake walk."
"Neither is being top dog, Jerome."
"Look, I know you have, ah, opinions, about my, um, management style in the past."
"Who am I to judge?" Gibbs asks.
"Rest assured this is an interim assignment. I have no intention of taking Leon's job. You, and I, we..."
"Deputy Director Craig," Gibbs interrupts, "I've got your back."
Craig nods mutely.
"You just..." Gibbs reaches out and adjusts Craig's tie, "You keep your tie straight."
"It's not straight? Is it.... Sorry, is it..., ah, a mirror..." Craig worries about his tie.

Tony enters the squadroom. He had found Ziva right where McGee thought she'd be. She's now home taking a shower. "And you let her?" Gibbs asks. "She does not go back home until -we- know she's not a target," Gibbs orders. McGee has finally identified the shooter by his fingerprints. He's actually a Swedish national, an army officer that deserted during the Iraq war and has been on the run ever since. Acting as a mercenary since 2007 with no apparent allegiances to anyone except the one paying him. Gibbs observes that a guy like that, knowing that he was dying, was after one last score. "Money doesn't mean anything unless you leave it behind for someone to spend it." McGee will search for a child, wife, whoever might get his money. But first, Gibbs wants to find Arash Kazmi. Gibbs had planted a tracking bug in Kazmi's coat pocket, which makes it easy for to McGee locate him. Gibbs wants to do this alone.

In Forensics, Abby is baking cookies when Ziva arrives. She wraps Ziva up in a big hug. Ziva came to see her father's body in Autopsy. As Abby explains that the smell of fresh-baked cookies makes people feel better, Ziva notices the images of bullets on Abby's monitors. She wants to know the details, but Abby declines to tell her anything since Ziva (and Director Vance) are on the "Too close to the crime" list.

Kazmi is window-shopping when Gibbs joins him on the sidewalk. At Gibbs' request, Kazmi waves away his bodyguards, and accompanies Gibbs around a corner. Gibbs pushes him up against a wall and holds a gun to his throat. Gibbs demands to know Eli's location. Kazmi says he doesn't know (while Gibbs watches his eyes), and passes the Gibbsian lie-detector test. "What are you not telling me?" Kazmi asks. "Not here," Gibbs decides.

In Interrogation, Kazmi is shocked to hear of Eli's death. He insists that he had no wish for Eli's death, that he was the one that initiated the conversation about possible peace, and that his own life would be in grave danger if anyone learned that he had talked to Eli. Kazmi offers to provide Gibbs with all of Iran's intelligence data, including all people they track or work with.

In MTAC, McGee tries to contact their contact in Israel, Gavriela ("Gabby") Adel. She greet McGee with sultry tones (calling him "Timmy" several times), but cools down when Tony announces his presence. They ask if anyone has seen Eli David lately. They haven't, she says, but it's been rumored that he was taking a trip to visit his daughter. She does tell them of a pro-Palestinian group named "First Wave" that's been making a lot of noise lately trying to shut down Mossad in general and Eli in particular. First Wave is funded by an American billionaire named Gustafson.

In the squadroom, Tony teases McGee about Gabby's apparent attraction to him. "So help me, McBlivious, if you don't pounce on that hot Israeli action, I will never forgive you." "Gabby's a spy, Tony. Flirting's just another weapon in her arsenal." "And what an arsenal, huh? That wasn't just flirting, Tim, that was -flirting-. But for whatever reason, she's caught the McFever and you're the only cure."

Gibbs arrives in the squadroom. McGee tells him that the shooter has an ex-wife and son in a small town in Sweden. He's found a wire transfer of twenty million krona (about $3 million US dollars) to the shooter's personal account just three hours after the shooting. McGee is still working on the source of the transfer. DiNozzo pops up the information they have on Duane Gustafson, an oil tycoon with numerous ties to the Middle East. "Go get him," Gibbs growls. Phoof!

In Interrogation, Tony questions Gustafson while Gibbs and Deputy Director Craig watch from Observation. Tony has records that show Gustafson is the sole financial donor to the First Wave organization. "Let's cut the bull," Gustafson tells him, "Do I have business ties in the Middle East? Clearly. And would those ties be a lot tighter without the Eli David's of the world standing in the way of progress? I'm sure you know that answer as well." He emphasizes that his feelings towards Israel are strictly business-related, and not personal. He decides that it's time for him to talk with his lawyer.

The door to Interrogation opens, and Director Vance strides in. "Don't let me interrupt, Agent DiNozzo."
("Who's this guy?" Gustafson asks.)
"I just want to ask Mr. Gustafson what his feelings are on the subject of collateral damage."
("Director!" Tony tries to interrupt.)
"Like how he would feel if his hatred for one person should inadvertently spill over onto another. A completely innocent person."
(Deputy Director Craig quickly leaves Observation.)
"Am I supposed to know what the hell he's talking about?" Gustafson asks.
Vance moves toward Gustafson with fire in his eyes. Gustafson rises to meet him, and Tony jumps up to stop Vance.
"Director Vance!" Craig calls out from the doorway. "I need your help with something right away. Please."
Vance looks back at Gustafson, catches his breath, and realizes that he needs to leave. Craig closes the door behind them.
"Make your phone call," Tony tells Gustafson and heads out.

In the hall Director Vance regains his composure. "It's all right, Leon," Craig tells him, "It's perfectly understandable." "No, no it's not," Vance acknowledges. Gibbs steps out of observation. "Hey," he says quietly, "Let's move it down to this end of the hall."

The deputy director makes a decision. "Director Vance. Per Secretary Jarvis, I'm afraid I have to ask you to take administrative leave until further notice. Agents will escort you back to your hotel." Vance nods once in understanding. He turns and leaves without a word.

The lights are nearly all turned out in Autopsy when Ziva stands in front of the storage lockers. She holds her hand against the unit containing Eli's body. Ducky's voice surprises her. "I can always open the drawer so you can actually see your father." She declines, but explains that what she really needs is for him to be released for burial as soon as possible. Ziva plans to escort her father's body back to Israel. Ducky realizes that there is little to be gained for holding Eli's body for further analysis, so he'll do his best for her.

Gibbs and Tony enter Autopsy. "Ziva, go." Gibbs says. He tells her that she can't stay at her own apartment or at NCIS until they discover who did this. She wants to help, but knows that Gibbs cannot permit her to do so. "Look at me, I'm fine!" she says. "Then go be fine," Gibbs insists, "Just not here." Tony has offered to let Ziva stay at his apartment.
Tony and Ziva enter his apartment. He offers to get any things from her place that she might need, but she tells him that she will not be staying for long. She finally tells him that she's going to bury her father in Israel, so she'll be leaving soon. He offers to let her sleep in his bed, and he'll use an inflatable mattress he borrowed from the woman across the hall. "What about the couch?" she asks. "Ah, someone else is sleeping there tonight," Tony tells her as Ziva's long-time friend Shmeil Pinkus enters the room.
"There's my Ziva," Shmeil says. She hugs him tightly and relaxes just a little bit.
"He was in New York," Tony says, "I thought you might like to see him."
"Thank you, Tony," she says with gratitude shining in her eyes.

In the squadroom that night, Ducky and Abby come upstairs and talk with McGee. Gustafson has "lawyered up", but neither Gibbs nor McGee really believe that he was involved. A visitor arrives. "Where is Ziva David?" he demands in an Israeli accent.
"And you are?" Abby asks.
"Ilan Bodner, Mossad Deputy Director. I have reason to believe that Director Eli David has come here to see his daughter."
"Well, I'm afraid she's not here right now," McGee says.
"Yes," Bodnar agrees, "I've been blessed with the gift of sight. What I want is answers!"
"Take a number," Ducky chuckles.
"Excuse me," Bodnar says to Ducky, "And whose grandfather would you be?"
"Well, that depends. Whose your grandmother?"
Bodnar holds his anger in check. "Where is the man in charge?"
McGee rises and walks over to face Bodner directly. "You got him. Special Agent Tim McGee. And if you want answers, you might just have to wait."
"I disagree," Bodner replies, "You see, the man in charge I want is your Secretary of Navy, as I am here at his invitation. Now either you call him, or I will!"
McGee turns back to Abby. "Call Gibbs, now."

In his apartment, Tony is lying wide awake on the inflatable mattress. He paces to the kitchen and opens the refrigerator, but doesn't see anything he wants. Suddenly, there are noises from down the hall -- grunts, sighs, whimpers of fear. He slowly enters his bedroom to see Ziva twitching and moaning in her sleep. He gently shakes her shoulder. "Ziva!" he whispers.

She wakens with a start and reflexively strikes at Tony, but he expects it and catches her arm. "It's OK, it's just a bad dream," he tells her. "No it's not," she hisses back at him. She lies back against the pillow catching her breath. Tony gently cradles her hand in both of his. "Hey, c'mon," he encourages. She gently pats his shoulder and says, "Leave me alone, Tony." She turns on her side, face away from him, curls up on her pillow and closes her eyes. "I'm fine," she says, "really." He reluctantly leaves. Her eyes open, and she lies awake in the dark.

In the NCIS conference room, Jerome Craig explains the events to Ilan Bodner. Bodner says that Eli was his dear friend, his leader, his mentor. He's sure that the Palestinians or Iranians are behind the killing ("Possibly," Craig says) and tells them that his agency will never sit and wait for someone else to do their job. Craig further explains that Secretary Jarvis and the President have spoken to the Prime Minister of Israel. "In the best interest of avoiding conflict, the Israeli government has agreed to let NCIS handle the investigation." "Preposterous!" Bodner exclaims. Craig steadily continues: "The only provision is you get to prosecute after we've caught them." Gibbs reinforces the message. "Bodner, it's a bitter pill to swallow, but we want these guys as much as you do."

Bodner rises and buttons his jacket. "Well, you do what you must, and we will do what we must."
"What exactly does that mean?" Craig asks.
"Eli David may have died on American soil, but the blood in his veins pumped through a heart that belonged to Israel. I make no promises." Bodner turns and leaves the conference room. Phoof!

Outside their church, Leon Vance and his two children thank the pastor and walk across the parking lot. Gibbs is waiting for them. Vance has the children wait by their car while he talks with Gibbs.
"How you holding up?" Gibbs asks.
"Well, the kids want answers, Gibbs, and I can't give them any. All they know is what the news is saying, that their mother was killed by an intruder."
"Details won't make it any easier, Leon. News can't know about Eli."
"It's just a matter of time before word leaks out. If it hasn't already."
Vance looks at Gibbs with a question in his eyes, but Gibbs stays quiet.
"Not that you would tell me," Leon says.
"Nothing to tell. Not yet."

"You know, this whole ordeal has made me realize something that I didn't expect. It's helped me better understand -your- choices. Always thought I had a sense of how you felt at the time, Gibbs. Now I realize I wasn't close. I never wanted that kind of justice before, but since the other night, hell, that's all I think about. Was it worth it, Gibbs? It had to be some relief."

Gibbs turns to look at Kayla and Jared, then looks back at Leon. Vance follows his eyes, then looks down for a moment. "Do me a favor, Gibbs. Get these bastards." His voice catches in his throat, and tears begin to well in his eyes. "Jackie wouldn't have wanted war breaking out over this either. And if we let that happen, she dies in vain." "She won't," Gibbs says with certainty. Leon leaves to join his children.

In his apartment, Tony dries his hair while looking out the window. "I don't know why I keep checking. It's not like anyone's going to abduct Shmeil on his way to the corner deli," he calls. Ziva is in the next Room working on Tony's computer. She doesn't want to tell him what she's doing, but Tony insists. "Ziva, it's my job to protect you. Who are you emailing?"
"Old friends."
"In Israel?"
"They do not know about my father."
"That's for the best."
"But apparently, my father's protege, Ilan Bodner, is in Washington. Looking for me. Does he know what happened?"
"He does now."
"And you did not think to tell me??"
"I -thought-, Ziva. I think a lot of stuff, all the time. I've been thinking of how to keep you away from all of this, but clearly that's not working."
"Why must I be kept away? I have known Ilan since we were children! He always fancied himself a son to Eli, a part of my family! Which he is not! I am blood!!! And I am not allowed safe access?"
"What do you want me to say, Ziva? The guy is Mossad."
"I was Mossad!"
"And now you're the daughter of a dead man. Why don't you let yourself act like one?"

In the squadroom, McGee brings Gibbs up to date. He's still working on the shooter's payment, but they have something on the bullets. Abby says they're Russian-made, and taken from a batch seized by Swedish police last year. "They pulled in everything except the smuggler, Omeed Abbasi."
Omeed is an Iranian national and a prolific arms dealer. Gibbs wants to see what the Iranian intelligence provided by Kazmi has to say about Omeed, and is surprised that Omeed doesn't appear in their database at all.

"Of course I know this man," Kazmi tells Gibbs in Interrogation, "Or I should say I know of him. He has been eluding capture for years." Gibbs is furious that this "Omeed guy" isn't in the Iranian database. "How is that possible?" Kazmi asks, "I'm sure it's just an oversight, or a clerical error." Kazmi insists that something must be wrong and wants Gibbs to allow him to check it out. He also argues that Omeed is Kazmi's own enemy and has as much motive to kill Kazmi as he would have to kill Eli David. "Peace between nations is bad for the weapons trade, is it not?"

Gibbs steps into Observation to consult with Jerome Craig. Craig agrees that not having Omeed's name in the database is damning, but he just doesn't think Kazmi is behind this. "Me either," Gibbs says. McGee bursts into Observation. "Boss, we're about to have company."

In the squadroom, Ilan Bodner faces Gibbs and Craig. "The great Gibbs. You disappoint me. I was expecting more from a man of such reputed integrity."
"Wish I could say the same about you, Bodner."
"You lied to me. Both of you. About the real reason for Eli's visit. Tricked by that dog Kazmi to believe in some ridiculous pipe dream of peace between our countries."
"Maybe he didn't find it so ridiculous," Craig retorts.
"So you admit knowing about this alleged detente between enemies."
"We don't discuss investigations with outsiders," Gibbs says.
"I am not an outsider," Bodner snarls. "I know your people. They don't know Kazmi as well as I do. He cannot be trusted!"
"Kazmi's being questioned like any other subject," Craig tells him.
"He's here? In custody?"
Craig opens his phone. "I'm calling Secretary Jarvis."
"Don't bother," Bodner says as he turns to leave, "I'm calling my Prime Minister, and reporting you've been harboring Eli's killer. And if the result of that is war, well then that will be your fault, not ours." Phoof!

Ziva is in Tony's kitchen when Tony's laptop chirps -- there is an incoming video call. She accepts the call. It's Ilan Bodner. "Hello, Ziva," he says.
"Ilan! I heard you were here. How did you find me?"
"We both learned things from your father. We are Mossad."
"Speak for yourself."
"I need to see you, Ziva. Mourn the loss of a great man. I loved him like a father. Mine was always too busy to spend time, but not yours! Never Eli."
"He was, uh, he was fond of you."
"And of you! He was so proud, always boasting about his American daughter. We should meet. Talk, face to face."
She shakes her head. "There are rules. I cannot."
"Your father is dead! You shouldn't bear this alone." He smiles handsomely. "Now, don't make me find you. You know I can, and will."
She considers his point.

In the NCIS conference room, Kazmi finishes a conversation with his trusted assistant Maya. She assures him that Omeed's name is in their database. They have found a time lapse, though: Maya sent the file electronically from their office, but it didn't arrive until six hours later. "Six hours, Deputy Director!" he tells Craig. ("That's 'Director' now," Craig tells him.) Kazmi says they've been hacked twice before. Kazmi does not have kind words regarding Ilan Bodner -- he calls him arrogant and ill-tempered. "Eli could teach him nothing but suspicion for everyone. Trained by the best." McGee calls.

In the squadroom, McGee explains that he's found the source of the money transfer. It was transferred from a bank in the Cayman Islands, and originated from a secure family trust. The family name listed is Virtue. "Get Ziva on the phone."
"What is it, Tony?" she answers while packing.
"Ziva, the word 'virtue' mean anything to you?" Gibbs asks.
"Of course, Gibbs. You mean by definition?"
"No. More like a name, a family business? Someone's company?"
"Ziva, that's the account that paid the hit man," McGee adds.
"Mean anything in another language? Farsi, maybe?" Gibbs asks.
"In Farsi, the word 'virtue' is 'tegwah'. Means nothing to me."
"I know it's not Russian. What about Hebrew? Arabic?"

Her eyes widen in surprise and she stands straight up. "In Hebrew. Yes, in Hebrew the word is 'Tohar'."
"A man's middle name."
"Ilan Bodner. He's on his way here."
"My apartment?" Tony asks.
"I'm armed," Ziva informs them.
Gibbs grabs his coat. "DiNozzo, you're with me! McGee, get to Bodner's hotel with backup. Go, now!"
Tony has one last thing to add. "Ziva, there's a gun taped to the back of my toilet Godfather style. Use it!"

in the apartment, Ziva peeks out through the blinds with her gun in hand. The door opens and she whirls to cover it. Gibbs and Tony rush in, guns at ready. Bodner never showed up. Ziva isn't sure what to think -- her father trusted Bodner completely. McGee reports by phone that Bodner's room has been swept clean, and there's no sign of him at the hotel.

In Director Craig's office, SecNav Jarvis brings Kazmi up to date. Mossad claims Bodner acted alone, and the Israelis are as anxious to find him as NCIS is. He hired the hit man, but when the original shooter died, Bodner stepped in to finish the job. He intended to pin Eli's death on Kazmi, to kill Ziva and to take over Mossad.

"We always knew that our meeting would be dangerous," Kazmi says. "One can only hope that Eli David will be remembered for dying in the name of peace." He shakes the Secretary's hand and declines their offer of transportation to the airport. At the door, Gibbs stops him for a moment.
"That was brave, what you and Eli tried to do."
"Our worlds are different, Gibbs. Our goals the same."

Kazmi sits in the back of the car taking him to the airport. He calls his wife and tells her that he'll be home soon. He leans back in his seat and relaxes while the car waits at a stoplight.

The car explodes in a giant ball of fire.

At the Pax River Naval Air Station, Ziva waits patiently near the entrance to the military cargo area. Shmeil finally walks out to join her. "They've loaded your father aboard. I told his escorts he doesn't like peanuts, so they gave him pretzels instead."
She smiles and pats his cheek. "Go with him, Shmeil. I'll be there in a moment."
"Take your time," he says, "It's a long flight. Besides, I think someone's coming to see you off."

Shmeil leaves as Tony walks up join Ziva. "You did not have to come," she says.

"Well, you always forget your gum and magazines when you fly, so... They'll find Bodner, Ziva. Mossad's looking, CIA, Navy Intel, Interpol, us. Shmeil's got your back. 'Shmeil, the man of steel.'" He smiles at her, but she just looks back at him with a blank face. He sighs, "Don't do this."
"I'm going to a funeral, Tony. I'm delivering my father's eulogy."
"How's this for an opening line? 'He did it his way.'"
"My father was, uh, not an easy man to understand and yet..."
"Complicated runs in the family."
"Tony, I..." She swallows, looks at him with uncertainty.
She blinks back tears, purses her lips for a moment, then hugs him tightly.
After a moment, he softly says "At lo levad." You are not alone.
She smiles in surprise, and finally releases him. "I know," she says with a shy smile, and turns away for the airplane. After a moment, Tony walks away in the other direction.

In the background, we hear Patty Griffin's song You are Not Alone.

The camera pans down to show the pastor speaking at Jackie Vance's funeral.

The camera cuts to show Ziva picking a basket of olives in an orchard.

Gibbs looks on as Leon Vance and his children step forward to lay white roses on Jackie's coffin. Leon hugs and kisses both children.

At the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Ziva approaches the Western Wall and presses her written prayer deep into a crevice. She leans against the wall, whispers for a moment, then leaves.

Abby leans heavily against McGee's shoulder as Jackie's funeral comes to an end. All of the NCIS team, including Acting Director Craig, have been present.

Ziva tamps the ground around a newly planted tree and admires its blossoms. She picks up a combat knife from the ground, wipes it on her sleeve and gazes into the distance as the song comes to an end. Phoof!

Roll the closing credits in silence.

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