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Baby, It's Cold Outside
As Told By McGee

It was cold tonight. The heat was on full blast in my apartment, but I flinched every time my bare feet hit the floor. I tiptoed over to my chest of drawers and found a tacky pair of socks from Abby. I sat on the edge of my bed and pulled them on, but even the thickness of those didn't really help.

I yanked the comforter from my bed and wrapped up in it, and found the remote. I sat down and tried to get comfortable, but I still shivered a little as I turned on the television. I had given up on chapter nine of the Deep Six sequel for the night. Creative stifling had been killing me lately, but I was too cold to care.

Yeah, I could care less about the looming deadline! I still have three days...right?

An attractive, pink-faced reporter appeared on the television, interrupting my thoughts.

...Coldest winter night on record here in Washington, D.C. I hope everyone is bundled up on this record breaking night. Live from the Washington Monument, this is Ingrid White. Back to you, Stanley.”

Ingrid White was gorgeous...probably one of the reasons I began watching ZNN...well, besides work, of course. ZNN is always on at work...

My thoughts were interrupted a second time by my neighbor's slamming door, and raised voices outside my apartment.

It was never supposed to be like this!”

Cara, I'm sorry, I never meant to...”

Don't you DARE touch me! You don't understand me at all!”

Someone ran across the hall, passing my door. I heard another set of retreating footsteps, and my neighbor's door slammed again. Silence swept over the hallway, and I turned my attention back to the television. I became almost instantly distracted by a noise that came from above my head.

Footsteps on the roof?

Without hesitation, I grabbed a heavy coat, pulled on a second pair of sweats, and forgot my shoes. I didn't even lock my door as I stumbled into the bright hallway.

Tim, what the hell are you doing? You're afraid of heights!

I found a door at the end of the hallway that I never noticed. It was open a little, revealing a ladder to the roof. I felt a rush of icy air coming from the direction of the door and shivered violently more from fear, but also from cold. I hesitated this time, but began to ascend the ladder anyway, trying to push the fear into the corners of my mind.

I tripped on the last rung of the ladder and landed on my knees on the roof. I stood, wobbly and disoriented by the street lights below. I tried to regain composure as I saw the silhouette of a shivering figure, teetering on the ledge above my window.

Don't!” I shouted across the roof, but my voice was lost in the wind.

I edged closer to the silhouette, who was a woman, with dark hair and no shoes. She turned abruptly and locked eyes with mine.

I was taken by surprise at her striking resemblance to...

Kate?” My words escaped before my mind could fully process what I was thinking.

Who?” The dark-haired girl looked at me strangely, her face twisted with confusion and...grief.

Sorry, you just look like someone I used to know.”

I get that a lot.” She continued to stand on the ledge, as the wind tore at her hair.

Look,” I began, my voice still a little shaky. “Whatever's going on can be worked out. Let me help you.”

I'm not going to jump.” She slid down from the ledge. “I just needed to clear my head.”

I felt the heat flowing into my cheeks as I began to blush.

But...thanks for checking on me. You're in apartment three, right?”

Yeah...I'm Tim.” I squirmed awkwardly.

Caroline. Call me Cara.”

She smiled weakly, her face now a little bit more relaxed. She walked over into the dim light and her face glistened with tears. She shot her hand out to shake mine. I took her hand and tightened my grip in surprise.

You're freezing!”

I then noticed what Cara was wearing. She stood before me in a thin t-shirt and...boxers? She pulled away.

Yeah, a little.”

I pulled off my coat and wrapped it around her. She didn't protest.

We stood in silence for a moment, staring out at the dusky DC skyline. A frigid gust cut through my long sleeved shirt, and I let out a gasp. Cara turned and looked at me, but I spoke first.

You should um...probably go back to your boyfriend's apartment. He might be worried. I...I would be worried.”

Cara smiled. “Not my boyfriend.”

I raised an eyebrow.

He's my brother. And he knows I can take care of myself.”

She winked at me, and I melted. I smoothed the hair on the back of my head nervously.

You could...come back to my apartment if you want. I mean...It's much warmer that the roof.”

Cara looked at me skeptically.

Sorry, that was...too soon?” I let out a shaky laugh.


I swallowed and looked at her blankly. “...Sure?”

Got any hot chocolate?” Cara slipped past me toward the ladder.

I stood there, dumbfounded. “Of course I do!”

I followed Cara down the ladder, back into the hallway.

I caught Cara looking at me when I turned away from the base of the ladder and into the bright lights of the hallway. I studied her for a moment as we stood in silence.
Cara really was beautiful. Her nose was sort of pointed, like Kate's, and her hair was styled similarly. She had the same pale skin as Kate's, the same eyebrows, but her lips were fuller, and her eyes were a piercing green, greener than Abby's eyes, even.

Cara's nose was pink from cold and her eyes were a little puffy from crying, but she intrigued me anyway as she smiled up at me. A few more tears began to slide down her face. I instinctively moved toward her and wiped the tears away gingerly with the tips of my fingers.

I pulled away as if I'd been burned. That was totally inappropriate.

I'm sorry...”

Cara shushed me and reached down to squeeze my hand.

Tim, it's okay.” She paused for a moment, and moved closer. We were almost nose to nose as she continued to hold my hand.

I just wanted to thank you again, you know, for coming to check on me. You didn't have to do that, and I...”

My phone rang and ruined everything. Cara backed up, and I looked at her pleadingly.

You should take it.” She looked away and bit her lip, eyes glossing over with tears again.

I answered my phone reluctantly. “McGee.”

P-P-Probie!” Tony's teeth chattered on the other line.

Tony, this better be good.”

Well, it's-s imp-portant, not neces-s-sarily good for the victim...”


Okay, d-dead Navy commander in N-Norfolk. Be at-t HQ in tw-wenty.”

I hung up on shivering Tony and began to grit my teeth. I turned back to Cara.

Duty calls, then?” Cara looked down at her bare, pedicured feet.


Well, here's your coat back.”

Cara peeled off my coat carefully and hung it over my shoulder. She began to walk away.

Cara, wait.”

She stopped in the middle of the hallway, but didn't turn around.

Hot chocolate when I get back?”

Cara turned back and smiled over her shoulder. “Yeah, Tim. I'm here until new years.”

I tilted my head. “I should be back before then.”

I'm just saying, in case you want to, do something... besides have hot chocolate at your place.”

My eyes widened and I raised both eyebrows as Cara smiled mischievously. She laughed and it filled the hallway.

See you then, Tim.”

She opened the door to her brother's apartment and disappeared.

I walked back into my apartment, stunned. I closed the door and leaned heavily against it. I couldn't help but let a smile spread across my face.

And suddenly, I knew how to end Chapter Nine.

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