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“The Premiere” [McGee-Centric] By CatherineYetive
-This short story is in first person, as told by McGee.

I dressed in my best tuxedo--Black coat, pants, and tie, grey vest, white shirt, shiny black shoes. The Deep Six movie premiere was at 9:30, and I would have the most beautiful girl in the world on my arm tonight.

The limousine arrived for me and the driver opened the door. I clumsily got in, both palms hitting the leather seat before I managed to sit properly. I straightened my tie and smoothed my hair.

“Even with the fame, you haven’t changed a bit, McGee.”

Gibbs sat comfortably toward the front of the limousine. I guess the driver had picked him up first. He was dressed in a solid black tuxedo and a white tie. Somehow he always managed to look sharper than me, but I didn’t mind.

“I’m glad you agreed to come, Boss. It means a lot to me.”

Gibbs shook his head and smirked. “I had to come. I’m pretty much the main character of the movie anyway.”

The limousine came to a slow stop. Gibbs and I sat in silence for a few minutes, and the door swung open. Ziva gracefully slid into the seat beside me, and then moved to the side seat parallel to the window. I took in a quick breath--She wore a Dark blue gown, decorated with crystals. Her hair was pulled away from her face, into a slightly curled ’up-do’. I had never seen her this way before. She made eye contact with me and smiled.

“McGee, you look quite dull!”

“I believe the word you’re looking for is sharp, Ziva.” Tony jumped in, dressed almost as nicely as Gibbs in A Black suit with a blue vest to match Ziva’s dress. He sat into the seat next to Ziva. “Nice, Probie. Looks like you know how to dress yourself.”

Gibbs smirked again and I turned a reluctant shade of pink.

“Perhaps you might have looked sharper Tony if you had not tried to match me.” Ziva looked annoyed, but still quite beautiful.

“Hey, blue is a popular color. I didn’t even know you were going to wear that dress.” Tony looked to Gibbs.

“who looks better boss, me or Ziva?” Ziva also turned to face Gibbs. I was taken by surprise at Her bare back, and quickly looked out the window.

“McGee”, Gibbs replied. I smiled, and felt a unanimous scowl coming from both Ziva and Tony.

“I hope you two enjoy the premiere, Ziva. I’m glad you decided to show up, Tony.” I laughed a little, trying to calm my growing nervousness.

“I appreciate the invitation, McGee.” Ziva touched my knee, and smiled. It was weird, seeing her acting this nice, looking this nice.

“Yeah, Yeah, Probie. You know you just wanted me to see you bask in the glory. But congrats,” Tony leaned forward and punched me in the shoulder. I punched him back and smiled briefly.

We all made small talk as the limousine wound through the streets to Ducky’s house. The driver pulled into the driveway and stopped. Almost immediately the door opened and Jimmy peeked in. “Is this the party?”, he joked casually.

“Mr. Palmer, must you begin the evening with a silly joke?” Ducky pushed him aside and got in first, followed by a red-faced Jimmy. Both of them sat across from Tony and Ziva, next to the bar. Ducky was smartly dressed in an older, traditional tuxedo. He looked comfortable in it. Palmer, on the other hand, looked very much like a skinny James Bond. He was sweating a bit, like he wasn’t used to being dressed up. I sat back, trying to put myself at ease. Someone was more nervous than I was! I didn’t see how.
“Thank you for coming Ducky. And you, too, Jimmy.”

“Ah, don’t thank me Tim. I love a good formal outing. And this is dear Mr. Palmer’s first formal affair!”
“Doctor, I thought we agreed not to share that with the rest of the group?” Jimmy grated his teeth.

“This reminds me of my first movie premiere with a lovely blonde from New York City…” Ducky began one of his usual stories, but I was transfixed on the moon-- Somehow it always reminded me of her.

The limo stopped for the final time and I got even more nervous. I didn’t even care about the premiere at that moment. Do I look okay? Will she like my haircut? Did I floss….? Yes, I flossed.
It was me this time who opened the limousine door. I stepped out and nearly tripped on the curb, but regained balance and took a deep breath. The driver was up at the apartment door. I had been there so many times but could not bring myself to get up the stairs. He rung the doorbell and my breath caught in my throat. The door opened and the driver stepped aside. I froze.

Abby walked down the stairs toward me, smiling. Her skin looked like moonlight. She was wrapped in a red, silky strapless dress, wearing Black heels, decorated with red spider webs. She wore the Diamond choker I had given her the day my book hit the New York Times bestseller list, and her red lips matched her dress perfectly. Her green eyes pierced mine.

“Oh, Timmy, you look so handsome!” Abby threw her arms around me, and I lost balance. My back fell against the limousine and she fell onto me. She giggled and we lingered there for a moment. Her long black hair cascaded down her back tonight, and it smelled like fresh flowers after spring rain. She pulled away and pulled me back onto the curb.

“Abby, I…you….You look perfect.” I stammered. I can’t believe I still can’t talk around her. Asking her to be my date for the premiere was a nightmare. I can’t believe she said yes. But I’m so glad.
“McGee, you don’t have to say anything. Your eyes say it all.” She held my face with her cold hands. I’m sure she could feel my cheeks burning, but neither I nor she said anything.

I pulled her hands down carefully, and turned to open the limousine door. I pulled the handle. Nothing happened.

“Sorry, probie, VIP only!” I could make out Tony’s silhouette through the tinted window, and he was grinning.

“Tony, let us in, it’s cold out here!” Abby knocked playfully on the door.

“DiNozzo, open the door!” I heard Gibbs, followed by a squeaky, “Yes, boss.” The door clicked and swung open.

“Ouch! you messed up my hair, boss!”

I leaned my head in and saw Tony clutching the back of his head, recovering from a headslap as Gibbs retreated back to the front of the limousine.

“Your hair won’t be the only thing messed up if you let Abby stand out in the cold again, DiNozzo,” Gibbs murmured and sat back into his seat.

Ziva, Jimmy, and Ducky were all laughing as I leaned my head back out of the limousine.

I held onto the door with one hand and held Abby’s hand with the other as she stepped into the limousine. She slid into the back seat, and I climbed in after her, without incident. I closed the door and we left Abby’s apartment for the premiere.

We arrived at the Premiere of Deep Six at 9:15 on the dot. I stepped out first, followed by Abby, then Ducky and Jimmy, Ziva and Tony, and Gibbs stepped out last, shutting the door. We were blinded by camera flashes, and bombarded with paparazzi, but five minutes of Red Carpet chaos later we made it into the theater.

After the doors closed and the loud noises from outside were silenced, Gibbs pulled me aside.
“I’m proud of you, Tim. I’m sorry I didn’t say it earlier in the limo.”
I beamed and Gibbs stepped back with the group.

“This way, Mr. Gemcity,” The greeter said politely. “You and your party’s seats are this way.”

“Go ahead and take them to our seats,” Abby interrupted. “Mr. Gemcity and I will catch up in a minute.”

After several curious looks from everyone, and a lingering stare from Gibbs, Abby and I were alone in the VIP lobby.
“Tim, there’s something I need to tell you.”

“yes, Abby?” I whispered.
“McGee, I…”
“What is it, Abby?” I leaned in closer, our noses almost touching.
“Just say it, Abby.” I stepped closer and brought my hands to her face.

I jumped up, and felt spit on my cheek. Abby’s Lab?
“Eww, you slobber in your sleep? Gross.” Abby shoved a Caf-Pow in my face. I set it down onto the table next to the computer and wiped the spit off of my face with the back of my hand.

“I finished the ballistics, it took longer than I thought. Did you enjoy your nap?” She peered down at me, in jealousy.

I remembered. We pulled an all-nighter at the lab.

“I found an ID for our John Doe in the InterPol database and you were still working on ballistics, so I drifted off.” It was still no excuse for me to take a nap… “Not just drifted off, it’s 4:30 in the morning. I hope you enjoyed your 2 hours of sleep, McGee. Now help me with this!” Abby punched me and then dropped an evidence bag into my lap.

“Oh, I enjoyed it all right.”

I sighed and followed her to the elevator. I wonder if I should tell her?…Maybe after the case is solved.

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