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  1. home - NCIShome - NCIShome - NCIShome - NCIShome - NCIShome - NCIShome - NCIShome - NCIShome - NCISSome of the best vids found on YouTube!!
  2. home - NCIShome - NCIShome - NCISLoving Undercovershome - NCIShome - NCIShome - NCIShome - NCIShome - NCISSaving You From The PainTony's fav Photo!Almost KissesBeautiful DayJealous MomentsJust Kiss MeHungry Eye'sCloak ArguementObliviousSwoonLovestruckLove someoneOne TouchAlways have ParisTony's PhotoTivaBrokenSecret Longing!Run Away With MeWithout You!Don't Walk Away!Ziva's HeartbreakStarvingBarely BreathingAdoredIf Only!!Love ChildTiva-Breathless Anything you want!Gibbs-FoxyToCHairy ButtTendernessA KissOne and OnlyTivaTiva Gut PunchHello, my name is [Joyce]!

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I joined this wiki because:I'm totally addicted to NCIS and Tiva!!!!!!!!

The best word to describe me is:Happy, Funloving, Caring, Honest, Trustworthy

Interests:NCIS Big Time!! Reading, Movies, Cooking, Shopping and looking after my kids

Favorite movies:
Any Horror, Most Action and Comedy
Favorite TV shows:NCIS, Lost, Desperate Housewives, CSI Vegas, Charmed, Hollyoaks, Emmerdale, Eastenders, Corrie

My hero(es):My Parents, Cote De Pablo, Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly

My superpower is: To be able to go anywhere at any time!!

If I could live anywhere, it would be:USA (Florida preferably!)

What else you should know about me: I Am A Huge TIVA Shipper, So Don't Rock The Boat!! Please ask before taking any of my Pictures thanks!!

For more fun NCIS, Tiva and Team Gibbs fun go to my fan page and sign yourself up!!

Link to my Fanpop Fanpage: <a href="http://www.fanpop.com"> to <a href="http://www.fanpop.com/fans/ziva_rocks">
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hi love ur images and profile luv it xx
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meet me on shrd2003@yahoo.co.in
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