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Member since: May 28 2009, 1:34 PM EDT
Slogan: "You can't make a omelet without breaking some legs."-Ziva David
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Welcome to my profile! I'm omgxitsxemmerz!

All About Me!

Occupation:Being ME!
Astrological sign:Virgo


I joined this wiki because: I love NCIS...=]]

The best word to describe me is:Bubbly

Interests: NCIS, acting, singing, history, writing stories, swimming, my friends, shopping, and being myself.

Favorite movies: James Bond(s), Sydney White, Die Hard Saga, The Sound of Music, Guys and Dolls, Fiddler on the Roof, Fast and Furious Saga, West Side Story, Overboard, Father of the Bride, etc.

Favorite TV shows: NCIS, House, Gossip Girl, Glee,

My hero(es): My mom, dad, Zeida, my brothers, Pauley Perrette, Cote de Pablo, my friends.

My dream job(s): Acting (preferably on NCIS- I could be a shoo-in for Tony's long-lost daughter!), Novelist, Sports Medicine, Teacher

What else you should know about me: I'm hyper, bubbly, crazy and love people! Bascially an Abby. I took 3 NCIS Charecter Quizzes on FB and got: Abby, Ziva, Tony....quite a mix...

My favorite Charecter: Ooh! Hard one. I love Ziva and Tony, Abby....McGee, Gibbs, Jenny, Kate....Palmer...Ducky...everyone! I couldn't NOT like someone on that show...except for that 'Jules' (AND JEANNE!) girl. Ruining McAbby...

Currently? Writing a story on called Mambo Italiano. Message me if you want to know more!

Ships: TIVA (Viva la Tiva...for LIFE), McAbby (Geek Love...), Jibbs (Awww. So cute.)

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You're another great candidate! For what? you ask. You love James Bond, NCIS, acting, writing stories, NCIS, did I mention NCIS? Drop by my Young NCIS Relatives page and send me a pm or leave a message on the page. I've just started watching NCIS and we need all the help we can get. I see you like Abby...her niece and nephew need a lot of suggestions. I'd love any comments you care to share.
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