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Welcome to my page!

About Me!
Hi, my name is Siene. My nickname is based on my Indian name: Seena. Normally thenicname was supposed to be lilSeena, because I'm not very tall (I know very stupid). Unfortunately I was a dumbass and not paying attention while typing :p and I forgot that second L. I changed this page, because I made it when I was 15 and honestly it was like some stupid fangirl made it. I guess everybody had that retarded period. ^^

Website(s):YouTube: Lilseena Hobbies: Drawing, Writing
Food(s):chicken tika Masala (indian food) Words I overuse: shizzle
Vacation spot(s): NCIS episode: Corporal Punishment
Game(s): Sims 2
Sport(s):basketball( i love to watch it)
World leader(s):
TV show(s): NCIS, Supernatural
Musician(s):Lupe Fiasco
Song(s): Dessert(s):
Quote(s): Cartoon character(s):

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