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Slogan: Tiva is the best any1 who disagrees is not cool
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Welcome to our site!2

watch my link please -------------->This is amazing I love this person's imaginationHello, my name is Bethany

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Home town:England
Astrological sign:Tauras

Birthday:20th May

My one wish is that Tony and Ziva get together properly


I joined this wiki because:I love Tiva and I want to share my love for Tiva with other people I love Abbie too but most of all I love Ziva <33333333333333333333333

The best word to describe me is:Friendly

Interests:Music NCIS Drama

Favorite movies:Twilight New Moon Eclipse Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

Favorite TV shows:NCIS Vampire Diares

My hero(es):Ziva

My superpower is:to bring Tony and Ziva together so they stay together forever

If I could live anywhere, it would be:LA because that's where Cote De Pablo lives

What else you should know about me:basically I am a big NCIS fan as you can probably tell I love Ziva so much Cote De Pablo is my inspiration in life she is beautiful and I love the tension between Ziva and Tony

I have 2 sisters 1 brother and I live with my mom and also I have 4 dogs 2 rabbits 5 goldfish. One of my sisters loves NCIS too and her fave is Abby

Favourite Tony Quote:He's right behind me isn't he

Favourite Ziva Quote:And they have a problem with *my* driving?

Favourite Gibbs Quote:Never apologise it's a sign of weakness

Best Episode:Undercovers. hahahahahhaha that's not my knee

Below the scene where McGee sees what Ziva & Tony's baby would look like I love it<33333333

McGee:Meet your love child

(He produces a picture of a rather ugly baby.Ziva laughs,then shares a look with Tony).

Ziva & Tony:Do Gibbs and the Director!

(Then we see the combination of the two,which to their surprise is a good one).

Ziva:Now that's not a bad combination

Tony:Even with Gibbs as a father,I'd date her

Gibbs:(entering) Never more than once Dinozzo

(Abby enters and sees the photo)

Abby: Aw,you and the Director make nice Gibbets,Gibbs

Another mini conversation between Ziva and Tony

Tony:I'm not getting a signal.How about you?

Ziva:(Holds up her cell phone)No.I'm braless.

Tony:I noticed that earlier.But on your phone their called *bars*.

I am Tony and Ziva's love child hahahahahahahahha only joking. Im weird like that

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does anyone know a good Tiva photo that I can use cause I want a new desktop icon and I need ideas please help thanks
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